"Nobivak" for dogs. Recommendations for vaccination of dogs

Absolutely regardless of whether the dog lives in the house or in the yard, the risk that it will become infected with some dangerous disease still exists. To prevent this, pets must be vaccinated. Unfortunately, vaccinating a dog does not guarantee that it will not get sick 100%. However, infections of the body of vaccinated animals resist much better.

One of the most popular vaccines at the moment is "Nobivak." The price for it is not too high, and in terms of efficiency it is much higher than most other similar products. Currently, different versions of this vaccine are used, intended to prevent several very serious diseases.

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The Dutch company Intervet International, headquartered in the Netherlands, is producing the drug Nobivac for dogs and cats. The series includes drugs such as:

  • "Nobivak KS".With the use of this species, vaccination against diseases such as bordetellosis, parainfluenza is carried out. The vaccine is introduced through the mouth of the animal.
  • Nobivac Puppy DP. This species is designed specifically for puppies. Its main purpose is to protect animals from parvovirus enteritis and plague. Vaccination with this tool can be carried out even very small puppies - four to six weeks.
  • Nobivac DHPPi. This vaccine is used for puppies as young as ten weeks old. It is also used for adult animals. You can use it at the same time as the vaccine against leptospirosis and rabies. The use of this type of drug "Nobivak" for puppies very quickly forms their immunity, which lasts for at least a year.
  • Univalent vaccine "Nobivak R". Most often it is used simultaneously with polyvalent.
  • "Nobivak L". This type of use is similar to the previous one. But vaccination with its use is not from rabies, but from leptospirosis.

Nobivac vaccine for dogs

Basic recommendations for use

The procedure for vaccination with a tool such as a vaccine for dogs "Nobivak" is quite complicated. It can be very long in time.In the first place, depending on the age of the puppy, the type of product is determined. Two to three weeks before vaccination, the animal must be given an anthelmintic drug. It is completely useless to vaccinate dogs with worms. The vaccine just won't work.

Before the vaccination procedure, the animal is necessarily examined by a veterinarian. Vaccinated sick or weakened dog can not. The animal must have a good mood and a great appetite.

Do not vaccinate also those dogs that were recently purchased or found on the street. They are previously placed in quarantine conditions in order to determine whether they have any hidden diseases. 3-4 weeks the dog is not allowed out of the house and exclude any contact with other pets. Coupling ears and tail puppies are allowed to produce no later than three weeks before vaccination.

The drug itself should be purchased exclusively in a vet pharmacy or a veterinary clinic. You can also buy it at the pet store. It is not recommended to buy the drug from the hands, ad or on the market.

Like any other vaccine, "Nobivak" for dogs can cause an allergic reaction.An anaphylactic shock can even develop in a sensitive dog. With animals prone to allergic reactions, before vaccination, special training is needed.

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Recommendations for terms of use

For the first time a puppy should be vaccinated after it is 8-9 months old. It uses the drug DHPPi in combination with "Nobivak L." Three weeks after this, the puppy is vaccinated with the same two drugs and additionally Nobivac Rabies. The following vaccination is carried out at the age of one.

This scheme is used most often. But in some veterinary clinics, the vaccine for dogs "Nobivak" can be used a little differently. In any case, adult dogs are vaccinated annually. Of course, vaccination should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

"Nobivak" for dogs: instructions

Vaccine is supplied as dry white powder in vials. Included with it in ampoules is a phosphate-buffered solvent (Nobivac Diluent). Monovalent vaccines "Nobivak" R and L are supplied in liquid form. In a cardboard box is usually packed in bottles of 10.

nobivak for dogs instruction

Before use, dry "Nobivak" for dogs is mixed with a liquid solvent and thoroughly shaken.In the event that the integrity of the vial is violated or the expiration date of the vaccine expires, it should be disinfected by boiling for 5-10 minutes. Further, it must be disposed of. An open bottle is used for up to an hour.

After vaccination, it is recommended to keep the dog for 10 days from water, stress and hypothermia. It is also impossible to overload the animal with training. The body of the dog at this time is somewhat weakened, and with too active lifestyle or stress, it can simply get sick.

Sometimes very sensitive animals develop inflammation at the vaccination site. After a few days, it usually goes away by itself. If, after vaccination, the dog still developed an allergic reaction, it must be shown to the veterinarian.

"Nobivak": price

The cost of the drug ranges from 250-300 rubles per pack. If the order is made via the Internet, the price will be slightly lower. However, the buyer in this case will most likely have to pay for the delivery.

Monovalent drugs R and L are cheaper than usual. Depending on the supplier, about 100-200 rubles will have to be paid for such a vaccine.

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How to store

After purchase, "Nobivak" should be placed in a dark, dry place. The same applies to transportation. Store this drug no more than two years. In no case should freeze the vaccine. If this happens, it must be disposed of.

The use of such a drug as “Nobivak” for dogs helps to protect them from the most unpleasant and, besides, dangerous diseases for people. Therefore, to vaccinate animals using this tool is very desirable. But, of course, this should be done not independently, but in a veterinary clinic.

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