Prayer from the evil eye

When it comes to corruption and the evil eye, to the mindthere are stories about witches and sorcerers. Today, few people believe in such things. However, do not neglect the knowledge that a person is an open bioenergetic system. And hypnosis is not a fiction of an old grandmother, but a scientifically grounded technique of influencing the psyche, with which you can change many parameters of the human body system. Already in the 80 years of the last century in the former USSR methods of auto-training and hypnosis were widely promoted, as effective non-medicament methods of eliminating insomnia and fighting stress. So, from the point of view of science, prayer from the evil eye is a peculiar way of hypnosis or auto-hypnosis, which helps to cope with nervousness.

Orthodox priests do not recommend contactingfor helping people who read conspiracies and prayers to get rid of their ailments. Healing must occur through the abandonment of sinful thoughts, the forgiveness of enemies and union with God. And on this way a person helps fasting, confession and prayer. Against the evil eye, the daily execution of the prayer rule and ten Christian commandments becomes a natural protection.

However, the person is weak, and the hardest thing for him today isan understanding is given of the truth that the main sin from which all others flow is hatred. It is dislike for the neighbor and the spirit of rivalry that causes fear of people and enmity, which affects the mental and physical health of our contemporaries.

Prayer from the evil eye is one of the most effective methodsfight against stress. If you do not have enough strength to cope with the nervous tension that causes physical discomfort, and you believe in the healing power of prayer, know that the most effective are such ones: "Our Father", "Prayer to the Holy Spirit" (otherwise called "Heavenly King" ), "Symbol of faith".

Prayers from the evil eye are advised to be read before the icons, with lit candles or a lamp. Each of these prayers is good to repeat three times and read from the heart, feeling every word.

Effective protection is the appeal to the HolyThe angel whose name you wear. And also in the Orthodox prayer-book it is easy to find the "Prayer of Detention", which helps to overcome serious troubles caused by intrigues of ill-wishers.

If you are feeling a sense of anxiety,nervousness, tearfulness, or you notice such a state in the child against the background of physical well-being, very well helps to restore the peace of mind reading "Prayers to Archangel Michael." Calling to help yourself or the child of the Great Archangel, you create a powerful energy defense. The Great Leader of the whole Heavenly Host protects all whom you mention in your conversion. It is to His help that they resort on the day of November 21, praying for the souls of all living and long-deceased relatives.

Another effective prayer from the evil eye is "Alive in aid." Read 40 times, it has a great creative, healing and protective power.

The apostle Peter said to his disciples: "Pray without ceasing." Following this commandment, read the prayers mentally, going on business, and neither the evil eye, nor slander, nor evil will become an obstacle in your path. Do not complain about bad memory, which does not allow you to remember complex text. Prayer from the evil eye can be very short. There are very simple and laconic appeals, such as "Jesus Prayer", "Song of the Blessed Virgin", the mental reproduction of which will not be difficult, but will help to tune in to a positive mood. You yourself will be surprised how the beneficial effects of these sacred texts will help you easily solve difficult everyday tasks, protect you from negative influences and attract good luck.

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