Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo

The charm and exoticism of Tunisia, surprisingly successfully combining the mysterious color of the East and the highest level of comfort of European countries, annually attract travelers.They are happy to dive into the atmosphere of this natural paradise, picturesque landscapeswhich is oftenThey are used as scenery for movies. And the beaches stretching along its entire coastline, beautiful coastline around the resorts of Tunisia, the description and photos of which on tourist sites and in colorful avenues are simply amazing.

Pearl of the Mediterranean

Tunisia - the most northern and the most "European"country of the African continent. Its history is the history of different civilizations. On the territory of Tunisia there lived Phoenicians, Berbers, Jews, Romans, Arabs, and each of these peoples left their mark, which could not but be expressed in the amazing mixture of the cultures of the ancient world and Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire and the French, who for a long time controlled this country. Incredibly advantageous geographical location, favorable mild climate and fertile lands attracted many conquerors. Now these same basic factors attract tourists here.

Resorts of Tunisia description

Tunisia is called the real pearl of the NorthAfrica. It occupies the coastal plains, embraces in the east part of the beautiful Atlas mountains, covered by coniferous forests, and the northern part of the greatest desert of the Sahara with its mirages and rare oases.

Beaches, hotels, thalassotherapy centers, originalarchitecture, amazing cuisine - this is not the whole list of merits, which are famous for the cities and resorts of Tunisia. The description of their history makes it clear that lovers of antiquity here will have something to look at. These are the ruins of ancient cities, temples, aqueducts, amphitheatres, antique sculptures, Roman mosaics, medieval Arab mosques, bazaars and many other historical sights of different eras.


Eastern fairy tale in the European manner is calledresorts of Tunisia. Reviews of the rest, basically, indicate that many holidaymakers wish to return to this paradise oasis, lurking on the most hot continent. This is an ideal place for a real vacation. Here all year round it is warm and sunny. And the energy of the sea, the beneficial effect of the sun, clean sea air gives a great mood, a charge of vivacity and unforgettable impressions for a long period.

Resorts of Tunis in September

The most important tourist "capital" of the countryThere are beaches that stretch along the entire Mediterranean coast. They are covered with tender white or gold-casting sand. The water here is clean and transparent. There are beaches with a shallow approach to the water, which is simply ideal for children. The best resorts of Tunisia with white sandare located in Hammamet, Mahdia, Monastir, on the island of Djerba.

White beaches in the north-east of Djerba, judgingaccording to tourists, they are called the best of the best. The quietest of them are located between the cities of Agir and El Kantara. They are most suitable for family holidays. It should be noted that not far from the island there is a small town of Zarziz, there are almost no sights, but the beaches are really delicious.

The main resorts

Resorts of Tunisia, descriptionwhich are so bright and colorful that sometimesdifficult to make the final choice, you can choose for every taste. It is better to evaluate the resort, based on vacation plans - whether it will be a quiet "beach" option or a more active and full of relaxation.

Tunisia Children's Resorts

The most popular among holiday destinations inTunisia enjoys Hammamet. Tourists like this quiet resort, which is distinguished by the developed infrastructure, interesting monuments of architecture, water attractions, beautiful beaches and a sufficiently rich, interesting nightlife. In Hammamet is also the largest golf club in the country.

The most popular with party-goers in the resort of Tunisiais Sousse. Here is concentrated a significant number of night clubs, bars, discos, casinos. You can actively entertain yourself on water attractions by visiting Hergla Park. In its complex there is also an autodrome, on which it is possible to go in for karting. Of interest is the Museum of Archeology with an unrivaled collection of ancient finds and the ancient city of Medina with its colorful bazaars. By the way, the largest center of thalassotherapy is also in Sousse.

For a quiet, so-called "beach" holiday, the resorts of Monastir, Mahdia and Bizerte are great. A quiet atmosphere reigns on the island of Djerba.

The most suitable resorts of Tunisia for children -Mahdia, Tabarka, Hammamet, Sousse. The first for a family holiday is considered the most successful. Here there are comfortable, beautiful, not crowded beaches and a diving center, which will be especially attractive for beginners diving.

In Hammamet, the whole family will be delighted with the water parkCarthage Land, created in the style of the legendary Carthage, and in Sousse a lot of impressions will leave the famous Ice Cream House with its incredible assortment of favorite delicacies.

Coral shore

Most tourists choose to vacation the eastern coast of the country. In this direction there areSousse, Hammamet, Monastir, Nabeul and other resorts of Tunisia. The description of these cities abounda variety of entertainment centers, restaurants, nightclubs, discos, which attracts fans to entertain themselves until dawn.

Resorts of Tunis in September

Supporters of a more cozy and quiet resortlife, history lovers, as well as diving will spoil its beautiful beaches the northern part of the coast, called the Coral Coast. It is distinguished by the hills covered with forests, coral lagoons and ancient Roman cities. Coastal waters here are quite interesting for fans of scuba diving, to the services of which there are several popular diving centers. And fans of antiquity will be interested in Bulla-Regia, once the eastern capital of the king of Numidia Massinissa, Shetmu, recognized as the main archaeological site of the northern coast, and Dugga with its stunning architectural ensemble. The main resort of the Coral coast is Tabarka, stretched in a cozy bay in the north of Tunisia near the border with Algeria.

Resorts of Tunisia with white sand

Tours to Tunisia thanks to the Mediterranean climatepopular throughout the year. However, the best time is still considered off-season. From March to June - the best period for sending to the resorts of Tunisia. In SeptemberThe exhausting heat is on a decline, and by November it is also good to rest here. At the same time, prices for tours are often offered lower.

Excursions and entertainments

One of Tunisia's main tourism centers is theits capital with the same name. This is quite an interesting and colorful city with a lot of noteworthy attractions, of which Carthage and the Bardo Museum are especially worthy.

In Tunisia there will be an opportunity to go toa trip through the Sahara in jeeps, camels or horses, after which the impressions of the Roman amphitheater, the underground dwellings of the Berbers, the oasis of Shenini, Sfax, Duse and Nefta will remain in memory for a long time.

Tunisia is also a kind of paradise for connoisseursgolf course, the fields for which stretched along the entire coast from Tabarka to the island of Djerba. A rich underwater world, colored reefs, rocks and canyons attract fans of scuba diving, hunting and fishing.

The hotels provide interesting programs for a wide variety of entertainment, shows, as well as health programs for thalassotherapy. 30 ports of Tunisia offer fascinating sea walks.

Tunisia is quite interesting and unusuala country. For a few days, you will not be able to see all of it, something will definitely remain "behind the scenes." So, there will be a desire to return to Tunisia at least once again.

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Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo Resorts of Tunisia. Description and photo