Lipoma on the back. How to get rid?

Lipoma on the back, as in any other parts of the body, is a benign formation consisting of adipose tissue. This is a mobile and soft tumor located under the skin. Lipomas on the arms, legs and neck are much less common than on the back. The neoplasm is always separated from nearby organs and, increasing in size, only expands the surrounding tissues. The tumor is encapsulated so that the surrounding tissues are not damaged.lipoma on the back

Lipoma on the back, causes

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of the tumor. It is believed that such a formation occurs in violation of metabolic processes, causing obstruction of the sebaceous ducts. However, there are a number of certain factors leading to its formation. Lipoma on the back is formed as a result:

  • improper lifestyle;

  • malnutrition;

  • permanent mechanical irritation;

  • bad ecology in the place of residence.

laser lipoma removalSymptoms of the disease

Most often, the lipoma on the back is not distinguished by severe symptoms, but sometimes it causes perceptible pain, as it grows, it compresses the nerves and nearby organs.A small neoplasm the size of a pea is usually found quite by accident when feeling the back or during a massage. Lipoma on the back - soft and elastic to the touch, easily shifted, clear oval or round shape. If the tumor was formed inside the muscle, its boundaries may not always be indicated. The skin color on this formation is no different from other places.

Lipoma on the back, treatment

If the tumor does not bother, then you can ignore it. Treatment is recommended in cases where it causes pain or cosmetic discomfort to a person. The indication for lipoma removal is its intensive growth. Drug treatment methods are usually ineffective. Independent removal of the formation may lead to undesirable results. The use of various compresses and ointments only provokes the growth of tumors.

hand lipomasIt is strictly not recommended to open and open the tumor, as there is a possibility of infection. A large lipoma on the back disrupts the tissue supply process. In the place of tumor localization, the vessels are damaged, ulcerations appear, putrid decomposition is activated.Removal of the lipoma with a laser on the face, arms or legs is the only acceptable treatment. Laser therapy usually does not cause recurrence of growth. The wound after laser therapy heals very quickly, scars and scars are not formed. Laser removal of a neoplasm is the most acceptable way to get rid of skin tumors. Lipoma on the back is treated a little differently. In this case, liposuction is more effective. Small cuts are made on the skin, the diameter of which is 0.3-0.5 cm, and fat is sucked through special vacuum. It is believed that this method of removing benign lesions on the back is the simplest. Liposuction marks on the skin almost does not leave.

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