How to find a resolution by the number of the resolution? Search for a traffic police penalty by the number of the resolution

Today we need to figure out how to finddecree by the number of the decision. In addition, we generally get acquainted with the mentioned securities. Many drivers are faced with them. In particular, they violated the current rules of the road. With the help of the resolution number, you can easily find and pay a fine. This will also be discussed below. What information will each driver have to read? What about these processes need to know the modern citizen?

The ruling is ...

What is the STSI decree? This is a special administrative type document. It is issued in violation of traffic rules. This paper serves as a kind of document indicating that the driver has transgressed the law. The decision will help to find out what violation was committed. In addition, this certificate indicates the need to pay a fine. Almost every driver knows her.

Number of resolution

But this is only the beginning. A very important component is the so-called number of the resolution. What it is? This is the name of the special unique combination given to the paper. That is, it is the identifier of the decree. With its help you can find out only some information about the forthcoming payment and, of course, to find the very decision of the traffic police in different ways.

Room type

But more on that later. To begin with, a few words about the number of the resolution. Previously, this combination was difficult to read. In 2014, the order of the number was changed. Now it is much easier to read. The number of the resolution consists of 20 digits. For example: 222-1-0-1-39-17-07-24-99650-2. How to read this entry?

how to find a resolution by the number of the decision

In it:

  • 222 - where the fine comes;
  • 1 - traffic police code;
  • 0 - a reference to the fact that administrative fine;
  • 1 - indication of the administrative nature of the violation;
  • 39 - the region in which the penalty was issued;
  • 17 - the year of the violation;
  • 07 - month;
  • 24 is a number;
  • 99650 - ordinal number of the resolution;
  • 2 - control digit of the document.

Hence it follows that to find out for which violationthe driver was fined, almost impossible. Only if the citizen remembers what he did on this or that day. As a rule, this is not the most common scenario.

Where can I find the number?

With some features of the document we met. What's next? Many people wonder where to look at the number of the resolution. You can find it in several ways:

  • with the help of personal data and official services from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Russian Federation;
  • by studying the ruling.

It is often enough to look at thenotice of penalty. On it, the number of the resolution will be written. In fact, everything is easier than it seems. Find the number of the traffic police's decision is not so difficult. But if there is no study paper, it is better to find it. Only in this way it will be possible to pay the penalty in all possible ways.

Where to get the receipt?

Now we need to find out howto find a payment of the established form for payment of violation of traffic rules. The receipt for payment of a fine by the number of the resolution is often not needed, but its availability greatly facilitates life.

decree of ghibd

You can get this paper:

  • in the State Automobile Inspection, which issued a fine;
  • through "State services";
  • by working with third-party verification services for fines.

It is best to personally go to the traffic police and get the appropriate paper. Then it will not be necessary to think how to find out the number of the traffic police's decree. All data will be on payment.

Getting to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate

Now a few words about finding the appropriatepayment orders. Without them, the payment of traffic police fines by the number of the resolution is possible, but not in all cases. The availability of this paper will make life easier, especially for those who are not aware of the details of the forthcoming payment.

To request a decision through the traffic police, you will need:

  • Take your passport with you, PTS, right.
  • To address in traffic police on a registration (or on a place of fulfillment of infringement) with the corresponding request.
  • Wait for a while.

Within a few minutes a citizen will find and print out a resolution. Also he will have to issue a receipt to pay a fine. It is better to ask about it separately.


It is worth paying attention to the fact that right afterIt is not necessary to search for a traffic police decree. Why? Because you need patience. Often, decisions with payments are sent to citizens by mail. In particular, if there was a fixation violation of special cameras. In such circumstances, photographs are attached to the document.

Check and payment

But that is not all. How to find a resolution on the number of the resolution and pay the written fine? It is worth remembering that most of the means of checking the GAI's regulations include payment of debts. That is, after searching for relevant information it will be possible to pay off immediately with fines. We will consider all possible variants of the development of events.

check fine by ruling number

How to find a fine by the order number and pay it? You can use:

  • SMS requests;
  • internet banking;
  • traffic police of the Russian Federation;
  • portal "State services";
  • virtual payment systems;
  • Service "Payment of public services";
  • third-party sites check and pay fines traffic police.

The latest scenario is highly discouraged. This is due to the fact that the Internet is full of fraudsters. And they are often disguised as various check sites.

Payment only

All the above tricks, as we have alreadythey said that they allow not only to see information about debts, but also to pay traffic police fines according to the resolution number. There are other ways to calculate. Their main mass implies that a citizen has a payment form. But sometimes you can do without it. The main thing is to know the details of the traffic police receiver. Clarify them better in the specific branch of the said body.

Among the methods of payment of traffic police fines according to the number of the decision there are (besides those already mentioned):

  • use of terminals;
  • work with ATMs;
  • appeal to the cash offices of banks.

search for the traffic police order by decision number

Everything is extremely simple and clear. Especially with the latest layout. About all the features of paying traffic police fines can be found below. In fact, the right approach to solving a problem allows you to get rid of debt in a few minutes.

"State Services" and payment verification

How to find a ruling by ruling number? As we have said, you can act through "Gosuslugi". Before this, the user must be registered at the service, and also activate the profile. Otherwise, access to the services of the portal will be denied. To check the fine by the order number, you will need:

  1. Log in to using your username and password.
  2. Go to "Individuals" - "Public Services".
  3. Select "traffic police".
  4. Click on "Check Fines".
  5. Put a mark "By ruling number". You can choose to search for data on state machine numbers or on the name of the fined person.
  6. Fill in the appropriate fields.
  7. Click on the "Search" button.
  8. The information about the debt appears on the screen. Here you can see the ruling number. To go to the payment, you need to click on the corresponding control.

What's next? It is necessary to choose the method of depositing funds, then specify the details of the account from which the money is withdrawn, and confirm the transaction. Funds will go to the traffic police in a few days. In the personal account on "State Services" a citizen can save or open a receipt for paying a fine.

Website of the Traffic Police of the Russian Federation

How to find a ruling by ruling number? The next technique is using the traffic police website. With it, you can usually find relevant information about the fine. Payment occurs through the "Gosuslugi". The search for the resolution is promoted by following the instructions:

  1. Open in the browser
  2. Go to the "Services" block.
  3. Click on the line "Checking fines".
  4. Enter the appropriate information.
  5. Click on "Request verification".

In the search results a citizen will be able to see the ruling and the receipt for paying a fine. They are allowed to download and use as intended at any time.

Banking help

How to find a ruling by ruling number? For example, through Internet banking. Sberbank Online is in great demand. On his example, we will get acquainted with the necessary actions.Payment of fines by traffic order number

So, to check the fine by the ruling number, a citizen needs:

  1. Sign up for online banking.
  2. Log in to your profile on the selected portal. In our case, we are talking about Sberbank Online.
  3. Go to the "Payments and transfers" section.
  4. Select "Fines, taxes".
  5. Open the "traffic police" block.
  6. Enter the requested information. It can be adjusted using the drop-down list in the "Search by ..." section.
  7. Click on "Search".

After reviewing the results, a person cango straight to paying the fine. To do this, you need to click on the appropriate button, then set the payment parameters and confirm the request. A few minutes - and it's done.

"Payment of state services" and verification

How to find a ruling by decree number,and then pay it? The site "Payment for Gosuslug" is in rather great demand. There is no need to register. And this fact attracts many users. Everyone will be able to find a payment system for paying traffic police fines, as well as deal with it directly on the service.

The guide presented below will help to bring the idea to life:

  1. Open in the browser.
  2. Go to "traffic police fines".
  3. Put a mark "By ruling number".
  4. Enter the relevant information in the fields that appear.
  5. Click the "Find" button.

Once the user does all this, onThe search result will appear on the screen. Resolution will be requested to pay immediately. To do this, specify the means of payment (wallet on the web or a bank card), and then enter those or other details. After confirmation of the transaction, a printout of the check will be available. It is useful in the future, if there are problems with the transfer of funds.

Online wallet

Check fine by ruling numberproposed by different methods. Recently, information retrieval through electronic payment systems has become popular. For example, through the "Yandex. Money". On this virtual wallet we dwell.receipt of payment of the fine according to the ruling number

What to do to the user who was fined? If he has a ruling number, he will easily be able to find information about the fine, and then proceed to pay. For this you need:

  1. Sign in to your wallet.
  2. Go to "Goods and Services".
  3. Open "Fines".
  4. Click on the line "By receipt". You can immediately select "Receipts" in "Products and Services".
  5. Enter the ruling number.
  6. Click on the "Search" button.
  7. Select one or another search result.
  8. Click on "Pay".
  9. Specify information requested by the system. Usually they are all filled automatically. All that remains for the citizen is to make sure that the data is correct.
  10. Click on "Done".

That's all. We first found and then paid the fine with the order number. The main thing is that by the time the payment is made, there is enough cash on the balance of the wallet. Otherwise, the operation will not pass the processing stage. Every driver should remember this.

From phone

If the user has an account on "Gosuslug",He may not think about how to search for a traffic police resolution according to the resolution number. The thing is that such people have the right to connect SMS-alerts. They will send information about existing debts. To make a connection, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up for "Gosuslug".
  2. Type a message on the phone of the format: traffic police - state number - the number of rights. At the same time, there are spaces between the traffic police, driver's license number and state numbers. This is extremely important.
  3. Send request to number 9112.
  4. After this, SMS notification will be activated. The service is paid. For it will need to pay 40 rubles.

That's all. As you can see, everything is really easy and simple. Especially if you follow specific instructions.

ATMs and terminals

With the search for the resolution of traffic police by numberrulings sorted out. And how to pay fines - too. There are still a few methods of depositing funds on the accounts. For example, through ATMs or special terminals. In this case, the search for a payment and the payment of a fine are made as follows:

  1. Insert the plastic into the receiver. A step is skipped if a terminal is used.
  2. Select "Payment in my region" - "Taxes, penalties, duties".
  3. Click on "traffic police".
  4. Click on the "Search Recipient" button.
  5. Select the search method, for example, "By Order".
  6. Specify the requested data.
  7. Register the payment amount.
  8. Deposit money and check details. Not required when paying by ATM.
  9. Specify your phone number.
  10. Confirm the operation.

Now what? You can pick up 2 checks and bank plastic. We figured out how to find the fine by the order number and pay for it including.

Personally at the cashier

The latest scenario is payment.fines through banks Check the debt in this way will not work and find a resolution - too. With a payer will have to take a passport and payment of money.

search photo by resolution number

Then the following actions are performed:

  1. Contact any bank in the cashier.
  2. Give billing and money.
  3. Show proof of identity.
  4. Pick up the check, check and change.

This method is used every year.less and less popular. But you still need to remember about him. The search for a traffic police resolution (by resolution number and not only) is only half the battle. It is more important to pay a fine in one way or another. But it is better not to search for photos by order number. Is that by visiting the traffic police with the appropriate request.

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