Monitor repair

Yesterday, turning on the computer, I was in trouble - the monitor broke, there is no image on it. Who can tell where in Minsk you can repair the monitor or is it beyond repair?
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Answered on January 24, 16:48
First you need to make a diagnosis and determine the cause of failure. Based on this, you will already understand - repair the monitor or buy a new one.
Answered on January 24 16:55
Yes, there can be a lot of problems - a malfunction of the power supply, swollen electrolytes, a backlight can burn out and much more. It depends on how old your monitor is - maybe it’s time to update it.
Answered on January 24, 5 pm
Whatever it was, but you need to try to repair the monitor. Buying a new monitor will cost you much more than the repair itself. The main thing is to find specialists who really understand the technology and at the end of the repair was given a guarantee. Here, for example, repair of monitors is in this company. Find out their conditions and prices, perhaps it will suit you.

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