Notebooks: rating. The most popular brands, their characteristics

Before you buy a laptop, you need to beready to the fact that, having come to the electronics store or visiting the relevant Internet resource, you will have to face a huge assortment of these products. Moreover, companies that produce mobile computers are also not small. And although everyone, most likely, their opinion about what manufacturer should choose laptops, the rating still will not be superfluous.

laptops rating Asus

One of the most popular companies producinglaptops, is Asus - Taiwanese manufacturer and guarded by the relevant market. The products are characterized by quality assembly, reliable service and includes models related to different price categories. The company was one of the first who released a laptop-transformer, combining a laptop, as well as a tablet. By the way, Taiwanese specialists have created a series of gaming devices Republic of Gamers, which can compete with the Alienware series from the Texas company Dell. And here's one of them.

Asus G551JM

This model represents the best laptops for games,so it can not be called a budget (cost about 70 000 rubles). But despite this, the laptop is very popular among users. Firstly, it is equipped with an excellent IPS-display with Full HD resolution with rich colors and large viewing angles. Secondly, it works very quickly: any tasks are carried out at lightning speed, and the system loads in 10 seconds.

how much is the laptop

Thirdly, this is a gaming laptop, and in this respect itfully justifies this statement. It will easily launch the latest games, as it has a 4-core Intel Core i7, 8 GB DDR3 and a GeForce 860M 2 GB graphics card inside.

Hewlett Packard

Next, we move to the US, California, the cityPalo Alto. Here is another well-known company that produces notebooks. Rating without Hewlett Packard would be incomplete, because it has been on the market for a very long time and is recognized as one of the best brands. Hence the second place. The devices are characterized by an excellent design and sturdy body. However, Hewlett Packard does not produce good budget models.

The manufacturer divides all its products intoseveral series, starting with those that include simple devices, and ending with elite models with a powerful filling, unique design and the ability to work in 3D-programs. And as an example, consider one of the latest models of the company - an elegant, gaming laptop HP Omen.

HP Omen

If interested, how much is the HP Omen laptopthe price fluctuates within 90 000 rubles. He has a number of advantages. Among the main advantages are the appearance and dimensions. It looks solid, and the weight is only about 2 kg. Aluminum plate on the lid has a texture in the form of small triangles, as well as an inscription reminiscent of the manufacturer.

cheap laptops The laptop has a 15.6-inch touchscreen, made byIPS-technology and having excellent sensitivity. Note also sound sound system Bang and Oluffsen, which provides a good sound. The keyboard has a customizable backlight. And inside there is an Intel Core i7 4720 with a graphics core, 16 GB of RAM and a GeForce 960M graphics card.


The next popular brand is Apple. The main feature of all its devices is a different operating system. Mobile computers run on the Mac OS, usually well-optimized and have an attractive design. Many believe that Apple produces the best laptops. All models of the company are in a high price category. For example, one of the latest devices of the MacBook 12, which does not even have Air and Pro consoles, costs about 90,000 rubles.

Apple MacBook 12

As for the characteristics, the novelty is equipped with12-inch Retina display with a high resolution of 2304 × 1440 pixels. And the Intel Core M processor and 8 GB RAM are responsible for the work. This model is so compact that the company had to develop a keyboard specifically for it. And for the keys a completely new mechanism is made, thanks to which the press is guaranteed no matter what part of the button touches the finger.

best laptops The autonomy of the MacBook 12 listens to the attention. The battery occupies at least half the internal space of the device body. Of course, the notebook could not beat records of autonomous work, but it can withstand 7-8 hours with an average load.


Now about the Chinese company Lenovo, which alsois a popular brand that produces both expensive and inexpensive laptops. The range includes various models: powerful and functional from the ThinkPad and IdeaPad series; devices that have average characteristics, as well as compact netbooks. Therefore, Lenovo is able to please both gamers and those who need a laptop for work. In general, it offers devices for every taste and any purse.

Lenovo IdeaPad B5030

This laptop just refers to the budgetmodels. It is made entirely of matte plastic, which in itself is not bad, because fingerprints on it are practically invisible. To the assembly, too, there are no complaints: the body structure is reliable and durable.

samsung laptop Before moving on to the characteristics,find out how much a laptop costs. Its price is about 20-25 thousand rubles, so there is nothing too demanding to play on its hard drive. Just a local video card is not designed for such loads. He perfectly copes with office applications, playing multimedia files, it's a pleasure to sit on the Internet. And this is easily explained by the fact that the B5030 is responsible for the Celeron N2830 processor and 4 GB of RAM. Although there are modifications with more powerful processors.


Japanese company Toshiba with electronics alreadylong time for "you". Its experts always try to introduce into their devices any new technologies, while maintaining high quality. As a rule, every Toshiba laptop belongs to a certain series, and Satellite is considered the most popular. The models included in it have all the necessary capabilities for working at home or in the office. And some of them are so productive that they often find themselves on the table of computer games lovers.

Toshiba often produces inexpensivelaptops. But this time the computer of the Portege family will be considered, which can not be called budget. And although this device is not the most powerful, its advantage in the other is portability and impeccable style.

Toshiba Portege Z20T

What is the attractiveness of this laptop? Its first feature is the hybrid nature of the device, i.e. in an instant it can turn into an elegant tablet. The second feature is a clear IPS display of Full HD resolution with a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m2, which is very good for a 12-inch screen.

sony laptop A third feature is autonomyapparatus. The fact is that the manufacturer positioned its device as a long-playing device, attributing to it at least 16 hours of operation. And lied quite a bit. In practice, laptop during the walk on the Internet lasted 10-12 hours, and in the "tablet" is even less. But this result is not bad either.

Unfortunately, all these features just fade awaybefore the outrageously high price (about $ 1300). Therefore, Toshiba Portege Z20T laptop will not be able to afford everyone. Although, perhaps, he is worth his money.


Despite the fact that the Japanese company Sony is no longerproduces laptops, it still raises the rating. True, not the corporation itself, but its unit - Vaio, which she recently sold. It is now and is engaged in the manufacture of portable computers. Only to boast of a large assortment yet can not, but on the basis of those devices that are present on the market, we can say that they are distinguished by high-quality materials of the hull, multifunctionality and optimization. And all the components developed for them, work without problems. In this case, not everyone can buy a Vaio device, like a Sony laptop. Take, for example, the latest model, published under an independent brand.

Vaio Z

This is a hybrid notebook with a diagonal of only 13inches and a higher resolution (2560 × 1440). The device itself is equipped with a special rotating design Multi Flip, which allows it to be opened 180 degrees. The body materials are carbon fiber and aluminum, so the weight and thickness of the laptop are minimal (1.3 kg and 16 mm). A slightly unusual device, but this explains the presence of the letter "Z" in the title. According to rumors, it means "zero" and explains the company's desire to start all over again.

Toshiba laptop Transformer is available in two versions,which differ in processors (Intel Core i5 or i7) and the amount of RAM (8 and 16 GB). Also, the device supports the use of an electronic pen, and its battery life is 12 hours. But for this you have to pay from 70 to 100 thousand rubles.


It's time to finish listing the most popularcompanies that manufacture laptops. Rating, of course, you can continue to continue, but so far, seven manufacturers will suffice. The last of these is the South Korean company Samsung. Of course, its activities affect other industries, for example, chemical and heavy industries, but electronics account for more than 70% of the group's sales. This division is engaged in the production of televisions, home appliances, hard drives, LCD displays, RAM, smartphones, etc. As for the company's laptops, first of all it is necessary to note the lightness and reliability of the devices.

Samsung NP300E5C

In general, it is difficult to find an inexpensive laptop Samsung,possessing worthy characteristics. But this model refutes this fact, given its popularity among users and the price it is asked for (about 25,000 rubles). And the manufacturers hint at the increased autonomy of the device.

laptops rating Notebook Samsung NP300E5C demonstrates goodcharacteristics for its price. Of course, for demanding games it is rather weak, but enough to work with documents, launch multimedia content and perform everyday tasks.

To be clear, there is a discretea video card that has enough resources to run games two years ago at low settings. But only 4 GB of RAM, which, however, if you want, you can increase to 8 GB.

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