Palace of Sport "Megasport" in Moscow

Palace of Sports "Megasport"(Moscow) - this is a huge and unique building, which is located on Khodynsky Boulevard. The structure has a color scheme of the Russian flag. AT a huge number of sports competitions of international level are held. Its main directions are hockey, figure skating andshort track.


The arena of the sports complex is quite multifunctional. It adapts to any sport: it becomes a sports ground for basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and boxing competitions. This is not the whole list of cultural events. The Sport Palace "Megasport" on Khodynsky can provide its arena for organizing competitions in twenty different types of sport. The building was built and opened on December 11, 2006. Since that moment several memorable events have passed:

  • "Super Cup of the First Channel" - Euroleague, hockey competition.
  • Final of the League of European winners in volleyball.
  • Children's hockey match of the yard team "Orion the Golden Puck".
  • The World Hockey Championship is the most important competition of 2007.
  • The World Figure Skating Championships, which was held in 2011. Initially, the event was to be held in Japan, but after the earthquake - moved to Russia, Moscow.

Palace of Sport mega-sport

In the sports complex there is a medical center,whose doctors assist athletes in obtaining injuries or rehabilitation. When there are no sports events in the Palace of Sports, gala concerts and exhibition halls are organized there. The sports complex boasts such stars as: Ozzy Osbourne, Massive Attack, 50 cent, and also spectacular performances - the final concert of Ilya Averbukh, the solemn show of Tatyana Tarasova, the television program of the famous Evgeny Plushenko and other world stars. In the autumn, for all comers, ice skating is taught with an instructor.

Ticket price: adult - 180 rubles, children under 7 years old - 90 rubles. For schoolchildren, students, and veterans, tickets will cost 130 rubles. Buy tickets before the start of the session. Parking - 30 rubles.

The scheme of the Sports Palace "Megasport"

It is convenient to organize the building in a buildingtraining camps, for all sports. In addition to the main site, here is the training arena. Athletes have large changing rooms, drying chambers, shower cabins and massage rooms. To always be in shape, in the sports complex the guys were equipped with two gyms for workouts.

palace sports megasport on Khodynka

The first floor of the Palace of Sports is completely occupiedice rink, the second is the lower tier of seats for spectators (for 5 thousand people), on the third - the government bed, seats for VIPs, commercial boxes, and a box for journalists, and on the fourth - the upper tier of seats for spectators (by 8600 thousand human). In total, the sports complex accommodates 14 thousand visitors.

palace sports megasport moscow

In addition to the main arena, there is another ice ground for training, as well as parking for cars, a snack bar and a storage room.

General characteristics of the sports complex

1. Date of beginning of construction - November 2, 2005. On the same day, the mayor laid the foundation for a time capsule for the future generation. The end is on December 11, 2006.

2. The area of ​​the building is 57,500 thousand square meters. m.

3. Parameters of the ice platform - 60x30 meters.

4. The cost of construction - 2.7 billion rubles.

How to get there?

By bus, you can reach the metro stations"Polezhaevskaya", "Begovaya" or "Dinamo", then change to another bus or minibus, which will take directly to the desired building. From the metro station "Dinamo" the bus 84 and the minibus 18M depart. From the station "Begovaya" you can take a minibus 244M, and from "Polezhaevskaya" without any problems you can get on the bus 48 or minibus 18M.

Contact Information

Actual address:
Country - Russian Federation
Moscow city
House - №3
Reference numbers:
8 (495) 643-18-25
8 (495) 643-18-17
8 (495) 643-18-21

The building is the Sports Palace ("Megasport").

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