Repeaters in "Meincraft": creation and application

Beginners may not know this, but there is a large number of different mechanisms in Maynkraft, each of which is unique and has its own function. Moreover, many mechanisms are used and not for the purpose, that is, they benefit in a way that developers were not initially suspected of. For example, you can take one of the most common mechanisms in the game - a repeater. Everyone must be able to do it, otherwise you will very much cut yourself the opportunity to use mechanisms and power networks. Repeaters at Meincraft will do you a lot of good to get it, you need to study all the details and aspects of both the manufacture and use of these items.

The specifics of networks in the "Maincrafter"

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Start is not with the mechanisms themselves, but with the networks to which they will be applied. Repeaters in "Maincrafter" are elements of an electrical network, which, in turn, consists of two objects connected by a red dust, which transmits the signal. One of the objects must trigger the signal, and the other should receive it and react accordingly. The simplest example is an automatic door. If you connect the door to any switch, for example, with a button, then when you press the button, the signal will go through red dust, it will reach the door, it will open. But it is worth noting one important point - the signal is transmitted only to a distance of fifteen blocks. If the object is located at a greater distance, the signal will simply be lost and nothing will happen. Do all the objects, so that they interact with each other, should be located at such a small distance? Naturally, no, because it is for this and there are repeaters in the "Meincraft." With their help, you can significantly extend the range of action of any of your circuits or networks.

How does the repeater work?

how to do a repeater in maincraft

Repeaters in "Maincraft" are blocks that are installed in the signal path to extend the distance to which it moves. You can understand the principle of the process, if you think about the name. It turns out that this device repeats the signal, discarding the count of the blocks to which it can move, and starts all over again. As a result, a long network will look like this: switch, red sand (up to fifteen blocks), repeater, red sand, object. There can be any number of repeaters on the network, so that you can fantasize and come up with intricate mechanisms. But to use this device, you first need to get it. Since it is impossible to find it, it is necessary to consider in detail how to make a repeater in "Maincrafter".

Repeater manufacture

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It's no secret that most of the items in the game are created according to certain recipes. If you want to learn how to make a repeater in "Maincrafter", then you will need to learn another recipe. But do not be discouraged - it is quite simple and does not require special expenses or rare materials. You will need three stone blocks, two torches and one block of red dust. Place the last ingredient in the central cell of the workbench, on each side of it place the torches, and completely block the bottom row with stone blocks. Now you are ready to copy your first repeater. You can make several at once, in order not to return to this process and immediately use them when needed. The repeater in "Maincraft" 1 5 2, 1 7 2 and other versions is done equally, so you do not need to remember different recipes - do this device for your own pleasure.

The main property

how to craft a repeater in maincraft

As mentioned earlier, this mechanism has several uses at once. You know how to craft a repeater in Meincraft, so it's time to experiment - you can try it in different roles. Naturally, first use it for its intended purpose - to reset and update the signal in electrical networks. But do not forget that it can be applied in other, completely unexpected spheres. You can try to combine its action with other items, because for that and are plentiful in "Meincraft" recipes. The repeater will become one of the most used blocks, especially if you open at least a couple of its additional functions.

Insulated wire

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When you build a path from red dust, you can always make various ramifications, remove unnecessary areas and so on. The path from the redston is a kind of analogue of the wire in the "Maincrafter". But you can use the repeater as a wire with insulation, which sometimes lacks red dust. The secret here is that the repeater only receives a signal from one particular side, but releases it exclusively from the opposite side, that is, it is very important that you place it correctly, because any deviation will not allow the system to earn as required. This feature prevents the current from flowing in the opposite direction, but more importantly, the wire is protected from external influences, since the current can not be brought from the sides. This is how the repeater turns into a wire with insulation.

Signal delay

Another interesting point when using a repeater is its modes of operation. In total, this device has four modes, each of which gives a specific signal delay. In the minimum mode, this figure is one tenth of a second, and in the maximum - four tenths. You can install multiple repeaters in a row to achieve a greater delay for your goals.

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