Rare and unusual natural phenomena: photo, description

Our world in itself is fraught with many unusual naturalphenomena. There are some that are easily explained, but there are also those that modern science can not understand. In this article we will consider in more detail the second part.

Goats of Morocco, grazing on trees

unusual natural phenomenaInterestingly, Morocco is the only countryin a world in which goats, because of a small amount of grass, climb on trees and graze there in whole herds, while eating the fruits of argania. This amazing picture can be found only in the Middle and High Atlas, in addition, between Agadir and Essaouira in the Sus Valley. Shepherds walk their goats, walking between trees. It should be noted that such unusual natural phenomena each year attract thousands of curious tourists. With such a global eating of argganus, every year less and less oil is collected from these nuts. And it is believed, in its composition contains various anti-aging microelements. Today, a campaign is under way to declare this place a reserve.

The Black Sun of Denmark

rare natural phenomenaIn Denmark there are also unusual natural phenomena. So, in the spring about a million European starlings fly into huge flocks from all the neighborhoods one hour before sunset. The Danes call this process the Black Sun. It can be observed in early spring near the marshes of western Denmark.

Starlings fly from the south and spend the whole day in the meadows, and in the evening, after plying collective pirouettes in the sky, they are arranged for a night in a reed for rest.

Creeping stones

description of natural phenomena This is an amazing action that occurs inThe Valley of Death, for several decades, has been troubling the minds of scientists who are trying to compile a description of natural phenomena. Huge boulders crawl by themselves on the bottom of Lake Reystrek-Playa. At the same time, no one touches them, but they still crawl. No one has ever seen exactly how they move. At the same time they stubbornly move, as if alive, sometimes turning over on their side, while leaving behind a deep trail that stretches for several meters. Periodically, stones write out such complex and unusual lines that they turn over, during the movement, making somersaults.

Moonlit Rainbow

moon rainbowThe night rainbow (or moonlight) is the light thatis reflected from the surface of the moon. It is much duller than sunny. Moon rainbow - this is a very rare phenomenon of nature. If you observe it with the naked eye, it can look colorless, due to it it is often enough called "white". There are several places in the world where the phenomenon of nocturnal rainbows is often repeated. Among them are Victoria Falls in Australia and Cumberland in Kentucky, Yosemite National Park.

Fishing rain in Honduras

natural phenomena examplesStudying unusual natural phenomena, it is worthnote and rain from animals - this is a very rare meteorological phenomenon, but such cases were recorded in different countries throughout the history of all mankind. Although for Honduras, this phenomenon is regular. Annually in the period of May-July, a dark cloud appears in the sky, thunder roars, lightning flashes, a very strong wind blows, and there is a strong rain for 2-3 hours. After it ends, thousands of live fish remain on the earth.

People collect them, like mushrooms, and take them home,to prepare. Since 1998, there has been a festival of fish rain. It is celebrated in the city of Yoro, Honduras. One of the hypotheses of the emergence of this phenomenon is that very strong winds raise fish from the water into the air for several kilometers, as the waters of the Caribbean Sea abound with fish and other seafood off the northern coast of Honduras. But no one has ever witnessed this.

Ring-shaped eclipse

various natural phenomenaIn the world there are various unusual natural phenomena. Examples are given in this article. One of them is a ring-shaped eclipse. With it, the Moon is far from the Earth in order to completely close the Sun. It looks like this: The moon goes on the disk of the Sun, although it is less in diameter, and it can not completely hide it. Such eclipses for scientists are practically of no interest.

Biconvex clouds

unusual natural phenomena photoConsidering unusual natural phenomena,it is necessary to say about this. It would seem that today, clouds can not surprise someone. But in nature there is a rare biconvex appearance. These are clouds of circular shape, reminiscent of an unidentified flying object. Not surprisingly, they are also called "crazy": the bizarre form surprises with its eccentricity.

star Rain

causes of natural phenomenaWe continue the description of natural phenomena. Starry rain, despite its name, has nothing to do with the star. What the human eye perceives as a set of small stars is a huge stream of meteors that burn when entering the Earth's atmosphere. In this case, the amount of data of celestial bodies can reach up to a thousand in one hour. Some of them, which do not have time to burn completely, fall on the Earth.

Fire Whirlwinds

unusual natural phenomenaA beautiful, dangerous and rare natural phenomenon -these are fiery whirlwinds. They appear with a certain combination of the direction of the air and its temperature. The flame can thus rise upwards to tens of meters, thus forming a semblance of a fiery whirlwind.


rare natural phenomenaWe continue to consider the amazing naturalphenomena, examples of which are given in this article. Halo scientific language is defined as a visual phenomenon - a ring that glows around the source of light, emerging from the crystals of the clouds. To put it simply, we can say that it is a rainbow, you can see it around the Moon or the Sun, and periodically - around the lights, for example, in the center of the night metropolis.


description of natural phenomenaThis phenomenon is an atmospheric vortex,arising in a thundercloud. He reaches the ground in the form of a cloudy sleeve. In a tornado, the diameter can reach hundreds of meters. It looks impressive. Although, unfortunately, it can bring and no less impressive catastrophe and destruction.

Broccken ghosts

natural phenomena examplesConsidering various natural phenomena, it is worthtell about it. Broccken ghosts appear in Germany on Mount Brocken. Their occurrence is quite understandable. As it turned out, this is the most ordinary climber, which is above the clouds on the top of the mountains. The sun shines on a man, and under the clouds, below, there is his huge shadow, which can frighten or at least surprise anyone.

Northern Lights

various natural phenomenaNow consider the more positive differentnatural phenomena. Polar, or northern lights, we all saw once in the pictures, some even lucky to see it with their own eyes. It is known that similar phenomena are observed near the poles of the Earth.

Red waves

unusual natural phenomena photoThis name has received a phenomenon thatappears as a result of the flowering of various algae. Reproduction of freshwater or seaweed sometimes stains large areas of the beach or ocean in a rich red color. Basically, these plants are not dangerous, although there are those that kill their toxicity of birds, fish and people are also harmed, but so far no deaths have been recorded.

Lightning Catatumbo

unusual natural phenomenaNear Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, you can alsoto see rare natural phenomena. It's the lightning of Katatunbo. This natural phenomenon constantly occurs in one place for 160 nights per year. For one night there are about 20,000 lightning bolts here. It is also interesting that their glow is almost not accompanied by thundering. At night in these places the sky remains cloudless and clean, due to what they are visible and on the island of Aruba, located 500 km from here.

Ball lightning

rare natural phenomenaThis is a truly mysterious natural phenomenon. A fiery dazzling ball, reaching a few dozen centimeters in diameter, suddenly appears after a thunderstorm, after which it floats quietly in the streams of air above the earth. Ball lightning can be drop-shaped and pear-shaped, although it is more advantageous for it to be energetically in the form of a ball.

Such a freely wandering, light charge canfall on any surface and without spending energy to slide on it. Many observers say that he seeks to get into closed rooms, seeping in through the cracks and flying through the windows. Lightning can temporarily take the form of a thin thread or a cake, and then again turns into a ball. She, when confronted with objects, explodes periodically. So far, the causes of natural phenomena, such as ball lightning, have not been studied to the end. It is probably formed from oxygen and nitrogen in a simple lightning channel and explodes when cooled to room temperature.


description of natural phenomenaSuch rare natural phenomena can be seen onvarious mountain glaciers. Penitentes got its name because of the similarity with a number of monks, dressed in white cassocks. It is formed by the sun, which fuses the ice on the surface of the glacier. When a hole appears, sunlight from it begins to reflect, due to which between the layers of snow enlarges the slits. Soon, large depressions are formed there, formed in the form of ice huge peaks, up to 5 meters high.


 natural phenomena examplesDespite the prevalence, mirages causealways almost a mystical sense of wonder. We know the reason for their appearance - the superheated air changes the optical properties, thereby causing heterogeneities of light, which are called mirages. This phenomenon science has long been explained, while continuing to amaze the imagination of many people. It should be noted that the visual effect is based on an unusual vertical distribution of air density. This under certain conditions leads to the appearance of ghost images on the horizon. But you forget these boring explanations instantly when you become a witness of this miracle that occurs right before your very eyes!

In this article, the most unusualNatural phenomena, photos of which are simply fascinating. Some phenomena can be scientifically explained, while others are inexplicable. Some are quite common, and others can be expected for years.

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