Rare Russian Ruble 1997

Touching on the topic of shopping or going to an ordinary grocery store, we always raise to the surface and the money issue. Oh, that money! Where do you go without them? "Silver is responsible for everything" - tells us a straightforward And there is hardly a person who can challenge the exact statement of the Holy Scriptures. The simplest characteristic of money is a universal commodity that can be freely exchanged for any other goods in unlimited quantities. And this process is called commodity-money relations. However, this will not be discussed.

Russian ruble

It seemed that something could be simpler than an ordinary iron ruble of Russian origin. But the simplicity of our ruble does not lose its value at all. Let's sort the coin 1 ruble of 1997 in all details and details. Let us try to determine why it is so valuable and why we stopped on the 1997 sample. Perhaps there are some features that distinguish it against the background of millions of ordinary products of the mint.Coin 1 ruble 1997

The main features of an expensive coin

First of all, it should be said that not every coin of 1 ruble of 1997 represents a value for collectors-numismatists, chasing after rare round money. As it turned out, the iron rubles of two samples were issued in the indicated year. And the fundamental difference between one ruble and another is the width of the edge that borders the coin in a circle. So, the price of an ordinary ruble with a standard (narrow) edging is equal to one ruble. But exactly the same at first glance, the ruble, but with a wide edging stands among collectors from two to ten thousand, depending on the condition of the coin. In turn, the broad edge is divided into two types. One with a step both on the obverse (eagle) and on the reverse (tails). And the second with a flat wide edging 1 ruble of 1997, which is extremely rare. Although the same can be said in general about all rubles with a wide edging.1 ruble 1997 wide edge

A detailed description of the differences of coins

First, let's say a few words about the history of the ruble. Interestingly, as the official national currency, the 1 ruble of 1997 appears in national circulation only from January 1, 1998. It is during this period that the denomination of Russian money occurs.And the most common coin is issued with a narrow edging, and the letter "B" in the word "ruble" is made with a straight upper crossbar. On the obverse in the center there is a two-headed eagle spreading its wings to the sides. Until 2016, the crown of the Russian Empire over the heads of the birds did not exist. And the inscription "Bank of Russia" is made from above, and "One ruble" is written under the paws of an eagle, unlike later specimens of coins. Below the inscription "One ruble" clearly visible date of production. Reverse for many years, virtually unchanged. Beginning in 1997 and beyond, the image of the denomination of the coin with the inscription "Ruble" under the number "1" shifted to the left remains to this day. Only the ornate three-sided pattern of vegetation surrounding the inscription on the reverse has undergone changes. And, of course, on both sides of the coin is edged with piping.

Features of the collection ruble

What makes the 1 ruble of 1997 so unique? As mentioned earlier, this coin can only be distinguished from the rest by a wide border. And the peculiarity of this money gives only an incredible rarity, due to the fact that the Moscow Mint has released it in a rather small lot.And, as you know, everything rare in our world is of much greater value than ordinary, often encountered things. Another small distinguishing feature of a rare coin is the presence of a mint sign consisting of three letters of an MMD under the right paw of an eagle. But perhaps not everyone will be able to see it with the naked eye. After all, the little letters are too small to just read them. Here, at a minimum, you need good light and excellent vision. But with the help of a magnifying glass you can correct a difficult situation. Please note that the sign must be exactly as shown in the photo of 1 ruble in 1997.1 ruble 1997 photoIf there is a wide piping and MMD letters under the paw of a bird, then you can rejoice, because in your hands is the very rare coin.

The last difference is rare

The wide edge is, of course, good. But how to make sure it is really wide or not? In order to dispel all doubts about whether we caught a rare ruble or an ordinary ruble, we need to look at the right corner of the reverse part of the coin. If part of the floral ornament is hidden by the edging due to its width and all other signs, namely the inscription 1 ruble of 1997, are present, then there is nothing more to check.The coin is really rare and has a price of tens of thousands of times greater than its present value. Any real collector will spare no money for its receipt.1 ruble 1997For your information, there is also a coin of the subsequent 1998 with a wide edging. However, on it the piping does not overlap the vegetation of the reverse, but only touches its edge. For the price, such coins are inferior to their senior ruble, their value fluctuates within 1000, depending on the appearance and condition.

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