Pear Memory Yakovlev: description of the variety, reviews, photos

Tasty, tender and fragrant pear In memory of Yakovlev for a long time was considered a southern plant. However, this is not quite true. This tree, of course, loves heat, but it was derived for the conditions of central Russia. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to hope for a market; you can grow it in your garden plot. However, this variety is not suitable for the northern regions: it will constantly freeze. Agricultural technology in a cold climate is one of the most difficult. Today we want to bring the reader closer to such a wonderful variety, like the pear in memory of Yakovlev. You will not regret if you choose him.pear memory Yakovlev

general characteristics

First of all, I would like to note that this is an autumn variety. The pear in memory of Yakovlev begins to ripen in August, that is, she is the very first of all late maturity. At the same time, its fruits are not stored for a long time, since they possess very juicy pulp. Pears ripen on a small tree, very beautiful and neat.This effect gives a rounded crown and thick foliage. Among the dark green fields, like toys on the Christmas tree, fruits ripen in large numbers. Beautiful, golden, with bronze or pink sides, they are filled with juice and are waiting in the wings. Pear Memory Yakovlev very sweet and juicy. There is absolutely no astringency in it, only a little sour is set off by its taste. At the same time, it contains a lot of sugar, and therefore is very tasty. The fruits are great on the table as a source of vitamins and natural dessert. It is a pear in memory of Yakovlev that allows you to make the highest quality fruit preparations for the winter (compotes, jams, preserves).pear memory Yakovlev reviews

Terms of ripening

This variety is very precocious. Unlike many other varieties, it will give the first fruits within 3 years after planting. For capricious plants is a real record. That is why the pear in memory of Yakovlev, reviews of which are mostly enthusiastic, has become so popular among our compatriots. It should be noted that the yield of a tree grows rapidly with each passing year. Within three years, the tree gives several tens of kilograms of fruit, and in five years you can collect more than 100 kg from one tree.At the same time, pears are sown gradually, so that you can enjoy fresh fruit until the cold, and then harvest the entire crop and put it in storage. They will not stay until spring, but they will hold on for some time.Pear memory Yakovlev photo

Disease resistance

This is another point, due to which the pear in memory of Yakovlev is so popular. Description of the variety primarily marks the highest resistance to scab, as well as excellent winter hardiness. In addition, the variety is characterized by self-fertility. It is quickly and well pollinated and excellent fruits. There will be no need to carry out additional activities, if suddenly there was a massive death of the bees, and there are too few of them to pollinate the entire garden. This variety was obtained by crossing Tema and Olivier de Serres pears. Today it is used as a base platform for breeding new, much better varieties.pear memory Yakovlev variety description

Characteristics of the fruit

What is the pear memory of Yakovlev? The description shows us a medium-sized, wide-pear shaped fruit. Rare fruits grow very large. The main color is green, the sides can be painted in red, golden or pink. The flesh is very tender, melting, oily and juicy.This is an excellent analogue of the southern varieties, it is especially important that this plant can be grown on its own plot.

Landing features

These plants need to be planted only in the spring. In this case, choose seedlings from proven farms, so as not to get a wild game, which was given for such a great variety. Before planting, inspect the roots of seedlings well, then place the plants for 2-3 days in water. At this time, you must choose a place on the site - well lit, fertilized and moisturized. Before planting, you need to dig a hole under the seedling. Parameters: at least 1 meter deep and 90 cm in diameter. In order for the plant to quickly start growing, it is necessary to prepare a good soil mixture. To do this, set aside about 30 cm of the top layer of the earth, mix it with humus, add superphosphate and potassium chloride. Now from this mixture form a mound at the bottom of the pit - this is a supply of nutrients. The roots of the plant are distributed over this mound, and then gently poured over the remaining earth. The space of the pit is filled so that the root collar remains above the ground surface, approximately 4 cm.Now the soil needs to be compacted, compacted and covered with organic mulch.pear memory Yakovlev description

Plant Care

Like any other fruit plant, a pear of Memory of Yakovlev also requires constant care. The photo shows beautiful, stunted trees, completely hung with delicious fruits. For the sake of this result is worth trying. It must be remembered that this variety has low drought tolerance. It is very important to water both young saplings, and adult plants. To do this, prepare special pristvolny circles. The width of these grooves is approximately 40 cm. 2-3 buckets of water are poured into them (approximately once a week). Watering begins in the spring and ends in the fall. A very important procedure is pruning. Without this, the pear will grow big, and the fruit will cease. All branches of the crown are shortened so that it takes the correct shape.

Be sure to make mulching. This procedure allows you to protect the roots from the cold, and in addition mulch is a source of nutrition. After irrigation, it is possible to cover the ground with peat or grass, humus or hay, dry leaves or sawdust. Despite the fact that this variety is resistant to frost, it must be protected from freezing. To do this, before the onset of cold weather, gardeners pour water on a tree trunk.This leads to its icing, and the crust of ice will protect the roots from freezing. In addition, for the winter shtamb pears are wrapped with a white cloth to protect from rodents. You can use such a natural heat insulator, like snow. Before the onset of cold weather, collect all the snow that has fallen in the area and distribute it under the trunks of trees.

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