Mixed-secretion glands: versatile workers

Normal work of the human body is possible only while maintaining the constancy of the internal environment of the body. Thus, the body needs mechanisms for assessing the state and mechanisms for correcting the state of the internal environment of the body. Regulatory effects in the human body, in principle, there are two types - nervous and humoral. For the humoral control of the glands are responsible - endocrine and glands of mixed secretion.

Old friends kept secrets

Mixed-secretion glands: ovary

The complex nature of the work of these "employees" was discovered relatively recently, and their functioning was covered with mystery. Glands of mixed secretion are hidden inside the gland, which simultaneously release regulatory substances into the blood, and also release other products into the internal environment of the body. Classical examples of such glands are the sex glands of men and women, as well as the pancreas and parts of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, according to some scientists.

Incomprehensible brain

mixed secretion glands

Why can the hypothalamic-pituitary system also be considered as a gland of mixed secretion? The fact is that some hormones in it are secreted directly into the blood, and some - within the brain, but not through the blood, so the strictly endocrine hypothalamic-pituitary system cannot be named. This is the hormonal center of the human body, which determines the survival rate of this particular body. In critical situations, this center gives important commands.

Not fully insured

Also extremely important is the role of the ovaries in women. Everyone knows that eggs originate from these organs, which can provide safe offspring. But even the ovaries secrete female hormones. Often, when a woman has skin problems, the ovaries must be considered responsible. So, acne that cannot be treated is often due to malfunctions in the ovaries. So these paired organs are glands of mixed secretion. For insurance, the human body has made it possible to synthesize sex hormones in the adrenal glands, but the number of such hormones is small compared with the amount produced in the ovaries.

Why marry an energetic

The testicles, or rather their hormones, make a man a man. Every young man and man is obliged to them in a tone of voice (lower than that of a woman), vegetation and, of course, potency. This is the endocrine function of the testes. But since these are glands of mixed secretion, they also secrete sperm - the male contribution to the reproduction process. But it is interesting that a man contributes only 49% to the gene pool of a future baby. And 51% - accounted for by women.% - this is the mitochondrial genome, the energy center. Therefore, men, marry energetic and efficient women, if you want strong, hardy and vigorous children.

Better without experiments

mixed secretion gland

Also in the list of "mixed" glands it is necessary to mention the pancreas. Yes, the one that comes under attack if its owner loves sweets. If you eat too much sweet at a time, you can feel how it hurts. But it is better not to experiment, a one-time consumption of a large amount of carbohydrates can generally disable the gland, triggering diabetes mellitus of the first type, a very terrible disease. What else does the pancreas produce, besides insulin and glucagon, regulators of carbohydrate metabolism? It also produces digestive juices. And by the way, does not like garlic in large quantities.So with this flavoring seasoning care must be taken.

Valuable frames

The glands faithfully serve us every day, making life possible. Therefore, they should be treated with care and not be tested for strength. Then you will live a very long time.

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