Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 * (India, Goa): holiday pictures and reviews

Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 * is a beachfronthotel in the south of Goa (India). The hotel positions itself as five-star. It is located two hundred meters from the sea. It was opened in 2005. It is believed that the hotel is in the most idyllic and romantic place. Rest in Uthord - the so-called village and the eponymous beach - is not at all like the usual pastime in the state of Goa, about which there are so many legends. Russians began to travel there only recently, so to study the comfort and service in this complex, we analyzed only the reviews of recent years. So, what attracts tourists to the Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 *?Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5

India, South Goa. Uthorda

This is a great place for a relaxing holiday. Beach Uthorda is often called the pearl of South Goa. Despite this seemingly banal description, many tourists share this opinion. The fact is that on this beach you can still find that pristine exotic beauty, behind which tourists go to Goa. The beach is between the two coasts - Majorda and Arossim. Its natural boundaries are the rivers flowing into the ocean. There are many palm trees here, which not only creates a shadow that is necessary for vacationers, but also gives the beach a similarity to advertising posters. The landscapes here are simply incredible. Unlike the "hippar" of North Goa, people come here with an average income, couples with children. Hotels are often located directly on the beach strip or in the immediate vicinity of it. Here there is a real resort atmosphere.

Where is

Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 is located amongtropical greenery, near the ocean. Next to it is Calangute and Colva. Goa International Airport and Magdaon Railway Station are not too far away, not more than twenty kilometers. This means that you do not have to endure a long transfer, and if you get to the hotel yourself, then it's easy enough. From Dabolim airport you take the bus to Majorda, and from there rickshaws or other public transport will be in place for a few minutes. The hotel is somewhat "in the outskirts". Therefore, if you want to buy fruit in the local market, you will have to get to the nearest village either by taxi or on foot along the shore. And this is about an hour. Therefore, it is better to conduct such outings in the evenings, when it is not too hot.Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 reviews


Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 is a series ofstylish white cottages. They are on the territory of five acres. The area is very beautiful, well appointed. The hotel provides guests with a place for car parking, playgrounds and equipment for cooking meat and fish outdoors (barbecue). If you want to organize a seminar, then the hotel has five halls of different capacities with all the necessary equipment. Closer to the exit to the beach are large lawns with thick soft grass where Indian wedding ceremonies are often held. Throughout the hotel there are stylish flower beds with tropical flowers, as well as various decorative compositions.

Where to settle holidaymakers

Hotel Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 is nottoo large. There are just over seventy rooms in the cottages of the "bungalow" type. They are comfortable and elegant in design. Premises on the first floor often have terraces and own gardens. Most rooms are so-called "club". There are also suites and royal suites. A number of rooms have balconies and a chic ocean view. There you can sit with rum and fruit in the evenings. The furniture is finished with dark wood. Beds comfortable, orthopedic. All rooms are air-conditioned, with LCD flat-screen TVs and cable channels. The bathrooms have a hairdryer. Each room is equipped with a fridge, kettle, coffee maker, "di-vi-di" player, ironing board and iron. In the premises for guests cleaners every day put two bottles of drinking water, as well as various small things - shower gel, shampoo, soap. Toilet paper is in sufficient quantities. The maids make swans and other figures of towels. Sound insulation is good, noise from other rooms is not audible.Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5


Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 *(India, Uttorda), like other hotels of this class, allows guests to use the free "wi-fay". The reception is open around the clock. In addition to services for resettlement and problem solving guests, its employees can put in the safe your valuables. There is also an information desk where you can find out everything you need about the services of the hotel, as well as the surrounding area and attractions. In the hotel you wash your laundry and clothes. You can exchange currency here. If you have small children, and you want to go somewhere alone, then the administrator will call a nanny. The hotel staff is very attentive and always ready to help. Clean rooms fairly well - tourists write that the scourge of Indian hotels is the mold in the rooms. But in "Orchid" you will not see anything like this.Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 india utdoora


Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 * (India)like tourists who are keen on sports and oriental methods of recovery. Here you can engage in such a noble game as miniature golf. Many guests, especially children, appreciated the giant chess. The hotel has a yoga center. There is a very good SPA center with professional masseurs and beauticians, as well as Ayurvedic procedures for both the face and the body. For children there is a modern, safe playground. The hotel organizes excursions and trips around the surrounding area. Sometimes there are entertainment programs in the evening - songs and dances, although there is no animation as such. But many hotel guests prefer to leave after the sunset on the beach neck. With the onset of the evening, incendiary fun begins here, the temptation of which is difficult to resist.Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 india


Those who have been to Goa know thatmost often in the concept of included in the price of food, which the tourist hotel provides to holidaymakers, includes only morning meals. Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa is not an exception. Breakfast is served at the restaurant "Cosmos", from where you can see the ocean. There are always fruits, vegetables, several types of Indian hot dishes, lots of pastries, yoghurts and fruits. Scrambled eggs and omelets are cooked right in front of you, with different supplements. In the same restaurant, tourists can have lunch and dinner. Even in the hotel there is a bar "Sanken", where they pour good cocktails with exotic ingredients. At the restaurant there is a "Boat Kwai" grill, the cook of which cooks excellent meat dishes. But most hotel guests prefer to dine on the beach, in bars and necks. Especially good in such beach establishments is rice soup with seafood. If restaurants are far from the hotel, then often tourists are taken to the hotel for free. Cafe outside the hotel is very much, the choice is huge, but the prices are very different. One of the best restaurants outside the hotel, many vacationers called "Zybop", immediately outside the gate. But practically in any institution it is perfectly prepared, and there were no problems with the stomach with the rest, regardless of whether they were fed in cheap necks or more expensive cafes.Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 india south goa urrada

Seaside holidays

To get to the beach of the Royal Orchid Beach HotelResort spa 5 * (India, Goa), will have to pass no more than five minutes through the tropical garden. On the sandy shore of the ocean there are sun loungers and deck chairs in the shade of palm trees. The beach is chic. The sand is fine, pure and white, like powder. On the beach strip the hotel is the last one, because there are always free sun beds, clean and few extraneous people. But you need to take with you strong tanning creams. The sun here is evil, not even a couple of Turkey and Egypt, you can burn instantly. The water is clean even when large waves start. Most vacationers spend the whole day on the beach, and lovers of a healthy lifestyle use a sand strip for morning jogging. Garbage on the beach is cleaned regularly, and by the sea for a whole day the rescuers are on duty. There is a hotel and an outdoor swimming pool. Around it are beds, give beach towels. The bar is located right in the water. When swimming, you can order cocktails, juices, fruit, beer. There is also a children's pool with circles and water toys. Chlorco does not smell, it's very clean.


For a start, you can walk around the neighborhood,visit the neighboring beaches - especially the Majorda - and also inspect the village itself. Here, besides the traditional set of "pharmacy-shops-bank" there is a beautiful Catholic church of the seventeenth century. If you want to see more places of interest, Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 * (South Goa, Utorda) can organize excursions. On all sorts of travel here are quite acceptable rates. You will be transported in cozy air-conditioned mini-venah, not in large buses. Most of the excursions are two days. These are sightseeing trips to the cities, beaches and temples of Goa. But if you prefer short trips, then at your service is the Utord bus line, which stops near the hotel, as well as taxis and rickshaws of all kinds.Royal Orchid Beach Resort 5 india goa

What to bring

Guests at the Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5(South Goa, Uthorda) not only enjoy the local rum "Old Monk", but also take it home. Tourists advise buying it in plastic bottles - they weigh less, and will not break at flight, like glass bottles. Original toothpaste with spices is another souvenir that is popular with Goa lovers. Clothes like shalwar or more expensive saris are another temptation for the female sex. Moreover, in our time in the summer such outfits such as "ethno" look great in Russian cities. True, it is better to buy such clothes not of local production, but Nepalese. It though will manage more expensively, but it is made qualitatively. Indian silver jewelry has long been known in Russia. They are inexpensive, but they look like exclusive, especially bracelets on their feet. And if you want to buy something for a few years, it's better to take leather products and textiles. Such things can be brought as a gift to relatives.

Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 *: reviews of tourists

Guests at this hotel are most oftentourists from Europe and the US, as well as local people. Russians only recently began to settle in it. Guests like comfortable rooms, food (especially for those who like authentic Indian cuisine), although they assure that it is cheaper to eat outside the hotel. Very clean pools and good management. But the special praise was the location of the hotel, its territory, chic views and access to the beach. It's nice to stay with your family and children. The Royal Orchid Beach Resort spa 5 *, whose rating according to different sites, where the reviews are posted, is 6 to 8 points out of 10, attracts people who love Indian culture, are familiar with the history of Goa and the nuances of local recreation. It is these people who often recommend the hotel to other travelers.

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