The show "Standup": residents

The show "Standup", whose residents are very different people, has gained great popularity among the audience. Each humorist goes to the scene of the program and, raising life themes, tells jokes.

Ruslan White

A comedian is not only a resident of the “Stand-Up Show”, but also his host. Most often, he talks about topics such as bachelor life and his 33-year-olds.residents standup

Ruslan was born in Prague. His father was a military man, so he graduated from the Military Aviation Engineering University. In his student years, Ruslan played in the KVN team “The Seventh Heaven”. He liked to joke, despite the fact that after studying he served as a contract.

After that, in 2003, the comedian ends Voronezh Agrarian University. At the same time, he begins to participate in “Stand-up”, which he is doing quite well.

Ruslan is a participant and winner of the show “Laughter without rules” on TNT channel. In 2013, he got the idea to create his own project called Stand Up.

Julia Akhmetova

The only female resident of the Stand-Up Show. Her image is a lonely and abandoned girl who is offended by all the guys.According to her, working in the men's team is beneficial, and it gives a chance to find a life partner.residents standup names and surnames

Julia was born in the city of Voronezh in 1982. She has 2 higher educations. In her student years she was the captain of the KVN team called "The team of the Supreme State Architectural University of Civil Aviation".

Since 2012, she has been the creative producer of the Comedy Woman program. At the same time, she became one of the residents of “Stand-Up”, whose name and surname are known to viewers from all over the country.

Glory to Komissarenko

The names of the residents of the “Stand-Up” became recognizable precisely after the television show was released on the screens. Slava Komissarenko was born in Minsk in 1985.

He was fond of humor and wrote jokes already in his student years. Considers his "teacher" of the popular actor Eddie Murphy.

Together with his friend Slava participated in such projects as “Laughter without rules”, “Killing League”, Comedy Battle.

Popularity brought him to participate in the show Stand Up, where he revealed himself as a solo comedian. Slava differs from the rest by giving jokes, self-irony and the ability to “hook” the viewer.

Ivan Abramov

The comedian was born on May 21, 1986 in the city of Volgograd. He is one of the residents of “Stand-up”, who graduated from MGIMO, with a degree in economics. Ivan played for a long time in the KVN team called “Parapaparam”.residents standup names and surnames photo

Already from school he knew that his life would be connected with humor.In 2014, Ivan was invited to the show "Stand-Up", de he performs with musical jokes. According to him, he is an intelligent comedian. Ivan likes to work with the audience, he feels a return and recognition.

In the personal life of the resident, too, everything is fine. In 2014, he and his bride Elvira Gismatullina had a wedding in France. A little later he had a daughter.

At this time, Ivan does not plan to stop working in the show. However, he looks far into the future and plans to finish graduate school.

Timur Karginov

This resident of “Stendap” differs from the others in that he is Caucasian. Timur was born in 1984. In his student years he was a member of the KVN team called "Pyramid".

The comedian began working on TNT on the Comedy Woman show. And after a while he moved to the project "Stand-up." His jokes tell about the life of Caucasians in Moscow.

In addition to participating in the comedy project, Timur works in other television shows, where he acts as one of the jury members.

On the personal life of Timur is known only that he has a girlfriend.

Viktor Komarov

The only native Muscovite and resident of the show "Stand-Up." Victor was born in 1986. Before joining the show, the guy worked as a security engineer at Mosfilm. According to him, he does not miss his past occupation.

He began to work on stand-ups because such a genre makes it possible to open up, he has no limitations.resident stand-up names

Viktor Komarov participated in such projects as KVN, “Startup”, “Do not sleep”, “Comedy Battle”. Comic plans in the near future to write a lot of new and relevant jokes.

Stas Starovoytov

This resident "Standup" is considered one of the most prominent personalities in the show. Stas was born in the Tomsk region in 1982.

Like most residents of the show, Stas was a member of the KVN team as a student. In 2008, he as part of the duo "Revolver" successfully performed in the show "Laughter without rules."

The comedian loves joking about the family, wife and child. With easy ease talks about personal life. At the moment, Stas is divorced from his ex-wife.

Alexander Shalyapin

Each photo of the residents of the “Stand-up”, whose names and surnames are known to many, arouse particular interest among viewers. One of these comedians is Alexander Shalyapin. He not only writes jokes, but also acts in films and TV shows.

The resident was born in 1979 in the Moscow region. Already in childhood, he surprised his friends by telling them funny stories.

Sasha studied at the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts at the acting department. In his student years he played in the KVN team.His favorite comedians are Robin Williams and Pablo Francisco.

Actor and showman Alexander Shalyapin says that he likes to perform in the stand-up genre, because you can share your experiences and life experiences with the audience.

Dmitry Romanov

A native of Odessa with a memorable appearance. Already in childhood he had a great sense of humor. While studying at the Academy of Food Industry Dmitry became a member of the KVN team.resident stand-up show

The comedian started his career at the Odessa Comedy Club, where the organizers of the “Stand-Up” show noticed him and then invited him to Moscow. Dmitry not only participates in comedy TV shows, but also acts in TV shows.

Each resident of the “Stand-Up” project differs from the others not only in the manner and manner of the jokes, but also in charisma, appearance and voice. Viewers say that the show on TNT has become very popular due to its well-chosen line-up.

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