Mouse fever. Symptoms and Prevention

Source of infection

mouse fever diagnosisMouse fever is an acute viral disease. It refers to natural focal infections. Mouse fever is classified as hemorrhagic, while having renal syndrome. The name of this disease has received from the main vector of infection - rodents. According to experts, more than seventy percent of the mice living in Russia are carriers of this virus. The causative agent of the disease is excreted in rodents with urine and feces. Human infection can occur through inhalation of mouse excrements, that is, the development of viral pathology begins even in the absence of direct contact with rodents. The infection initially enters the human lung, and then infects the vascular system and kidneys.

Symptoms of the disease

mouse feverThe initial manifestation of the pathology is no different from a cold or flu. The patient complains of insomnia, pain in the head and throat.However, after a few days, the human health condition is deteriorating. Mouse fever, the diagnosis of which should be carried out by a specialist, causes a significant increase in body temperature for ten to twelve days. At the same time, as a rule, linearly located rashes in the form of hemorrhages, resembling the trail of blow from the whip, appear in the armpits and breasts. At the next stage of the disease, sharp pain appears in the back, and kidney failure causes the cessation of urine formation. This stage of pathology is the most dangerous. Renal failure, in the absence of necessary medical care, can be fatal.


Mouse fever can only retreat with inpatient medical care and bed rest. Currently, in order to kill the virus, use the drug "Ribaverin". In the event that the disease has caused acute renal failure, specialists perform such a procedure as dialysis.

Preventive measures

mouse fever preventionUnfortunately, there is currently no vaccine to avoid a dangerous disease.Mouse fever, the prevention of which lies in simple methods of protection, will not cause harm to health if a respirator is worn. However, this measure is not popular. As a preventive measure, products that have been stored in basements for a long time should be carefully examined before preparation and use. Sunflower seeds and cereals are especially dangerous. The good news is that the virus that causes the disease, called "mouse fever", is unstable. High temperatures and ultraviolet radiation contribute to its destruction. With this in mind, the products should be heat treated. After this procedure, they can be eaten without fear. According to the latest scientific research, the prevention of a formidable disease can also be carried out with the help of certain medications, in particular, the drug Amixin. In addition, scientists are working successfully to develop a vaccine against this fever, which will be introduced to the pharmaceutical market after conducting a series of tests.

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