King of Swords (Tarot): meaning and interpretation

For a long time, fortune-telling performed with the help of tarot cards is considered the most reliable. However, deciphering the marks on them is not so simple. That is why the knowledge that is associated with the interpretation of these cards is sometimes considered “secret”. This is due to the fact that the Tarot deck is quite large.

king of swords tarot meaning

It contains 78 cards that give a huge amount of a wide variety of combinations. In addition, depending on one source or another, there are some differences in the interpretation of the “identified” events. However, if you take each individual card, then its characteristics, regardless of the school of divination, have certain common features.

The younger ones in the tarot deck

These amazing cards appeared around the 14th and 16th centuries. And since its inception, they are divided into two groups. The first one contains 22 cards. This is the older arcana. Each of these cards is distinguished by a unique pattern. The remaining 56 sheets belong to the Junior Arcana. They include several smaller groups or stripes. These include the Pentacles, Chalices, Wands, and Swords.In any of these subgroups there are fourteen cards of the same denomination. They all begin with the unit, which is called an Ace, and end with a ten. There are four so-called courtiers in each suit.


This suit is a mirror of the material world. Sometimes, depending on the source, it is called the Coins or Denarii. Pentacles reflect the area of ​​the material needs of the object of divination, ranging from his love relationships to work. This group of cards tells of carnal love, the pursuit of luxury, poverty and the desire to change the level of their existence.

king of swords tarot meaning in relationshipWhen a guessing person lays out the top ten Pentacles, he gets an idea of ​​the current situation of a person, his desire, as well as the opportunity to change something in his life. The range of such values ​​is expanded by additional four cards with the image of the king, queen, prince, as well as the page.


Sometimes these cards pointing to the world of emotions are called Cups. These 14 sheets are able to describe the emotions that excite the human soul. The bowls suggest the sincerity of the object of divination, as well as the presence of anger or disappointment.If the cards fall out of this group during the deck, this may indicate a person’s lack of a stable relationship or the beginning of a stormy romance in his life.

Inverted relative to all other sheets of a dozen Bowls completely changes the picture of fortune telling. This suit often tells young people about the right choice of the betrothed, and for all other people it gives a positive result when analyzing everyday life.


This suit, which is sometimes referred to as Staves or Clubs, reflects immersion in everyday life. The value of the cards in this group is related to work and business, as well as a person’s career. For example, if inverted Wands turn out to be a good deal, then this may indicate an unsuccessful decision.

value tarot cards king of swordsWhen explaining any card from this group, family relationships are also taken into account. After all, they most often play a large role in the successful activity of a spouse. A drawn out court card of the Wands is able to point to a specific person guilty of negative events taking place.


In those cases when at least one of the fourteen cards of this group falls out, the person who is wondering can tell with confidence about the object of divination that he is on the way to overcoming obstacles. His life path is the path of struggle.And it does not matter with whom the person fights - with himself or with the society that surrounds him. Swords always indicate the state of the struggle, which is characteristic of the soul of the object of fortune telling. In life, these Peaks, as they are sometimes called, indicate the direction in which efforts must be made. This will correct the negative situation or suggest the reason for the failure.

Interpretation of Swords

Cards of this suit belong to authority, law, intellect and intelligence. Quite often, these Junior Arcana mean any negative side. It can be a rival or envy. In the cards, the suit of Swords has a bad popularity. She is an obstacle in love affairs. But at the same time, the suit indicates a positive situation in the sphere of business, transactions and the law.

king of swords tarot identity value

With health divinations, Swords can talk about existing diseases and the risk of operations. Four court cards indicate the authorities and the law. Together with negative cards, they mean envious or gossip. In other words, those people who have a negative mindset. Consider one of the cards of this suit in more detail. It's about the King of Swords.

Drawing card

Regardless of the type of tarot decks, the King of Swords has similar pictures. What do they depict? On them we see the king sitting on the throne, who in his right hand holds tightly the sword raised upwards. His whole appearance suggests that this is a courageous man. The figure also indicates his symbols of power, namely the crown and expensive clothes. Under the king's luxurious cloak one can see military ammunition. The sky over the head of a royal person is overcast.

Sacred meaning

What does the King of Swords Tarot mean? The deep meaning of this Junior Arcana is revealed in its central figure. In the picture we see a focused, formidable man, dressed not only in royal clothes, but also in military uniforms. In some decks the King sits on a majestic throne, while in others he is placed in a chariot.

king of swords tarot meaning and interpretationThe appearance of this royal personage speaks of confidence. After all, a man proudly looks ahead, while holding a raised sword in his hand. What is the meaning of the King of Swords Tarot? The card symbolizes justice, composure and the ability to encourage or punish a person.

There is a rather tense atmosphere around the King.It is felt in the clouds thickened above his head. However, this does not affect the confidence of the King. He is able to control himself and is not going to abandon his plans.

This map of the Younger Arcana is easier to explain with history. A bright embodiment of the King of Swords is considered to be Napoleon Bonaparte.

Straight lay

What does the King of Swords Tarot card tell? Its value in the scenario indicates that today man has very serious goals. They make him go ahead and bring inspiration. To solve the existing problems, the object of divination has many positive qualities. This is courage and determination, the ability to properly measure their own actions, as well as a high level of knowledge. This man has a definite plan. It is according to him that all actions that are thought out in advance in cold blood are verified.

What does the King of Swords Tarot card mean? Its value in the scenario indicates that the time has come for making serious decisions. Yes, they will not be easy, but right now there are all the prerequisites for taking the right actions.In this case, Arkan advises to refer, in addition to his logic, to established facts and principles. In these cases, passions and emotions should not take place. What is important is just a cold calculation.

However, another can have the value of the Tarot King of Swords and interpretation. This card sometimes symbolizes a stranger who allows you to achieve a fair result when balancing all parties. This is a strong personality with connections and power that can insist on its own. This person competently evaluates all the events. Such a person, as a rule, can be found among older men with vast life experience and possessing great intellectual abilities.

The value of the Tarot card King of Swords, which fell in the direct scenario, can sometimes indicate a person who has power. He is able to radically change the situation, as he has the appropriate levers of influence. In which direction the changes will be made will be prompted by the other Arcana players who fell near the King of Swords.

However, this map does not always indicate a positive development of events. The fallen King of Swords sometimes speaks of a dubious and dangerous situation. The card warns of the likelihood of disappointment or even the onset of trouble.Such interpretations, as a rule, can be given if there are negative Arcana in the neighborhood.

Inverted King

With this arrangement of the card, one can speak of prematurely taken actions that were performed without a specific, clearly defined goal. These are cases when a person is capable of chaotic and rash acts, accompanied by fears. He makes every effort to be cautious, but does not fully exploit his intellectual potential. This behavior leads to erroneous decisions.

king of swords tarot value in the workThe meaning of the Tarot card King of Swords upside down can be explained in a slightly different way. This Arkan often gives guidance that problems in a person’s life arise because of his inability to control his own emotions. This leads to a clouding of the mind and the impossibility of correctly calculating one’s own actions. He takes only spontaneous steps, without listening to wise advice, acts stubbornly, but at random. Such people are popularly called “bullies”. Critical situations they often arise because of the neglect of the facts. For the truth, such people take false information or simple logical reflections. All this is compounded by the stubbornness and fanaticism of such a person.A tyrant cannot stop even in those cases when he himself realizes that he is making a mistake. As a result, the situation comes to a standstill, from which there is no reasonable way out.

The fallen map in the inverted form indicates the presence of a malicious and cunning foe in the environment. Such a person is able to faithlessly intervene in the course of events, committing illegal actions. This foe is cruel and unprincipled. In order to achieve his goal, he is ready for anything.
An inverted map can characterize a person as a fighter with the system.


What does the King of Swords Tarot card mean in professional activities? In her work, she points to competent management of her business. The card also speaks of the high skill and professionalism of the person. He reconciles all the projects to the smallest detail, analyzes and minimizes all possible risks, counts each step and builds concrete and clear plans. Of course, such a person expects complete success in business.

What does the King of Swords Tarot card mean in business? The personality of the employee, which characterizes this Arkan, is very positive for business.Such an employee always maintains complete order in affairs and strictly follows all necessary instructions. Often such a map shows the top and middle managers.

king of swords tarot value in healthThe King of Swords also points out some characteristics of businessmen. Such people are uncompromising and do not want to build partnerships with those who do not inspire confidence in them. Here, there is also a sharp confrontation with its competitors, including commercial wars, which are very successful for the object of fortune telling.

The King of Swords sometimes also points to the effective assistance that a person with authority gives. He is able to invest in a business, hold a consultation and provide support for his connections.

If the card fell in an inverted position, then it indicates the desire of a person at any cost to come to the goal. In this case, it does not matter by what means and methods success is obtained. Often, such actions lead to the violation of laws and failure. Excessive self-confidence does not allow a person to properly measure their own abilities and goals. This leads to the fact that the forces were wasted.

Sometimes this card is a kind of indicator of a conflict situation. Someone tries to remove the object of fortune telling from the “throne”, giving various and not always honest arguments.

Self development

In this direction, a drawn card teaches a lesson of patience towards others, will, strength and courage. She suggests that you should not give vent to emotions. Cold star and common sense should be the guiding star.

Another lesson of this Arcana is the possibility of subjugating people without any pressure on them. All actions they perform must be subordinate to their desires. The achievement of such a result is possible only if a certain approach is found for each person.

Well, what if the inverted King of Swords fell out of hand for self-development? He will indicate that the person is fully guided by his emotions. However, this behavior has a very negative impact on his case. Through emotions a person can be controlled by other people. They are forced to make mistakes, doing the actions they need. Such a lesson from the King of Swords shows how easily a person is able to lose himself by refusing to unite with his mind.

Similar to this is the meaning of the King of Swords in the tarot of pagan cats. This school indicates that strategy and intelligence are the main human weapons. They will solve any, even the most difficult issues. The main thing is not to rely on emotions, but to rely on your own logic and reason.

Personal relationships

What does the King of Swords of the Tarot mean in such dealings? In relationships, this suit is far from positive. Even with all the wisdom of the King and his insight, he can not break the vicious circle. The union of two is based on the priority of the interests of only one partner. This leads to failure of the relationship.

Considered one of the partners, the King of Swords is too insightful. He sees his soul mate through, not disregarding all its flaws. This option is not the best in the relationship. There are drawbacks at all. However, the King of Swords is not going to forgive them to his partner. He speaks about the existing discontent with all directness, not really choosing the expression.

What should be done to ensure that the King of Swords (Tarot) card points to maintaining relationships? The value in the love of this Arkan says that the partner must have a charisma and a sharp mind. In addition, it is important to him if necessary to disappear for a while, so as not to interfere with the King.

It is worth saying that all the court cards of this suit indicate simultaneously passionate and cold nature. The same qualities are inherent in the King of Swords. And do not try to break the ice, remembering the hottest moments. This can only end with a meeting with a “sharp blade,” which will inflict very serious wounds.

What else does the King of Swords Tarot card mean in a relationship? She points to a person who is devoid of sentimentality and is unable to speak beautifully of love. Such a person shows interest only at the stage of courtship, but at the same time he will not begin to explicitly admit his own feelings. That is why until the very last moment his intentions to start a serious relationship will be incomprehensible. In addition, they will not particularly cherish them.

And what if the inverted King of Swords of the Tarot fell? The value for personal relationships in such a case would indicate a union that is built on lies, as well as the manipulation of one spouse by another. As a partner, the inverted Sword King characterizes a cynical person who is capable of humiliating and constantly neglecting, wildly jealous and hysterical.Such a person makes excessive demands, failure to comply with which easily leads to conflict.


In this world, the King of Swords is a general. For this he has all the necessary qualities. Such a person is decisive and focused on the result, the achievement of which he achieves by any means. He is not afraid of obstacles. They just ignite his fuse. The King of Swords is able to easily organize people, infecting them with his idea. He is a great strategist, easy to communicate, but at the same time quite tough and sentimental. When problems arise, the King of Swords expresses his anger roughly and harshly. Sometimes he uses physical force.

Well, if the map turned King of Swords inverted? Tarot value connects it with all the above qualities. However, they are sharply negative. In this case, the King of Swords is cruel and rude, seeks to put pressure on people, to establish his own rules, which he himself subsequently changes. Such a person is very irritable. He is also characterized as an implacable debater who does not seek to heed the opinions of others. King of Swords can not lose.To the one who managed to circumvent him, he sometimes takes revenge until complete destruction. This is a tyrant by nature. Moreover, such features are manifested not only in business, but also in the company, as well as in the family.


What does the value of the King of Swords Tarot card mean when the state of the organism is concerned? In health, this Arkan, both in direct and inverted form, speaks about the existing problems. These can be diseases associated with joint pathology, hypothermia, cuts, injuries, and age-related diseases.

With the fall of the King of Swords, there is a high probability of surgical intervention, as well as an extreme situation threatening health. If the map is turned upside down, then the negative state is more powerful and can lead to serious complications.

The simplest divination is the alignment of the Tarot cards for "yes - no." In this case, you can get a clear and understandable answer to the question from any area of ​​life. This may be work and health, personal relationships, etc. What is the meaning of the King of Swords Tarot? “Yes or no” is a fortune telling, which always gives a negative answer when this card comes up.

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