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His life could not be boring and gray. He was not just a boy from a raised family. Inheriting an iron grip and a strong character, Nelson Rockefeller composed his course of US history. The Rockefeller dynasty, as history has shown, did nothing for nothing. And this case of an unexpected statement about the start of a political campaign discouraged people. At first, Nelson’s statement was challenged due to lack of experience. But soon, under the pressure of a young politician, everyone surrendered. The dynasty of the richest people on the planet for the first time enters the state arena and takes over the management of affairs.

Personality formation

The future multimillionaire was born in the small town of Bar Harbor, in 1908. He was not the first child in the family, but very much desired.

Nelson Rockefeller

Mrs. Rockefeller ecstatically recalled the beautiful scenery, the clean air and the privacy that the enormous villa provided. In the midst of the antitrust policy raging across the country, the elder Nelson was attacked from the outside, fearing his growing influence on domestic economic processes.Later, Bar Harbor became a haven for the elite of society. Many celebrities were Rockefeller neighbors. Having taken a fancy to this place, a little later the family of millionaires built a summer house nearby with a fenced park.

In the winter cold, the family moved back to New York in a spacious apartment. Little Nelson enrolled in Lincoln’s school, and, unlike his brothers, his school years were dragging on for a teenager. The school curriculum was hardly given to the Rockefeller offspring. Even as an adult, he reluctantly read reports and letters, having bad grades in reading as a child.

Society excitement

The 1920s foreshadowed great changes in America. Golden youth introduced to the masses a new image of the free shackles of conservatism. Young ladies painted their lips with bright lipstick, wore a bob in place of a strict beam, put on short skirts. The statistics of those years tells about the peak of the production of cosmetic products. Fighting parties struggled with decency in society, shaming various methods of disobeying persons. The assembly of officials in different states offered their norms and limits, thinking through “moral attire”.Nelson Rockefeller biography

The confrontation primarily concerned the generation of fathers and children. The parents of most wealthy families looked with horror at the obscenities of obscene dances of their children, nighttime car rides on the central streets, nightclubs with cigarettes and alcohol.

Nelson Rockefeller was no exception. A young and hot-blooded American plunged into a slutty nightlife.

Student years

At the age of 18, Nelson entered Dortmund College. For 4 years the guy left home. The desire for freedom did not bring him disappointment in connection with his departure. The president of the college personally followed the progress of the young Rockefeller and regularly reported to his father. Unceremoniousness and permissiveness manifested themselves already in his student years. For example, a student without knocking could go into absolutely any office, even if he were a director.

First job

As befits the children of rich parents, Nelson, after several futile attempts, begged a sports car. This institution did not burden students with knowledge, rather prepared for an early adulthood. Knowledge, like the debts of Rockefeller, was written off to the family.After graduating, a Dortmund graduate married the daughter of a Philadelphia entrepreneur. Soon after the honeymoon, which lasted for almost a year, the young specialist was expected to be employed.

Nelson Rockefeller photo

Nelson Rockefeller began his career as a trainee at Standard Oil. After a while, he will begin his journey at the company Special Works to prepare for the construction of the Rockefeller Center.

The beginning of the era of Nelson Rockefeller

The crisis that began at that time played into the hands of the tycoon. Unprincipled, harshly taking away a penny of land, Nelson achieved his goal. Numerous trips abroad showed what prospects the Standard Oil company expects in case of capital investment. In the case of the branch office in Venezuela, Nelson proved himself to be an excellent strategist: having lost property after nationalization in Mexico, he carried out a social restructuring, feeling the mood of the crowd. It was decided to stop frequent clashes between local Latinos and American workers, giving instructions to make acquaintances in different circles, to master the language. With the advent of Roosevelt F. tension with Latin America subsided.

Pushy republican

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller - The Instigator of the Cold War, as many historians call him.

The first major breakthrough in the political career of Rockefeller Jr. was his appointment as head of the committee for the coordination of inter-American activities. Propaganda of American life through the prism of politics was the basis of the work of Nelson and his family. The Rockefeller dynasty has never been so close to public administration. Nelson Rockefeller, whose photo was on the covers of magazines, was extremely pleased with himself.Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller

The pressure on the US government ultimately resulted in a change in the UN Charter. Point 51 allowed the creation of large functioning anti-Soviet blocs.

Nelson, as recalled by colleagues in the White House and his team, was never friendly to his opponents. He always demanded unquestioning obedience and did not tolerate failure. The resignation was sent by the newly appointed G. Truman.

Return of the legendary Rockefeller

Developing a family business, the prosperous Nelson Rockefeller fortune doubled. Growth of income from capital investments in Latin America proved that this is only an intermediate point in the life of a congressman.Nelson rockefeller fortune

The journalists, officials and public figures who gathered at the Rockefeller residence did not know what the grandson of the oil magnate would make. Nelson Rockefeller, whose height reached 179 centimeters, like a silent statue, slowly walked to the podium from the side entrance, he was wearing an old jacket. Many who paid attention to this, got into the network in advance. Clothing testified to a strong employment affairs, requiring urgent solutions. Exit without a personal greeting spoke about the proximity of the hierarchy to the strata who attended the press conference.

Free-thinking man was Nelson Rockefeller. His biography tells: he will be the governor of New York, the 41st vice-president of the United States, a candidate for the presidency. Lost the presidential race, but continued to strive to regain a place in the State Department.

Last mention

He died at the age of 70 in his apartment Nelson Rockefeller. The cause of death of an extraordinary millionaire is still not known for certain. According to the official version, Nelson died of heart failure during sexual intercourse with a certain M. Marshak.Relatives tried to hide the circumstances of death, but after a few days, scandalous information leaked to the press. At the time of his death, Nelson left $ 66 million to his children and wife.Nelson Rockefeller cause of death

The Rockefeller clan kept spinning its webs in the shadow of the political arena. Despite endless revelations and accusations of treason, they are powerful and powerful. Today, a multimillionaire family is participating in key events in the country's economy. American dynasty does not leave the idea to take the White House.

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