Peeling ferulovy: review procedures and reviews

In the cosmetic industry is useda lot of technologies for skin cleansing. They allow you to get rid of dead cells and dirt, so that the face looks great. One of the novelties - peeling ferulovy, allowing to make the skin healthy and well-groomed. Before you perform the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Peeling Ferule

You can peel the skin. To date, chemical procedures are one of the most effective for improving the condition of a person. Ferul peeling is created using modern technologies, therefore meets safety standards.

Features of the method

Chemical peels are valued for their effectiveness. Their result is that natural fruit acids dissolve the top layer of the skin. This allows you to eliminate dead cells, as well as speed up the renewal of the epidermis.

The chemical composition is able to penetrate deeply intoskin, which effectively cleans the face of contaminants. Beauticians are advised to perform peelings regularly, because they allow you to keep youth. But the frequency of the procedures depends on the skin type. In the cold it is better to perform them more often.

Means for peeling

The procedure requires ferulic acid, peelingwith it will be most effective. The substance is present in the seeds of various plants. The acid has antioxidant and antibacterial action. She perfectly copes with the function of eliminating toxins and free radicals. Also with its help the skin is protected from oxidative processes, because of which oncological ailments appear.

Ferul Peeling

Preparation of the product will requireSalicylic, ascorbic, lactic, succinic, malic acids. They have healing properties that are useful for the general condition of the skin. In the mixture there are vitamins, plant extracts. The components are placed in microcapsules, so useful substances enter the interior of the epithelium. This allows you to improve and rejuvenate the skin.

What brand to choose

Peeling is performed using various means. Popular among them are the following brands:

  • Meillume. The Canadian brand is the most popular. The product has a soft effect, affordable price. After the procedure, the same result is observed, as promised by the manufacturer.
  • Mediderma. A professional preparation allows performing high-quality peeling. Although the cost of the facility is quite high, it is guaranteed to receive an excellent result.
  • Simildiet. The tool appeared not so long ago in the Russian market, but has already become popular. Peeling gives a wonderful effect.

What is the procedure for?

Ferul Peeling Reviews

Peeling ferulov, thanks to its useful properties, allows you to get rid of many skin problems. It is only necessary to properly perform the procedure, as well as provide quality care. Peeling is necessary for:

  • prevention of aging: smoothing wrinkles, removing flabbiness, pigmentation, dark circles;
  • exfoliation of the horny layer of the epithelium and renewal of the fibroblasts;
  • moisturizing and restoring the skin-fat balance, eliminating dryness and fat content;
  • Improve microcirculation of blood flow and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which is necessary to eliminate toxins, restore cells;
  • obtaining a lifting effect due to better production of elastane and collagen;
  • protection of skin DNA from mutations of the epidermis;
  • elimination of acne, sebaceous plugs, scars, scars;
  • strengthening the immunity of the skin;
  • protection from ultraviolet light.

Peeling with ferulic acid can be performed inday time, which can not be said for many other procedures. For example, chemicals are prohibited because of the possibility of pigmentation. Many salons offer summer and winter types of composition, but the classic version will also be harmless.

Principles of procedure and contraindications

Peeling ferulovy is performed in the same way as many similar procedures. But there are several important rules that you need to remember about:

  • preliminary it is necessary to conduct preparatory procedures for purification: it should be done in a week;
  • during the preparation for the procedure, you should not use cosmetics with retinoids;
  • you need to visit the sun and visit the solarium less often.

These rules must be followed and within 10 days after the procedure, because in this period there is peeling of the skin.

Almond Ferul Peeling

The duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes,after which you need to apply a moisturizer. Ferulovy peeling, reviews of which almost all positive, you need to spend in the amount of 7 procedures at intervals of 10 days. Although the result is visible almost immediately, in order to obtain an excellent effect, it is necessary to go through the entire course.

Contraindications include the presence of:

  • pregnancy;
  • allergies to components;
  • mechanical damage;
  • skin diseases.

The procedure is not cheap. One session can cost up to 100 dollars. If there is no knowledge in the field of peeling, then you should not do it yourself. This can lead to unexpected consequences, which will need to be fixed for a long time.

How the procedure is performed

For peeling, a remedy is used with biologically active substances, vitamins, plant components. The mixture is prepared from:

  • salicylic, ascorbic, malic, glycolic, L-lactic acid;
  • extracts of chamomile, carrot, green tea, apples, grapes;
  • Powder of spinach;
  • glycinalotone, phloretin, resorcinol, other components.

Ferul Medication Peeling

The skin must be cleaned first, and then you canto apply a compound. Rinse it with plain water. After ferulovogo a peeling it is necessary to put a calming or abirritating cream. In rare cases, there may be side effects, for example, allergies, flaking, hyperemia. Nanotechnology used in the procedure allows uniform application of medicinal substances.

In addition to the classical procedure, there isalmond-ferul peeling. Its main component is mandelic acid, which restores skin cells. Its advantages include moisturizing and lifting effect. The face becomes radiant.


Ferulic acid is a universal,because it performs many functions to rejuvenate the skin, restore problem areas. A lot of means are created with this component. One of them - Ferul peeling "Mediderma". Cosmetics allow you to get a clean skin.

This type of cleaning is performed in the bestcosmetology rooms. Cosmetics made in Italy produce excellent results. This is confirmed not only by lengthy tests, but also by excellent reviews.

Ferulic Acid Peeling

Method "Medidermy" can be applied at any timeyear, even if other procedures are prohibited. He has few contraindications, so it is suitable for almost everyone. After the procedure, a beautiful skin condition is observed.


Many believe that one should not wait for resultsfrom the procedure, but it is not. Peeling allows you to cleanse the skin of various contaminants, expand the pores, rejuvenate the face. Before the appearance of the method, it was difficult for women to maintain the beauty of the skin in the summer.

If you leave the sun after chemical peeling,then there may be skin pigmentation. Other problems are also aggravated. But procedures with ferulic acid in this regard are safe. Thanks to antioxidants, the protective action of the epidermis is improved. The skin becomes moistened, and also quickly restored.

After the procedure

After performing a superficial peel,observed tightness, skin discomfort. Sometimes a white coating appears, but this is not a typical frost. This phenomenon will disappear after flushing and performing caring procedures.

The skin can be oily or "waxy". It should be borne in mind that no tonal make-up will go to bed properly. For several days, the skin looks decent, and therefore, moisturizing whey and veil powder are required for maintenance.

After Ferul Peeling

Peeling is small, and thereforepasses independently for 3 days. After the procedure, you can remove the skin particles with your hands, which is unacceptable after other types of peeling. It is advisable to do this after moistening the face with gentle movements. Peeling ferulovy allows you to make the skin smooth and beautiful.


To maintain the beauty of the skin after peeling, you need to perform a quality and effective care. For this you need to follow simple advice:

  • It is necessary to use special protective means for face care. Perfectly suits cosmetics with antioxidants: foams, creams, gels.
  • Only after 3 days you can use a special cream after peeling.
  • Some time you need to exclude the use of decorative tools.
  • Do not touch your face with dirty hands.
  • It is undesirable to use new brands of cosmetics.
  • It is important to apply sunscreen, which will protect the skin from the appearance of burns and inflammation.
  • Do not go to the sauna, bath, pool, because the face must be fully restored.
  • It is necessary to adhere to the rules for the care of a person, which was prescribed by a cosmetologist.

In addition to the correct implementation of the procedure, you need to carry out quality care. Using these simple rules will help prevent complications that are needed to preserve the beauty and youth of the skin.

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