Mince meat roll or meat loaf

A hand-made meat loaf is simply indispensable on the farm. With it you can make sandwiches to a child in school or with him to work. The roll can be cut into thick slices, heated in a microwave and served in the frame of fresh or canned vegetables as an independent dish. And you can not warm - it will be a great cold snack to beer. Below is the recipe for minced meat rolls.


Minced meat roll

For the preparation of meat loaf, you can take any stuffing - beef, pork, mixed, turkey or chicken. But you need to take into account the density of the meat - because it affects the baking time. To make a minced meat roll from a kilogram of convenience food, you need to stock up on five eggs, an onion, a couple of spoonfuls of canned peas, five spoons of mayonnaise, a large spoonful of some seasoning for meat (always help out hops-suneli) and black peppercorns. Naturally, you will need salt and a small bunch of dill.

Stuffing roll: preparation of filling

In this dish the main gusto - in the filling.If you have bulb onions, chop it finely and save in a few spoons of butter. If the green feathers, just finely cut them. Cook hard-boiled eggs, peel and chop finely into a container with an onion. Sprinkle with salt (one third of a spoon) and black pepper (pinch). Add one and a half tablespoons of mayonnaise, knead the mixture well.

Mince Mushroom Roll

Filling options

It must be said that the above recipe is not a strict guide to action. Mince meat roll can be cooked with different fillings, and each time you will get a new dish. Here are some quick cooking tips:

  • mix liver paste with scalded prunes and browned onions;
  • Squeeze one or two cloves of garlic through the garlic press into mashed potatoes, add grated cheese and chopped dill;
  • fry offal (ventricles, liver and heart) in onion, mix with boiled egg;
  • Especially good roll of minced meat with mushrooms - the fruits of the forest are fried in oil with onions and grated carrots.

By connecting the imagination, you can come up with your own recipe for the filling. The main thing is that it does not come out very wet, otherwise the loaf will disintegrate.

Minced meat roll recipe

Cooking roll

If you bought the store stuffing, then most likely, a shameless manufacturer added water there - for more weight. Therefore, such a product must be pressed. Excess moisture can be eliminated by other means - by adding breadcrumbs. Clean and chop the onion in a blender (or finely chop). Add it to the stuffing. Salt and pepper, put the right spices. Turn on the oven. There comes the most difficult moment - the formation of a loaf. Put a clean towel on a baking sheet where the mince roll will be baked. We lay out the meat mass on it (it should be dry), level by layer. Mince grease with mayonnaise and lay out the stuffing. Sprinkle with canned peas on top.Take onwide edge of the towel and begin to roll roll. We act very carefully so that the stuffing does not break. We shift the loaf on a sheet of foil greased with vegetable oil. We also add butter with a silicone brush and the roll itself. With a knife we ​​draw shallow notches in the form of rhombuses on the top of the product. Decorate each diamond with peas (slightly press it inside). The edges of the foil are pressed to the sides of the roll so that the juice does not flow out.Has the oven already warmed up? Put the baking tray at 175 ° C for an hour and a half. 10 minutes before the end of the process, the fire can be added to form a crust.

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