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Research. Day, which was not.

“The whole meaning is inside me and I can create it myself,” you will think, and a day that did not exist will come into its own.


On a day that was not you wake up and realize that there is absolutely no point in everything that happens."The whole point is inside me and I can create it myself", - you will think, and the day, which was not, will come into its own. With a little apprehension, you will look around and you will not see your favorite or hateful things, or you will understand that there is no tiresome indifference to your surroundings,you will just live for yourself and for yourself. Without binding and burdening. Peering and listening, you will find a place for your sadness and joy in your surroundings, sitting comfortably in it,pick up the mind full of emptiness, grounded, calm down.


In the bottom, which was not, there is no you. It’s too long and difficult to go there, and why, we live here and now and all we have is only that short moment of consciousness that can fix the time before and after.You yourself can decide where to take your day, which was not, back or forward, and this will be completely irrelevant, because time flows both there and back.Day that was not- this is this very day, when you read this article, when waves of different emotions overwhelm you (including the calmness of indifference), when it is very difficult to think about what you read, when thoughts go ahead to a lot of letters ahead, which someone for some reason, I wrote and which are so difficult to read, because I want to constantly be in the shameless silence of the day, which has never happened before.


Looking for meaning and getting upset about their absence is the most common game on the planet.It is played by everyone and always, and those who do not play, simply dropped out of the game because of a lack of understanding of the rules or fatigue from competition who have a better sense. Interesting fuss, scheduled at the beginning of life, continues to the same segment at the end. More and more often, days that did not exist begin to appear, time runs faster, we throw aside more and more emerging meanings, aside, it becomes more and more difficult to break through our own defense from our own meanings.The day, which was not, becomes shorter.The moon illuminates the rest of the road back to the future.


Everything that we are looking for, everything is hidden in a day that was not there, everything is there without a trace and without shame, waiting for our coming to own time as a short-term lease.. We are treading around and around and do not dare to go behind the screen of complaints and offenses, we are even afraid to look behind it with our watchful eyes of universal truth and justice, we and only we here and now, and not there and then not we.Everything that we could see there constitutes our eternal nothing, in which our whole life is collected, moment by moment, sigh after sigh, the way for which we prepared for so long and in which we never went - the way long in one stroke eyelashes.The day, which was not, comes to us simultaneously from the past and the future,not giving us ways to retreat, clamping us in the clutches of our perception of the world, forcing us to believe in the limitlessness of our possibilities in changing our way of life, holding you and me into our embrace of horror-loving love. You simply have nowhere to go from here, all your fantasies are solid fiction, you just sit and watch how it comes to you, and you can't do anything about it.Sooner or later you will surely find yourself behind a screen and thenyou will see your nothing. There will be absolutely nothing, even you.

The day, which was not, was.

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