The drug "Inofert" - instructions for use, composition, description and reviews

To date, the problem of pregnancy planning is becoming more common. And the cause may be many factors. For example, bad ecology, the problem of equality of partners, constant stress, hard work. However, despite this, everything is not so bad, because modern medicine does not stand still. Doctors recommend to pay attention to such a drug as "Inofert". Instructions for use confirms that this tool is very effective. That is why we will pay him attention in this article.

The composition of the drug and the form of the drug "Inofert"

The manual states that inositol is the main active ingredient of this drug. One serving contains one thousand milligrams of the substance. Also included in the tool is folic acid.

inofert instruction

This drug is available in powder form, which is packaged in separate sachets. One pack contains thirty servings. Sasha was placed in a cardboard box with the inscription of the name of the medicine “Inofert”. The instruction will be enclosed in each cardboard packing.

When do I need to use this tool?

In fact, doctors recommend using this supplement not only for the purpose of planning a pregnancy. The list of indications is quite extensive. First of all, they are all associated with a deficiency in the body of vitamin B9.

So the preparation “Inofert” is recommended by the instruction in such cases:

  • abnormal menstrual cycle, as well as pregnancy planning;
  • the need to use insulin preparations, in particular, diabetes;
  • with vitamin deficiency;
  • with poor hair condition and noticeable aging of the skin.

And this is not the whole list, when you can use the medicine "Inofert". Instructions, as well as reviews of doctors confirm that this tool can be used in the prevention of many diseases.


Note that the powder "Inofert", like any other drugs, has contraindications to the use.First of all, it is worth mentioning the excessive content in the body of the components that make up the medicine. Also, do not use this medicine if you have noticed an increased sensitivity to certain components.

inofert instruction manual

The medicine "Inofert" instructions for use permits the use of pregnant and lactating women. But this should be done very carefully, under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

Also, the tool is not recommended to take in certain diseases of the circulatory system. However, all cases are very individual. Therefore, only a doctor will be able to determine whether this drug is right for you.

"Inofert": instructions for use

The indications for using this drug have been described above. Now it is necessary to figure out how to use it correctly. The manual says that the daily dosage is one sachet, which, before use, must be diluted with a glass of pure water.

It is best to take the means before applying food or during the dinner itself. By doing this in this way, you will be able to provide the body with the maximum amount of nutrients.

inofert instructions for use

The course of treatment can be prescribed by your doctor, depending on your disease, as well as relying on the individual characteristics of your body. However, most often the drug must be used within one month. Therapy is prolonged only on the recommendation of your doctor.

What functions does Inofert perform?

The drug "Inofert" (doses, composition described in this article) is a relatively safe medicine that can perform the following functions in the female body:

  • regulates and maintains the menstrual cycle;
  • has a positive effect on the development of the egg;
  • stimulates ovulation processes;
  • improves fertility.

In this case, the drug has a positive effect for women of different age categories, which is its undoubted advantage. Also, the drug "Inofert" when planning pregnancy shows good results. It is used even in artificial insemination hospitals.

The influence of "Inofert" on the woman's body

The drug "Inofert" instruction describes as a very effective tool that has a positive effect on the female body.The active ingredients in its composition can influence an already mature egg cell and stimulate its development. It should be borne in mind that the factors that affect the non-occurrence of pregnancy can be very diverse.

inofert dose composition

Powder "Inofert" can have a good therapeutic effect in any case.

Are there drug substitutes?

In any pharmacy you can buy folic acid, which is a very important element for the formation of female reproductive health. However, in this case, you will have to find medicines that have inosine as well. This component is a part of various vitamin complexes. The main thing - to choose the right composition. It is better to entrust this work to your attending physician, if for some reason you cannot take Inofert powder.

Reviews of women and doctors

The drug "Inofert" (instructions, reviews are described in this article) is considered to be a very popular medicine today. However, reviews of this tool are both positive and negative.

drug inofert instruction

Gynecologists recommend using this tool for women during pregnancy, as in this period, the body, both mother and child requires a large amount of folic acid.Also, the drug can be used during breastfeeding. The baby will consume along with breast milk and a large amount of substances, so necessary for its proper development.

This remedy is also used by patients suffering from oncological diseases. But the medicine will have a positive effect only if you take it regularly. This is usually done this way: during the month the patient drinks one sachet of powder daily. After that, a monthly break is made, and everything starts all over again.

According to the patients, this drug very well supports the body during chemotherapy, as well as after the exposure itself. "Inofert" is able to very quickly restore immunity, so the patient’s condition remains normal throughout the entire illness.

inofert when planning pregnancy

Many women use this tool for preventive purposes. Already after the first course of application, it can be seen how the condition of the hair and skin is significantly improved. Also it is necessary to say about the normalization of the menstrual cycle. Each menstruation is painless, and the state of the hormonal background is normalized.This is evidenced not only by gynecologists, but also endocrinologists.

According to the doctors, this remedy is really very effective for treating many pathologies of the female body. It can be combined with other drugs, or take it yourself. Your attending physician will tell you about this.

However, despite the fact that about this medicine you can find a huge amount of positive feedback, in any case, do not self-medicate. This can have extremely negative consequences. This is especially true of women who dream of getting pregnant.

Let's sum up

According to the information you have read in this article, it can be concluded that Inofert powder is a very effective and safe means that can overcome a large number of ailments. You can buy it at absolutely any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. However, this does not mean that you need to self-medicate. If you are prescribed a drug for long-term use, it means that you should constantly monitor your health.

inofert instruction reviews

Eat right, exercise, walk more and visit a doctor in time, and then you will not need any medication.Be healthy, take care of yourself and take care of yourself. And the drug "Inofert" will take care of you and your future baby.

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