"Nazoferon": instructions for use, release form, composition, analogs, reviews

Medical debates over the effectiveness of a medication are endless. In recent years, antiviral drugs have been especially carefully studied. Some of them are eventually recognized as drugs with unproven efficacy. Today on the agenda is the drug Nazoferon. The composition, release form and instructions for using this medicine will be presented to your attention in the article.

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Description: form and composition

Nazoferon is a clear, odorless liquid intended for nasal use. The drug is available in two forms: etokapli and spray. Depending on the characteristics of the patient and his individual preferences, one or another form is chosen.

The structure of the "Nazoferon" (instructions says) includes the main component of interferon alpha.Also included are additional substances: lysine hydrochloride and trometamol, sodium eeditate, potassium chloride, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, hypromellose, and injection solution (water). The medicine is produced in the amount of 5 milliliters. "Nazoferon spray" has a special tip-piston. When you click on it, the tool turns into the smallest particles, evenly distributed over the treated area. Drops instead of a sprayer have a silicone dropper, clicking on which allows you to receive a dose of the drug.

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The preparation “Nazoferon” is recommended to use the instruction for the purpose of treatment and for prophylaxis. It is necessary for children and pregnant women, as well as lactating mothers who are in frequent contact with sick people. The drug is used to prevent infections when visiting places with a large crowd of people. The main indications for use are:

  • flu;
  • acute airborne respiratory diseases;
  • bacterial pathologies of the upper respiratory system and ENT organs;
  • frequent recurrent and chronic diseases.

Although, recommends the use of "Nazoferon" instructions on the recommendation of a doctor, the drug is often used by patients on their own.The drug is considered safe, it is permissible to use it in babies from the first days of life.

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Drug efficacy

Many consumers are interested in what "Nazoferon" reviews. After all, it is the opinion that the drug is characterized as an antiviral agent with unproven efficacy. Is it so? We will understand!

When applied to the mucous membranes of the drug gently envelops them, forming an invisible protective film. It prevents pathogens from penetrating healthy cells. The protective efficacy of the drug is quite large. Therefore, it is often used with the preventive purpose to prevent infection from a sick person.

In the treatment of the drug can have an antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect. Recombinant interferon inhibits the virus, and also prevents the activity of human cells infected. It acts on the existing immunity, increasing its efficiency. As a result of these actions there is a rapid recovery of the body, a person is recovering.

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Does the drug "Nazoferon" (drops) any contraindications? Logically, its component (human interferon) is a normal component of the patient's body. In any disease, it is actively secreted by the immune system. This means that the drug can not cause harm and should not have contraindications. But do not forget that in the manufacture of medicines, the manufacturer uses additional substances that may still have them. It is prohibited to use the drug "Nazoferon":

  • persons who are highly sensitive to its composition;
  • patients who suffer from severe allergic reactions.

As for expectant mothers, during pregnancy you can use the drug. As prescribed by a doctor, it can be applied periodically throughout the gestation period.

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"Nazoferon": instructions

Since the drug is available in two forms, then it can be used in different ways. In order to treat viral diseases, the use of antiviral agents should be started as soon as possible.

  • For children up to one year recommended "Nazoferon children."In the form of drops, it is administered one at each nasal passage. After that, it is desirable to massage the wings of the nose, so that the drug is evenly distributed over the mucous membranes.
  • After a year, the children are prescribed two doses (drops) in each nasal passage up to four times per day. Do not forget to also massage the wings.
  • Adults and teens can use spray. For them, the dosage is determined by two injections of the drug from 3 to 8 times a day.

The duration of treatment is usually from 5 to 7 days. In order to prevent the drug is used once after contact with the patient. During epidemics and the seasonal incidence of influenza, spray and drops are administered in a single dose in the morning every 1-3 days. It is permissible to use the drug for prophylactic purposes for a long time.

In combination with other medicines

"Nazoferon" (spray and drops) is often prescribed in addition to other drugs. In most cases, it is well combined with medicines, but still it is necessary to remember some nuances:

  • with additional use of vasoconstrictor agents, the mucous membranes can dry out;
  • sharing with salt solutions involves the use of such, and only after that the introduction of "Nazoferon";
  • nasal antibiotics must be used with a break of at least an hour.

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Similar drugs

Consumers often wonder: what are the analogues of Nazoferon? The need for replacement often arises due to the lack of the declared funds in the pharmacy.

The pharmacological market is overfilled with antiviral and immunomodulating agents. If we mention nasal means based on interferon, then we can note: "Grippferon", "Leukocyte interferon", "Genferon", "Laferon" and many others. Considered immunomodulator for nasal use can be replaced with the drugs "Viferon ointment", "IRS-19", "Derinat". If desired, an alternative is allowed in the form of oral agents: “Ergoferon”, “Cycloferon”, “Kagocel” and so on.

What can consumers tell about medication?

About the drug "Nazoferon" reviews are composed mostly positive. Patients say that the drug really helped them to cope with colds in a short time. There is evidence that people have increased body temperature after taking the medication.Such a reaction is actually possible, it is not a reason to cancel the treatment.

Not without skeptics. Many patients are negatively disposed towards this kind of immunomodulators. They say that the cold easily resembles itself in a few days. In this case, there is no need for additional feeding of immunity. Sometimes there is a misconception about the emerging dependence of patients on such drugs.

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Means "Nazoferon" is an effective immunomodulator that can be used for treatment and for the purpose of prevention. The safety of this medication allows you to use it even in children and women during pregnancy (for the entire duration). Even with high doses, the drug is well tolerated. Among the adverse reactions mentioned is allergy. But it occurs very rarely and passes on its own after the abolition of the nasal immunomodulator.

If after five days of self-treatment with the drug “Nazoferon” you do not feel better, and the symptoms of the disease continue to increase, then this is a reason to abandon all domestic manipulations and seek medical help.

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