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A plastic bottle is a thing that is inconspicuous in everyday life. At one time, it was valued in everyday life - the older generation piled up a scarce container in reserve, and then used it to go shopping for milk or to store compote. Times have changed, PVC bottles are full, people do not have time to throw them away. And many have already seriously thought about what to do with so many unnecessary containers - because, as you know, plastic has been decomposed for about 100 years.

Little by little, they began to use it. Almost everyone got a bird feeder from a plastic bottle on the balcony or a transparent homemade “lamp shade” in the garage. Many ideas have emerged on the reuse of unwanted packaging. People have adapted to make any crafts from plastic bottles - both very practical and extremely decorative.

Thrifty gardeners

The common problem of many summer residents is the construction of a house and outbuildings in a small garden plot with limited means. Moreover, the seasonal operation of such a house does not require the construction of major capital structures. The enterprising gardeners solved the problem with typically Russian ingenuity - they took the most ordinary PVC bottle and looked at it as an original, affordable, easy to process and practically free construction material.

What just is not done for the garden of plastic bottles - these, at first glance, useless containers! The real walls of houses, greenhouses, arbors are built. The technology of laying is quite traditional - using cement mortar. But the brick is being replaced by a plastic bottle filled with sand. It turns out the original building in an unusual style.

products from plastic bottles

In the future, a lot of useful tools and purely decorative elements can be made from plastic bottles for the garden, which will allow to sustain the design in the same style. Some ideas we want to share in this article.

Country house

Although there is nothing difficult in its erection of PVC packaging, some nuances should be taken into account.Laying the masonry is better to lay a wire reinforcing mesh to improve the adhesion of the solution with a smooth plastic bottles. With the same purpose, make small holes in a container - the solution will get in contact with the sand inside, which will increase the strength of the masonry.

In the process of work, be sure to fix the bottles with wire or rope, otherwise the rows will disperse. Do not forget that plastic does not tolerate heat and frost, and in five years the house will have to be restored. However, given the availability of material and the ease of construction, such an economist can be “updated” more often.

The cylindrical shape has the construction of round in terms of houses and gazebos. Of these, you can also make a roof. In what way? Here are two interesting ideas.

Plastic roof tile

Expensive tiles can be replaced with home-made, made by hand from plastic bottles.

A large number of them should be carefully pressed. If you do it without heating, the container will simply crack. Spread the bottle in the sun, then flatten it.

The PVC modules obtained are screwed to the frame in several layers. The roof of such tiles can be absolutely any shape, including tapered - for example, for a bath or a gazebo.

Plastic slate

Another option products from plastic bottles for homemade roof - slate sheet.

We cut off the neck and bottom from the container. The remaining cylindrical part of the bottle is cut in half lengthwise, the resulting semicircular elements are joined with PVC glue into the surface of the wave-like form.

An existing building (or erected from brick, wood, etc.) can be decorated on the facade with an original decor made of corks from PVC bottles. Having them in large numbers, it is easy to come up with a floral pattern, a geometric ornament or a “cartoon” pattern.

plastic bottle greenhouse

Pergolas and greenhouses

Greenhouse from plastic bottles - one of the most rational solutions. Traditional polycarbonate is quite expensive, and in fact - the same material. Transparent bottles are quite capable of refracting sunlight and performing the same tasks as laminated plastic or glass.

In addition, if the traditional rectangular shape bored you, the greenhouse from plastic bottles can be made in the form of a hemisphere using a metal frame. Having built it, take a drill, a hammer with nails, or a red-hot needle and make holes in the bottoms of the bottles.Then string plastic vessels onto a wire or line a little longer than the planned height of the building.

The resulting "garland" pull and attach to the frame - get the wall. For stability, you can fix the bottle in the transverse direction, tying each row of wire. If at the same time you take the colorful containers, get the original ornament.

Gates, fences and fences

What else can be useful to make from plastic bottles to give?

You will save a lot of money by arranging a site fencing. The principle of use is the same. Between the pillars, fill the space with plastic containers. A bit of creativity - and an extravagant border will not only protect, but also decorate your property.

And the originality of this fence will add flowers from plastic bottles of different shades.


A frequent problem is the lack of space in the parking lot. Building a full garage is long and expensive, and the car often remains under the scorching sun, rain and wind all day.

Save the iron friend will help the same plastic bottles. You can experiment with them endlessly, replacing those that have been spoiled with new ones.The canopy of them for cars is not only functional, but also will give originality to the landscape.

Such a canopy is made similar to a greenhouse. Bottles with punctured holes are strung on a wire and fastened in rows. Then they are made in another pair of holes (on each side) and through them transverse "firmware" is pulled. As a result, we have a flexible and movable "bottle cloth" of the size we need, which remains to be strengthened on the frame.

 plastic bottle feeder

solar collector

Products from plastic bottles can be complex structures using engineering and technical thought.

If there is no central water supply and a boiler at the dacha, and you want to wash at the end of the working day you do not want ice, but warm water, we suggest making a summer shower with a solar collector from the same bottles. The principle of its operation is to move hot (more dense) water up, cold (less dense) - down. For swimming one person is enough one square meter of such a solar panel.

In the panel, assembled from plastic bottles, cold water flows from the tank, and back gets already warmed. It will take about 60 two-liter bottles, pipes, tees and a corner of PVC, black paint.

Bottles cut the bottom and insert one into the other.The frame is assembled from PVC pipes with the help of tees, plastic painted black is underlain under the bottles to increase heat absorption. You can take milk packages.

Bottle panels are located on the south side of the roof below the water tank. Every few years it is desirable to replace them, since the plastic becomes opaque and loses the desired properties.

Another energy-saving idea is to light a room that has no windows on a bright sunny day. To do this, it is enough to insert a plastic bottle with water into the roof, which refracts the sun's rays and illuminates the room.

Watering plants

From the buildings go to the cultivation of vegetables and flowers. And here we will serve products from plastic bottles. In our favorite container it is convenient to grow seedlings by cutting a hole and filling the ground. Do not forget about the drainage. Capacities for plants can be painted with stained glass paints or pasted over with traffic jams.

With a small plot size, vertical gardening can be organized. Plastic containers are hung on the line along the wall. You will immediately save space and decorate the expressionless surface.

 plastic bottle drip irrigation

Having made a lot of pin holes in the bottle, you get a drip irrigation device.You can also pierce miniature holes in its bottom and attach the bottle to the hose - the tool is ready. And if you install such a home-made water sprayer on a platform with wheels from an old toy car (or a frame from a pram), you can move it throughout the whole territory. In this case, drip irrigation from a plastic bottle will greatly facilitate the life of an inventive gardener.

Garden and country furniture

Furniture brought to the country quickly lose their appearance due to constant dampness. You can avoid problems by making your own hands from practical plastic and easy-care furniture from plastic bottles.

Table and chairs are lightweight and do not require special skill. The ottoman of a round or square shape will turn out from the ones put close to each other, wrapped with a sheet of foam rubber and covered with inexpensive practical cloth bottles. The chair is made on the same principle, but using a metal frame.

Garden lights

Garden lighting can also be saved. We take a colored plastic canister, cut off the neck, insert the bulb inside the cartridge. The lamp is ready!

The design is more difficult to create by heating and deforming the bottle plastic, melting the edges and coloring. Such original lamps will serve as an excellent replacement for the factory ones, they will decorate both the house and the site. Moreover, the light source can serve as candles, including decorative ones.

Landscape decoration

A master of garden decorations, they use everything — the bottles in their entirety, the neck, the bottom and the middle part, as well as the carved parts. Special article - traffic jams. Decor for the garden of them comes out original and expressive - the paths, the walls of the house and the plane of the fence.

Stunning with the originality of the decoration in the form of volumetric or flat figures of animals or plants imitating the real ones. And the plastic bottle feeder is just a classic of the genre.

 crafts from plastic bottles

Flowerbeds can be divided by multi-colored paths from them, such a “cut” will give the flower garden completeness. Bury along the contour of the flower bed small bottles down the neck. Pick them up in single or contrasting colors. Birds from plastic bottles can feed and drink. Want to constantly enjoy twittering feathered? Hang on the trees cut from the same container and painted drinkers and feeders.

Garden sculptures made of various materials are extremely popular now. A swan made of plastic bottles of milky-white color with a gracefully arched neck can be not only a decoration, but also a mini-flower bed. Between his wings is sometimes a real flower garden. Several of these flower-bed islands will miraculously transform any garden. And such a swan is made from plastic bottles rather quickly and simply. And if at hand there is no opaque white plastic, acrylic paints will come to the rescue.

A little more difficult to make a peacock from plastic bottles. There will have to tinker, cutting the fluffy fringe for the tail. But the result is worth it. A peacock made of plastic bottles can become a real work of art, it is not a shame to place such a sculpture in the most prominent place.

Garden paths

Laying them - the question is always difficult and quite expensive. A temporary solution will be to fill the paths on the site with cement mortar (thin layer) and immerse the plastic caps tightly to each other. You can lay out a variety of ornaments and even inscriptions.

Street washbasin

Bottle with a cut off bottom, filled with water, hang with a cork down on a pole or tree. If you need to wash your hands, slightly unscrew the lid, and the water begins to flow.

Another option - the whole bottle is corked up, holes are made in the bottom. Twist the cork slightly, air enters inside, and water flows.

According to the same principle, a summer shower is also arranged, only the capacity will be needed much larger.

plastic bottle peacock

3D sculptures

The creation of decorative installations is now the trend of garden landscape design. From what only such sculptures do not make! And plastic bottles are no exception.

Such work will require considerable patience and some skill. For starters, you can try to make a Christmas tree from the bottle - on the principle of "sleigh in the summer." If you come to celebrate New Year to the country, and there are no coniferous forests nearby, a plastic Christmas tree will be very useful.

The basis of the design will be a rigid rod: the bottles are either just hung up to it, or put on a wire and wrapped in a garland in several tiers. With the help of auxiliary supports the tree can be shaped into a tent.And the tree does not have to be a classic green - a variety of bottles are suitable. They can be cut, melt, deform, cut into thin strips, imitating fluffy needles, and also painted in the most unusual colors.

Decorative garlands and miniature decorations will come out of the covers. And it is not at all necessary to disassemble the Christmas tree for the summer - having a conical shape and a solid size, it will serve as a gazebo for children to play.

A miniature Christmas tree will turn out of green bottles from under the sprite. It is enough to cut their curved walls with “noodles” and stick them on the framework-basis.

Country interior

The interior of the country house can be varied with the same bottles. What is there to come up with? Yes, anything! Screens, partitions, decorative panels and even portieres - products from plastic bottles exist in the mass of options. You will enjoy the results of your own creative work and get an exclusive thing that no one else has.

do it yourself from plastic bottles

The air screens separating the space are made by cutting the transparent bottle bottoms, connecting the garlands with fishing line or wire and hanging it in the opening.A multi-colored curtain-curtain with an original pattern is assembled from the same caps.

Playground at the cottage

The territory for children's games will help to separate the bright fencing of the bottles. Perhaps the diversion of mini-golf courses, the construction of sandboxes, swings and even fabulous houses. You can make a football goal or a labyrinth for kids.

If there is a reservoir near the garden plot, rest on the shore can be perfectly varied. It is enough to make at least the simplest watercraft. To get to a deserted island, go fishing, and just ride along the coast - all this will be possible thanks to the same universal irreplaceable PVC bottles!

Bottle boat

It can be limited to a small narrow boat such as an Indian pie, where one or two can fit. And you can "wipe" and on a serious boat for three or four passengers. The easiest way to make a rectangular raft, you can fish from it not far from the shore. It will turn out quite steady and reliable.

If you have conceived a boat in the form of a kayak, insert the bottles with the cut off bottom into one another, you’ll have something like a long pipe.Strengthen joints with wide furniture tape, which is not afraid of water. Assemble the bottom and sides of the individual pipes using the same tape, give the construction a wedge-shaped shape. At the same time it is necessary to observe the ratio of the width and height of the vessel.

for the garden of plastic bottles

The design is more complicated - the boat. Bottles, standing upright, connected in two rows and sealed enclosures packages. You can even install a small motor on such a boat.

Plastic bottle palm

All trees and shrubs are made of plastic on the same principle. You will need bottles, wires, scissors, paint for plastics. For the palm fit their middle and lower parts of dark shades. Of the others - greenish - we will be making foliage.

Each bottle is cut off the bottom, another one is inserted into it, continued to the desired height. Inside the center pull the wire. From above fix a neck from a bottle of green color without a bottom. Then you need to cut a lot of "fringe" of green plastic strips and glue with magnificent branches hanging down.

It is better if the palm tree from a plastic bottle will not stand alone in the garden. The island of them will be the original decoration of any garden in winter and summer.Plastic is a fairly resistant to cold and rain material. Do not forget to melt bottle cuts for safety.

Children will participate in such work with great interest. This is a great way to take the kids and give them the opportunity to show diligence and imagination.

Butterfly for garden decor

Colorful butterflies are the original decoration of any cottage, for example, a garden arbor. To do this, cut out the middle of the bottle of any color. Then we prepare a cardboard pattern in the form of butterfly wings. Cut the plastic according to the attached template, fasten the wire on the fold line.

We decorate the homemade butterfly with any beads, paint the wings with acrylic paints. The color palette should be chosen to match the gazebo.

plastic bottle vases

Small butterflies from the bottles can serve as original hairpins in the hair, you can also pin them on the curtains or pull them on the fridge. The smallest crafts from plastic bottles - bracelets and other original items of costume jewelry.

Vases from plastic bottles

They are both desktop and suspended. From one bottle, cut in half in height, you can get a cylindrical pot (from the bottom) and a cone-shaped pot - from the top.

It is possible to decorate vases from plastic bottles with anything - with cloth, yarn, corrugated paper, etc. The plastic is slightly heated, it is given the most diverse shape. The edge is easy to give bizarre outlines with hot sharp scissors.

Plastic chamomile

It is very easy to make from a bottle of white or plain transparent, painted white paint. Prepare more containers, let the flowers be large and expressive, with the length of the petals in the height of the bottle.

To maintain the smooth and beautiful shape of our flower, it is better to make a paper pattern in the form of a circle of small diameter with petals. We give petals a rounded shape, in the center of the billet we pierce a hole with an awl. Beautiful bending of the petals can be achieved by heating them with a candle flame.

The core is made from a yellow bottle or colored transparent. Cut out the green petals and sepals, give the desired shape by heating. All elements are connected by wire. In the same way, any flowers are created from plastic bottles, but packaging of various shades or paint is required.

Plastic animals

Making them easier than it seems.For example, the body of a plastic pig is easy to make from a five-liter canister. The ears and legs of the animal are cut out of ordinary small bottles. After all the work is completed, the design is painted with bright pink acrylic and installed in a prominent place.

A rattle for a baby, as well as a piggy bank, is done like this - in six and a half or two-liter bottles, the upper parts are cut off so that, having combined them, to get the right ball. Glued together. Necks can be varied plugs of different colors.

 plastic bottle dolls

The item can be used as a piggy bank, but you can also use it as a rattle. Put buttons or beads inside, tightly tighten the caps, after having smeared the thread with glue, so that the baby does not disassemble.

Cars and other toys

Detsadovs will cope with such handicrafts. Bottles of any size we put horizontally, we glue the legs, ears, tail. Eyes and mouth can be drawn or made from paper. If you do not have to make a little animal, but a typewriter, then the same cork or cardboard circles will serve as wheels.

Birds from plastic bottles are a little more complicated, then you will need to cut and paste the "wings".But the effect can be remarkable, especially if you work on the "feathers."

But dolls made of plastic bottles are just wonderful! The face is drawn or glued, the hair is made of thread, and clothing is any unnecessary piece of cloth.

Slippers from bottles

They will be useful in rainy weather in the garden, will help keep shoes from dirt. Take a pair of identical bottles for a small baby, for an adult - bigger ones. Shoes with a closed nose are obtained by cutting the middle part and bottom to half, slippers - by cutting one bottle lengthwise and securing the plastic strip with glue or threads from above.

Plastic bottle broom

Excellent and very useful thing! How to do it? We cut several bottles into small strips and fasten them on a wooden or metal holder. Robust and tough broom for the yard ready!

In the set to it, you can make a scoop in the same design - in the other bottle, cut off the bottom and half of the side to the middle, fix it on the handle.

We hope that now you will agree: plastic packaging is a wonderful material for making a huge variety of useful and decorative handicrafts. Include creative. And good luck to you!

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