Sergey Shevkunenko: biography and role of the actor

Today we will remember a person who left a bright mark not only in Russian cinema, but also in the criminal sphere. This is Sergey Shevkunenko. The biography and the cause of his death continue to interest many people. The article provides detailed information about it.Sergey Shevkunenko

Biography: family

Sergey Shevkunenko (see photo above) was born in Moscow in 1959 (November 20). He was brought up in a creative family. The father of our hero, Yury Alexandrovich, worked at the Mosfilm studio. For several years he served as director of the 2nd creative association. And he was a playwright. And his mother, Polina Vasilyevna, worked as an assistant director on the same Mosfilm.

Sergei was born when his parents were already over 40 years old. They found it a miracle. Such a joyous event inspired the father to create the play. Her name speaks for itself - “Earring with Malaya Bronnaya”. Later the song of the same name was performed by Mark Bernes.

Hard times

Yuri Alexandrovich wanted to put his son on his feet: to give him a decent education and confidence in the future. But in 1963, the man died. In the family came a difficult period.After all, Polina Vasilyevna did not work for several years. She was engaged in raising children and doing household chores. The main breadwinner was a husband. And after his death, women were forced to return to their former position at Mosfilm. It would not have been possible without Eldar Ryazanov’s help.

Serezha was growing up an active and extremely talented child. Already in 4 years, he could read by syllables. And at the age of 8, he was able to master the “Forsyte Saga”, released in two volumes. But his main passion was cinema. The boy enjoyed watching Soviet films and dreamed of ever being in the place of famous artists. Mom knew about it, but was in no hurry to bring her son to the set.

Sergey had an older sister Olga. In 1972, she married a foreigner and emigrated to the United States. After that, friends and relatives turned away from her. For a 13-year-old, this act of a sister was a real blow. However, over time, he was able to forgive and even justify her actions.

Sergey Shevkunenko: films with his participation

In 1971, our hero was able to realize his main dream - to appear on the screens. He played Petka in the musical tape “The Sister of the Musician”.Then he was approved for the episodic role (messenger) in the spy film "Fifty-fifty." The young actor liked to work in the frame.Sergey Shevkunenko biography

In 1973, director N. Kalinin began filming the adventure tape “Dirk” (based on A. Rybakov) at the studio “Belarusfilm”. However, he had a problem finding a leading actor - Misha Polyakova. At the test came a lot of teenage boys. Serezha looked more convincing than his competitors. It was chosen by the author of the work "Dirk" - Rybakov Anatoly Naumovich. Voiced by a character (Misha Polyakova) Yaroslav Turylev.

Sergey Shevkunenkoin the frame, he behaved confidently, never lost his way and did not forget the text. His colleagues on the site were the masculine actors such as Mikhail Golubovich, Zoya Fedorova and Emmanuel Vitorgan.

"Dirk" gained immense popularity among the Soviet public. As a result, a year later a three-part sequel of the tape, “The Bronze Bird,” appeared on the screens. The actor Sergey Shevkunenko was again involved in the shooting. The biography of a handsome and talented boy interested many citizens of the USSR. And the proposals from directors showered from all sides. But our hero was picky.He carefully studied the scripts.

Of the many proposals, the boy chose the adventure drama “The Lost Expedition”. Sergey Shevkunenko successfully reincarnated in his screen character - the young partisan Mitka. This image turned out bright and realistic, won the audience sympathy.The missing expedition Sergey Shevkunenko

Shooting tape began in the summer of 1974 in the Siberian taiga. In the previous pictures, Seryozha spoke more than acted. And the director of “The Lost Expedition” set the opposite task for him - to be very active. And the teenager coped with it. In the new film, he rode a horse, shot at enemies and climbed the mountains with steep cliffs. Critics praised the acting game Shevkunenko.

The director decided to remove the continuation of this picture, even chose the name - "Golden River". But our hero was not destined to replenish his creative piggy bank with this film.

After the end of eight classes, Seryozha did not want to continue his studies in high school. In 1975, he once again fought with his peers. After that, he was sent to a special vocational school.

First term

Sergey Shevkunenko is an actor and an unusual person. By nature he was a leader. And he didn’t like it when he was countered.And on March 28, 1976, the tough character played a cruel joke with him. On this day, Seryozha and a friend drank a bottle of "Port". Then they broke up. On the way home, the actor saw a man walking a dog. He went to the dog and patted his cheeks.

The owner of the dog saw something reprehensible in Shevkunenko’s behavior, asked him to move away. But the drunk young man did not do that. He attacked the dogman with his fists. The story ended with the victim writing a statement to the 76th branch of the Moscow police. The case was considered in the Gagarinsky court. As a result, Sergey Shevkunenko went to prison for one year.

Life with a clean slate

In 1977, our hero was released. Thanks to her mother's connections, Serezha managed to get a job as an illuminator at Mosfilm. He hoped that one of the directors would remember him and invited him to the cinema, at least in the episode. But that did not happen. Nobody wanted to cooperate with the former convict.Sergey Shevkunenko movies

In 1978, Sergey Shevkunenko, whose biography we are examining, again embarked on a slippery slope. One day, a young man drank with the same people as the film studio employees (illuminators, electricians).The supply of alcohol was impressive. But the snack is quickly over. But Sergei did not lose his head. He broke into the studio buffet and "got" food there for a few dozen rubles. This act did not go unpunished. Shevkunenko was convicted under the robbery clause and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Short freedom

Sergey did not have to serve the whole term. A year later, he was released home for good behavior. Our hero wanted to return to Mosfilm, but the road there was closed to him forever. Even as an illuminator.

He understood that it was almost impossible for a person with two convictions to earn money in an honest way. Therefore, he made a gang of local boys-thieves. The guys robbed the apartments of ordinary citizens. Soon the police detained several representatives of the gang, which they all told. Sergey, as the leader, was put for 4 years.

For almost the entire next decade, the former actor spent behind bars. In 1983, he was released and immediately committed theft. He was given 4 years. Seryozha tried to escape from the colony. During this time, his term was added 1.5 years. And at the same time, Shevkunenko’s authority in the criminal world also increased.

Sergey Shevkunenko wife

Inmates valued him for his audacity, ingenuity and excellent organizational skills. Two nicknames stuck to our hero - Artist and Chief.

Release and marriage

What plans for the future did Sergey Shevkunenko build? Children, a caring wife, a cozy home and a successful business - that's what he dreamed. But over the years, the chances of implementing the plan were reduced.

In 1988 he was released from prison. He was no longer an energetic and daring young man, but an invalid of group II. Sergey found out a tuberculosis. In the capital he was not allowed. Shevkunenko had to go to Smolensk. In the local hospital, he stayed for almost a year. There he met a charming girl named Elena.Sergey Shevkunenko children

Coming out of the hospital, Serezha brought his beloved to Moscow. Soon they signed the registry office. They had a common child, information about which has not been disclosed until now.

Dark story

Unfortunately, a happy family life was short-lived. Already in December 1989, Sergei Shevkunenko was arrested again. The wife is confident that he was framed. She claimed that she was alone at home all day. Toward evening, an unfamiliar man rang at their door and asked him to give Sergei a package. And there was a loaded gun in it.

The words of the wife Shevkunenko no one took seriously. Investigators did not doubt that the former actor was not going to “tie” with the criminal past.He led a double life - with his wife he was kind and gentle, and with enemies and rivals - cruel.

Then attract Shevkunenko to criminal liability failed. The case “collapsed” due to lack of evidence.

Back to jail

In the summer of 1990, Sergei was involved in a bloody showdown among the local lads. He was a passive participant - he kept his competitors at gunpoint. At the time of the arrival of the operatives, he managed to throw the gun away. Otherwise, our hero would face a decent time. And so he went to the colony for 1 year.

Next crimes

In 1991, Sergei Shevkunenko was released, as it turned out, not for long. After 49 days he was arrested for stealing icons. He claimed that he had not committed any crime. Allegedly, an unknown man brought him these icons. But the court believed the available evidence, and not the words of the accused. The next few years, Sergei Yurevich spent in prison.


He was released in 1993, during the period of rampant crime and the formation of a wild business. To begin with, our hero registered in his mother’s apartment. In the same place the Artist actually lived. In a short time Shevkunenko made his brigade, which controlled the entire Mosfilm district.

By that time, Sergey had reached the level of “a good position” in the criminal hierarchy. He was literally one step away from the highest title in this environment - “the thief in law”. Shevkunenko and his team were part of the Ossetian organized criminal group. However, in 1994, the leader of the group, and with him 8 accomplices were convicted. The gang has broken up. The brigade of the Chief (Sergey’s second nickname) had to fend off numerous competitors independently. The interests of the children often overlapped with the Kazan grouping.

In early 1995, Serezha decided to emigrate with his mother, wife and child to the USA, where his sister Olga lived. Indeed, in Moscow it was dangerous for him to stay. In a short time, our hero was able to issue the necessary documents. But Shevkunenko was not destined to go to America.


February 11, 1995, late in the evening (at 22:30) Sergey Yuryevich drove up to his house on ul. Pudovkina. He let go of the guard. After the Artist entered the porch, a shot rang out. The first bullet hit him in the stomach. Shevkunenko was able to run into the elevator and press the button on the 6th floor. The second bullet bounced off the cabin wall. The killer ran up the stairs. The former actor managed to enter the apartment, but made a fatal mistake - he left the key in the lock. The killer took advantage of this. An armed man opened the door.Sergey's mother, Polina Vasilyevna, ran out into the corridor to the noise. She tried to expose him. The killer shot her 2 times. Elderly woman died on the spot. Sergey came out of the room and saw his mother lying in a pool of blood. He started shouting: “What are you doing ?!” After that, I received three bullets in the forehead. The killer quickly disappeared. The doctors who arrived at the scene noted the death of a 35-year-old man and his mother.

Last shelter

There is still no known person on whose orders Sergei Shevkunenko was killed. The funeral of the former actor was worthy. The gang did not spare the money to spend on the last journey of a person they respected. His classmates and people came to say goodbye to our hero, for whom he always remains brave and honest Misha Polyakov from the movie “Dirk”. They could not hold back tears.Sergey Shevkunenko funeral

Sergey and his mother, Polina Vasilyevna, found eternal peace in the Novodevichy cemetery. Their graves are near. A few years ago, friends and relatives erected a monument of black granite to them - one for two.

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