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My wife and I plan to go to the sea in July-August, namely to Odessa. We want to rent a house near the sea, so as not to spend a lot of time on movement. Maybe someone recently rested and can advise a cheap hotel by the sea in Odessa?
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Answered on June 14, 15:27
In my opinion, Nemo is the coolest hotel near the sea in Odessa. This is a huge modern building with a bunch of pools in which dolphins swim. 300 meters to the sea and there are not very many people there, because the beach is fenced.
Answered on June 14, 17:27
Of course, the hotel Nemo is just a wonderful place, but here a person with an average salary there probably can relax 2-3 days a maximum. Last year, the average room rate per night was from 4,500 hryvnia, and personally I don’t have that kind of money.
Answered on June 14 19:55
My wife and I have a lot of experience in choosing housing on vacation and I can share it a little. No need to choose the cheapest or most expensive room, try to take something in between. As shown by these numbers are the best option between price and quality.

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