Paraffin therapy for hands at home

any woman is well-groomed skin of the face and hands. Fragile female hands, coping with household, child care and many other things, are worthy to be admired, admired, to be kissed. Health and youthfulness of the skin will support the already very popular paraffin therapy for hands.

What it is?

paraffin hand therapy

This is a pleasant cosmetic rejuvenating procedure applied on any part of the skin. The use of paraffin due to the presence of high heat capacity of the material. Already at a temperature of 53 ° cosmetic paraffin melts, turning into a viscous mass, which is convenient to impose on the skin. But at the same time, burns will help to avoid low thermal conductivity of the material. The temperature under the paraffin layer is increased only by a couple of degrees. After paraffin therapy, the skin becomes moisturized, tender, soft and noticeably smoothed. The effect of the procedure can be enjoyed during the week.

Types of paraffin therapy

Depending on which wax is used for the procedure, there are:

  1. Hot paraffin therapy, for which you will need to melt the material on the steam bath.
  2. Cold paraffin therapy. The procedure consists in applying cold cream paraffin to the surface of hands or other parts of the body, that is, the thermal effect is completely absent, which allows the procedure to be done for girls and women with contraindications to the hot method.

How does hot paraffin, the benefits of the procedure

This material consists of hydrocarbons, it is dense and does not let air through. The skin under a layer of paraffin is as if in a greenhouse, that is, sweat, standing out, does not evaporate from its surface and is absorbed back. In this case, the released toxins are not absorbed back due to the large size of the molecules. It is this that provides such valuable moisturizing and detoxifying properties of paraffin therapy. Also, heat exposure contributes to the rapid and deep penetration of the active components of creams into the skin layers through the expanding intercellular spaces.paraffin hand therapy reviewsMoreover, paraffin therapy for hands and body is capable of:

- normalize blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will improve the nutrition of the skin and accelerate the process of removing toxins;

- clean pores;

- reduce swelling;

- smooth fine wrinkles;

- restore muscle tone of the skin;

- to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin;

- improve overall well-being.

Benefits of cold paraffin therapy

Cold paraffin therapy for hands and body has several advantages over hot:paraffin for hands and feet

- there is no need to purchase additional tanks to melt the material;

- saving time, since it is not necessary to wait for the preparation of paraffin (melted for about one and a half hours);

- easily removed with warm water after the procedure;

- There are no contraindications, except for individual intolerance to the ingredients in the composition of cold paraffin.

Cold and hot paraffin therapy produces a pronounced psychotherapeutic effect. Immersion in hot paraffin can relax and restore even the most exhausted and tense feminine psyche. A cold paraffin enveloping with different fragrances will lift your spirits and just deliver a lot of pleasure.

What should be the paraffin for the procedure

Paraffin therapy procedure requires the use of highly purified, fully dehydrated paraffin. This composition can be supplemented with essential oils, minerals, salts and vitamins. Aloe, for example, will soothe inflamed skin, and also soften it. Ginger extract in paraffin will give freshness, relieve swelling, strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Lemon and lime will create a whitening, cleansing and refreshing effect. You should pay attention to the fact that the composition was not artificial colors or flavors.

Contraindications to the use of hot paraffin

Paraffin therapy for hands and body is a kind of thermal compresses, which are useful, but, unfortunately, are not suitable for everyone.

paraffin bathRefrain from hot paraffin therapy, but girls and women with:

- hypertensive disease;

- infectious diseases or diabetes;

- hypertrichosis;

- purulent lesions of the skin;

- warts, moles or other facial neoplasms;

- a rash or wound on the skin;

- varicose veins, if you are thinking about paraffin therapy of the legs.

What should be purchased for hot paraffin at home

Of course, it’s very cool to spend a couple of hours in a beauty salon, where professionals in uniform gowns bustle around you. But, unfortunately, most women do not have enough time or money. The main advantage of paraffin therapy is that it is not necessary to go to a salon to conduct it. Everything is very simple to do at home. You will need:

- cosmetic paraffin, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or specialty store;

- paraffin therapy bath, which can be a ceramic or glass vessel;

- plastic bag or gloves for hands;

- for face cut gauze and cosmetic brush;

- nourishing cream and scrub for the skin.

The results after the home procedure will not take long to wait.

Rejuvenating procedure for arms and legs

Paraffin hand therapy at home can easily make dreams of soft and silky skin a reality. The effect of the procedure at home will be no different from the one that can be obtained in a professional salon. The process starts with paraffin heating.This should be done on a steam bath. To do this, you can use an enameled saucepan with water, where a glass or ceramic vessel with paraffin is placed, or you can purchase a melting apparatus that will melt the material and will maintain it in this state. In order not to waste time in anticipation of melting, you can do the preparation of hands for the procedure: make peeling, remove varnish, apply a nourishing cream.paraffin therapy procedure

When the paraffin is soft and viscous, you should put your hands in it to the wrist for 2-5 seconds. Having got hands, on them you will see the film formed by paraffin. He should be allowed to cool slightly. Then repeat the procedure 3-6 times until a thick layer on the hands. Over paraffin "gloves" polyethylene and warm terry are worn, which contribute to the preservation of heat and increase the effect of paraffin. Within half an hour after removing the wax from your hands with the help of warm water, you can enjoy rejuvenated and refreshed skin.

Paraffin therapy for hands, reviews of which are exclusively positive, helps not only to eliminate minor defects or external defects, but also has a healing effect.So, after a course of procedures consisting of 5-10 sessions, you can forget about the problem of premature aging of the skin, severe dryness, peeling, cracks and redness.

Our legs are no less stressed, as a result of which the skin of the feet becomes coarse and cracks. Paraffin therapy for hands and feet is almost the same. The feet are cleaned with a scrub, then a nourishing or moisturizing cream is applied. After that, the legs are lowered in paraffin and wrapped to preserve heat. Completes the procedure of applying the cream.cold paraffin therapy

Beauties who choose the home procedure should remember that paraffin reuse is unacceptable if only because it loses all the useful and nutrients after the first use.

Paraffin facial

This is a completely painless and effective enough way to rejuvenate the skin of the face, to restore radiance, softness and smoothness. The advantage is:

- restoration of water balance;

- softening and getting rid of puffiness;

- smoothing;

- tightening the oval face.

paraffin at home

To prepare the skin of the face, you should wipe it with an alcohol-free toner and apply a nourishing cream.Apply paraffin brush on the massage lines. A pre-prepared gauze bandage with slots for the nose and mouth is applied to the first layer. Several more layers of the substance are applied to it, and everything is covered with a towel. In a state of absolute rest must be at least 20 minutes.

Paraffin therapy for hands and skin of the body is simple, comfortable, pleasant and allows you to enjoy the beauty and softness of healthy skin for a long time. This procedure completely dispels the myth that beauty requires sacrifice.

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