Proper planting of roses in the ground in spring

Planting roses is a favorite occupation of many experienced and beginning flower growers. These wonderful plants bring a lot of positive emotions in the period of their beautiful and fragrant flowering. To achieve this result, you need to know the rules of cultivation. Most often, roses are planted in the ground in spring, when there are more opportunities for branching of the root system and acclimatization. How to do everything right? The publication will give the necessary recommendations.

Selection of roses for planting

The choice of the variety of the future flower will depend on the following criteria:

  • Color buds.
  • The size of an adult bush.
  • Type of variety: old-type or modern.
  • Place of landing.
  • Preferred root system: open or closed.
  • The resistance of roses to rain and disease.

planting roses in spring in open ground

All these nuances should be taken into account in order for the flowers to take root in your region and please the eye.

Rose varieties

It is customary to classify these flowers according to the principle of application for landscaping the site. In total, there are three groups.

1. Species.These are wild varieties.

2. Garden. These are cultivated modern hybrids.

3. Park roses. For planting in the spring in the open ground they were actively used until 1867. These flowers belong to the old-type, but domesticated.

In turn, the groups are divided into varieties. The most popular are the following roses: Chinese, tea, hybrid, climbing, remontant, many-flowered, ground cover and miniature. In general, their landing is almost no different.

Selection of seedlings

Before buying plants it is necessary to inspect their root system. Therefore, to acquire planting material is not recommended in online stores. It is important to assess the viability of the flower and the quality of its roots. Good seedlings are easily recognized by the following features.

  • The roots are branched, developed, have a light shade on the cut.
  • No mechanical damage and symptoms of moisture deficiencies.
  • The plant has at least a little woody shoots.
  • The leaves have a smooth green color without any spots.
  • The shoots are dense and smooth to the touch.

Only roses that meet all the above criteria are suitable for planting in the ground in spring.Such seedlings will be completely healthy and normally take root in a new place.

planting a climbing rose in the ground in spring

Disinfection of new plants

Experienced growers strongly recommend disinfecting seedlings immediately after purchase. This process is very easy and does not take much time. It is enough to dip the roots of the plant in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and hold them there for several hours.

Disinfection destroys potentially dangerous pathogens and larvae that may be on the roots. In addition, the processing is simply necessary because it is not known in which soil rose was grown before. Decontamination protects the flower from death and helps it take root in the new soil.

Actions in case of freezing of saplings

It happens that when you buy invisible frozen parts of the shoots and roots. Beginning flower growers often throw out such seedlings. And make a mistake. The plant is quite possible to reanimate, even frozen. You just need to know how to prepare the roses before planting in the ground in spring.

First of all, they remove all the frozen shoots and roots. The cut should be done at the level of healthy parts. After that, the plant is placed for several hours in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Planting roses is carried out with great care.The place is chosen protected from the cold, and the well is filled with nutrient and high-quality substrate. After that, it is desirable to fertilize the soil with mineral dressings.

planting roses cuttings in the spring in the ground

Preparation of seedlings with dried roots

The opposite situation often happens - the roses dry up before they land on the ground. Such a plant is also subject to salvation, it only needs to be revived.

For dried seedlings prepare a special nutrient solution. Ten liters of water are taken in a tablespoon of urea, superphosphate, and a few drops of rose stimulating agent. All is thoroughly mixed and leave the plant in the resulting solution for half a day.

Only after impregnation can the roses be planted (in spring) in open ground. Clay is mixed with the same special solution and still wet applied to all the roots. Now flowers can be lowered into the prepared hole.

Landing temperature

In order to properly plant roses, you first need to decide on the optimum temperature of the soil and air. The best time is the period from mid-April to the end of May. During these months, the ground completely thawed out after the winter chill, and the air warmed steadily above ten degrees.Such conditions are ideal for planting roses.

Shrubs for the first time cover or mulch to save young shoots from frost. This not only protects against temperature extremes, but also retains moisture in the soil, and also prevents the growth of weeds. Shelter is removed only with the onset of consistently warm weather, characteristic of summer.

Choosing a place for a pink flower garden

Of great importance for the proper planting of roses in the ground in the spring is not only time, but also the place of the future flower bed. Experts give the following recommendations on this issue.

the correct planting of roses in the spring in the ground

  • First of all, the place should be closed from drafts and have well-drained soil.
  • At the site it is important to make shading so that the petals and leaves of the plant do not burn the midday sun.
  • Roses can not be planted in the lowlands, where the groundwater lies close. This will lead to the accumulation of moisture near the roots and their subsequent decay.
  • The area allotted to flowers should be spacious enough so that there is some distance between the bushes. This will not only allow plants to grow well, but will also greatly facilitate care.

To prevent seedlings from being affected by cold air, it is best to place them near buildings or ornamental shrubs. This planting of roses in the ground (spring) is considered the most correct.

Preparation of soil for planting roses

First of all, one should carefully dig up the soil and fertilize it with rotted manure. Fresh organic matter for rose bushes is not suitable, because it leads to the decay of the roots and the death of plants. It is recommended to enrich the earth with a glass of wood ash. For acidic soils, a little lime will do. It is advisable to fill the prepared wells in poor areas with nutrient substrates of rotted manure, compost, mineral fertilizers and loam.

Preparation of holes

The depth of the future holes in the soil depends on the fertility of the soil, the width and length of the roots of the rose. So, they dig a hole in a good quality soil about half a meter wide. At the same time in depth it should be five to ten centimeters longer than the length of the roots. For example, in areas with clay soil, the wells are deepened to seventy centimeters.

planting roses in the ground in spring

Of great importance for planting roses in the ground in the spring is its quality. If the soil is depleted, then the earth mixture is better to buy in the store.It is allowed to fill the wells only with fertile soil, which remains from the removal of the top layer when digging holes.

Hole spacing

Flower variety directly determines the distance between the bushes. So, park roses should be a meter apart. The minimum distance must be at least seventy centimeters. This need is dictated by the need for sufficient space for a spreading crown, which is formed in an adult plant. You also need a place for the development of an extensive root system.

For hybrid tea, multi-flowered and polyanthic varieties, they maintain a distance of 30-60 centimeters. Climbing roses are planted in a meter. In addition, a support should be inserted into the ground in the spring, thanks to which numerous plant stems can be fixed.

Pruning seedlings when planting

Before planting roses, remove all damaged, dried and frozen parts. Healthy roots are also recommended to be shortened so that their length does not exceed forty centimeters. This procedure must be carried out with trimmed plants, but in this case simply update the slice.

planting roses in spring in the ground

As for the shoots, they are also shortened. It is enough to leave only two or three strong buds so that the roses quickly take root. The plant should not expend strength on the development and nutrition of excess shoots. The only exceptions are ground cover roses. They are not shortened, but only updated sections on the roots.

Planting rose bushes

Planting roses cuttings in the spring in the ground is made with strict adherence to technology, because these plants are too sensitive. Let's summarize what the sequence of actions should be.

1. Wait until the air warms up to ten degrees heat.

2. Soak the roots of seedlings in the nutrient solution for several hours.

3. Dig up and fertilize the holes beforehand.

4. Lay the nutrient substrate on the bottom of the wells.

5. Plant roses in the soil, sprinkle with soil.

6. To ram the ground around the bush so that the roots touch it more closely.

7. Water the flowers, and cover the shoots with mounds of soil. Shelter can be removed after one or two weeks, when the plant is fully acclimatized.

Features planting roses in pots

planting park roses in spring in open ground

Some gardeners prefer to buy roses in pots.The substrate in the containers in which they sell flowers is usually too dry. Therefore, before planting roses in the spring in the ground with a closed root system, you need to put the plant in a bucket of water. At the same time, the pot itself must be completely submerged. Keep the seedling in the water until it stops forming bubbles on the surface.

If the rose was sold in a two-liter capacity, it is not rooted for real. This flower must be transplanted into the ground or pots more spaciously. But roses in four-liter and more voluminous pots are already rooted, therefore they can exist for a long time.

After planting, it is important not to forget about regular watering and the timely introduction of fertilizing. Then the noble flowers will be for a long time to please the eye with its magnificent beauty.

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