Is xenon banned?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 25, 2012
Is xenon banned?

Recently, motorists are wondering whether xenon is prohibited? They attribute this to the fact that the traffic police were especially closely watching the cars on which such headlamps were installed.

What caused this problem? It is believed that the light from xenon blinds the drivers of oncoming traffic. However, this is not quite true. Such illumination blinds in that case only if in car headlights xenon bulbs are used in a pair with halogen reflectors. Light from them can be scattered anywhere.

Is xenon banned officially? Installing xenon is a violation of traffic rules, but there is no penalty for it. However, if the light from your headlights does not like the traffic police officer, and indeed will dazzle oncoming vehicles, then you can lose the right to drive a vehicle for a period of six months to twelve, with confiscation of prohibited light fixtures.

And, at the end, the inspector for technical supervision at a stationary post has the right to install xenon bulbs on your car if the design of your car provides for the installation of xenon lighting.

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