The jacquard fabric itself is of French origin, its creator is the weaver Marie Jacquard. Back in 1801, he invented a new technology. It was she who made it possible later to create a jacquard - a very strong fabric, on which a large relief pattern was applied.Jacquard

Jacquard fabric is manufactured on specialized looms, and such machines are rarely used for mass production of materials, because they are complex and inefficient. In the production of jacquard contours of patterns from the model are transferred to canvas paper. After that they are filled with the use of graphic elements of various interlaces. The principles of the machine used in the manufacture of this type of fabric have not changed until now. At the same time the technology has changed. To date, jacquard fabric is produced on computer-controlled machines that accurately and quickly fulfill all the design ideas. When manufacturing, weave cotton fabrics and yarns with different linear densities. The main part is made of silk, and the rest - synthetic threads. That is why the artificial and natural jacquard fabric differs, the photo of its varieties at first glance practically indistinguishable.

In addition, there are types of patterns that can be decorated with jacquard fabric. It can be krupnoporotchatuyu or finely knotted. Also, there are single-layer or two-layer types.

Large-speckled fabric helps to achieve various light effects. The combination of various materials and colors gives soft and beautiful transitions of tones. Allows to outline the contours of patterns, thereby distinguishing jacquard fabric from other species by special splendor. It should be noted that such materials can be used not only for different design of curtains, because they are heavy and light, but also for upholstery.

Furniture Jacquard fabrics are reminiscent of the structure and appearance of the tapestry. Such matter is very heavy. Also, jacquard furniture fabrics are very popular among housewives, as they have excellent stain-repelling properties and have high durability and strength.

Light forms of jacquard are used for window decoration. Curtains from it can decorate not only the living room and bedroom, but also the kitchen. And if you sew from the same cloth napkins and tablecloth, the effect will be simply stunning. Curtains made of jacquard, not only decorate the room, but also create a cozy atmosphere in it.

Jacquard fabric will please not only lovers of classics, but also people who follow the latest trends of fashion. Given the huge variety of colors, patterns and shades, the choice of suitable material will not be very difficult. Jacquard is quite expensive cloth. But it justifies its price by its high strength, unpretentiousness and durability. After all, jacquard curtains can serve for about a hundred years. Their appearance and properties do not change at the same time.

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