Sights of Belgorod: monuments, museums, places of rest and reviews of tourists

Belgorod is a beautiful modern city, for some reason undeservedly deprived of the attention of tourists. Arriving for a weekend or being here passing through, it’s a reasonable question what to look for in one day in Belgorod will not rise, you just have to get to the old city center, where interesting tourist sites are concentrated. Consider a few significant sights, no doubt deserving attention from the guests of the White City

Transfiguration Cathedral

One of the spiritual landmarks of Belgorod is the Transfiguration Cathedral, today it is considered the main one in the Belgorod and Starooskolsky dioceses. In 1813, work was completed on the reconstruction of dilapidated wooden buildings in stone, and the church was consecrated in the name of the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon.

Transfiguration Cathedral

In the Transfiguration Cathedral collected many shrines.The relics of the wonderworker Joasof, the Belgorod Bishop, are kept there. From the closed Trinity Church, the icon of Nicholas Ratny was transported, almost 500 years old. Another shrine is considered the icon of the Mother of God "Sign".

Huge forces cost believers to keep their shrines, and the building itself during anti-religious campaigns. Several times they tried to close the temple and use it to store grain, but they did not dare. It was closed only in 1962, having organized a local history museum there - and this saved this architectural monument from destruction.

During perestroika, when the state’s attitude to the church changed, the church was returned to believers. After that, work began on the restoration, restoration and interior design. They erected a fence around the church, changed the dome, and inside they made a new gilded iconostasis of 2 tiers, painted the dome of the temple.

Today, the clergy of the cathedral is carrying out extensive work on the religious education of the parishioners. The Transfiguration Cathedral is considered a monument of architecture, but despite this, there is a Sunday school at the church, in which church disciplines, holy writing and chants are studied.To worship the saints and pray, believers come from all cities of the country. Icons are considered to have healing power and help those who pray in the most difficult life situations. Every year they organize a crusade with the icon of the Virgin "The Sign".

Belgorod Zoo

Belgorod Zoo

An ideal vacation spot for the whole family is the zoo. In Belgorod, it is located almost in the center of the city, on the bank of the Vyazelka River, and covers an area of ​​25 hectares. This whole territory is divided into special zones for animals with a wide range of walking, as well as with houses for keeping during the winter period. To make it easier for visitors to navigate, all expositions have corresponding names: “Far East”, “Africa”, “Europe”, “Russian North”. Separately, the smaller brothers who live in the Belgorod region are highlighted, and an artificial lake has been created for the waterfowl.

The inhabitants of the Belgorod Zoo include the following animals: 40 species of mammals, 5 species of reptiles, 33 species of birds, a large number of forage. Here you can see the mighty lions, leopards, Amur tigers, different types of wolves, lynx and puma, big bears, graceful llamas and deer and many others. Golden pheasants, peacocks, as well as eagles and owls roam the enclosures.There is on the territory of "Grandmother's Yard", where different breeds of rabbits and kids, chickens and ducks are represented. For the little ones, a contact zoo has been created, with the ability, without fear, not only to stroke the animals, but even to feed them. Bags with a treat for animals can be purchased immediately.

Inhabitants of the Belgorod Zoo

For guests hold competitions, workshops, there are rides, cafes, gift shop, playground, recreation area. For those who want to buy a parrot or pheasant, decorative chicken or mumps in the territory of a special pet shop. In the list of excursions in the city of Belgorod you should definitely make a visit to the zoo, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Monument to Vladimir the Great

In 1992, the Belgorod authorities decided to erect a monument to Prince Vladimir, who was considered the founder of the city. Funds from donations and sponsors' money went to its construction. The opening was timed to the 55th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the German invaders and the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ. The height of the largest monument in the city is more than 20 meters; it was opened in 1998 on Kharkiv Mountain. It consists of three tiers.The first one shows the figures of the Archangels and the founders of the Christian Church, the apostles and the figures of holy warriors. On the second tier are figures of Russian saints, and on the top - a sculpture of Prince Vladimir. He stands on a wreath of laurel, in his right hand, holding a cross high above his head, blessing with this gesture the Russian land. With his left hand, the prince rests on a shield - a symbol of protection and protection of the entire Slavic people. The figure of the prince is the memory of the heroic past, of its origins. Only under the rule of Vladimir the Great did the first schools appear, began to distribute books. Kievan Rus was on the path of prosperity. Since the monument is located on the highest place in Belgorod, there is also an observation deck from which you can admire the city panorama. Belgorod and the sights look especially beautiful in the evening when the whole city is flooded with lights. This monument was dedicated to the issue of a postage stamp, and in 2002 a postal envelope was issued with its image.

Monument to Prince Vladimir

Monument to a traffic cop

In honor of a real person Pavel Grechikhin, a monument to an honest traffic cop was installed in Belgorod. It is considered one of the brands of the city.The traffic police inspector became famous for his honesty, he subjected everyone to fines, regardless of the status and rank of the offender. The copper monument is a figure of a traffic cop with his Ural motorcycle. At night, the headlights of the motorcycle are lit, and the rod in his hand is highlighted, reminding that to violate the movement is unacceptable. A monument was erected at the site of the former traffic police post, where two entrances to the city, two highways, which are considered the busiest interchange in the city, meet. Sergeant Grechikhin throughout his life was and remains an example for all who continue his work. Thanks to his honesty and integrity, even the motto “Good glory is better than wealth” appeared.

Monument to the honest traffic cop

Theatre of Drama

Cultural Center of Belgorod - Drama Theater. Schepkina, winner of many prestigious theater festivals, both in Russia and abroad. The first information about the theater, preserved in the archive, refers to the beginning of the Belgorod collective-farm and state-farm theater in 1936, the task of which was “to teach the peasants the culture of art”. During the war he toured the front-line areas, maintaining the morale of the people. And in 1954, with the formation of the Belgorod region, the theater was given regional status and named after the famous actor Mikhail Schepkin.In 1962, the theater was given a new, purpose-built building in the center of the city. Today, a large number of various events are held here: performances, exhibitions, museum exhibitions. The theater is designed to preserve and develop the musical culture of Belgorod.

Belgorod Philharmonic

The philharmonic society plays a huge role in the cultural life of Belgorod. She introduces the younger generation to great art. From the opening day, from 1966 to the present, the philharmonic has been very popular, it has a huge audience of fans of different ages. Every year she replenishes her repertoire, introduces listeners to new works and performers. Now the Philharmonic includes a symphony and jazz orchestras, a choreographic ensemble, an orchestra of Russian folk instruments, a chamber choir. In addition to performing in their hometown, a large creative team tours a lot in other areas and participates in various festivals. The most numerous collective of the city in the philharmonic society is the symphony orchestra, which bears the 23-year history of various performances.In his repertoire are world classics, symphonic works, arias from operettas and musicals, modern works by Soviet composers. In the Belgorod Philharmonic, you can buy a subscription to various musical programs. Here also began the career of composer Maxim Dunaevsky and famous singer Nikolai Gnatyuk. Cultural landmark of Belgorod - Philharmonic conducts a huge musical and educational activities, which need our contemporaries.

Belgorod Philharmonic

Central Park

One of the favorite places to rest in Belgorod is the Central Park of Culture and Rest. V.I. Lenin. His bust adorns the central avenue of the park. They go here to relax with the whole family, because everyone will find something to do for themselves. There are Italian and Russian rides, an amusement park, a playground for children with a large training ground where you can ride a skateboard, roller skates, and a bicycle. I really like teenagers to pass the test in the only rope town in the city. In the children's center "Tropicano" a large selection of children's slot machines, in a fascinating journey, you can go through the game maze.Children's theater, animation programs using balls, bubbles, dances and games will decorate the rest and will be remembered for a long time. In Belgorod Park, there are creative groups and popular groups, entertainment events and folk festivals. And in the cafe you can not only relax, but also eat deliciously, especially since there is even a special children's menu. In the summer, the park has a round dance fountain, near which you can take a break from the sultry heat and relax under the sound of water jets. In the central park of Belgorod, besides local residents, guests of the city also have a rest. And everyone leaves happy and joyful from the outdoor recreation.

Central Park

Legacy of the past

There are many historical monuments in Belgorod, personifying the steadfastness and courage of previous generations, after visiting which no one remains indifferent.

The most visited in Belgorod museum-diorama "Battle of Kursk. Belgorod direction", dedicated to a large tank battle in the village of Prokhorovka, was created under the open sky. The composition is created from military vehicles, placed on the viewing platform. The building in the form of an arc stores documents, photographs and things involved in military subjects.

Belgorod was one of the first to receive the title of "City of Military Glory."A ten-meter stele with this bronze-made memorable sign is installed on the Cathedral Square of the city.

Diorama museum

The local history museum of Belgorod, opened in 1924, lost many collectibles during the war, after collecting particles and was reopened in 1948. All museum exhibits are devoted to the history of the Belgorod region. There are often open lectures and scientific conferences.

In the museum of folk culture, opened in 1999, a collection of folk art, which includes clothing, jewelry, household utensils, tools. There are also expositions telling about the history of Russian peasants, their crafts and handicrafts.


Among the numerous sights of its extraordinary, the monument of Belgorod "The sundial" surprises. The installation of the monument was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belgorod from the Nazis. A huge granite dial with a diameter of 11 meters with a golden hand, which resembles a compass, can be seen from afar. On a clear day, the time by this clock can be determined with an accuracy of up to 10 minutes (by the falling shadow). And at night, the luminous dial shows the shining stars and zodiacal circle constellations.This landmark of Belgorod attracts many tourists who are trying to take a picture for memory, and for local residents it is a meeting place for couples in love.

Belgorod sundial

Musical fountain

One of the largest floating fountains in Russia is located in Belgorod, on the Veselka River. The jets reach a height of about 25 meters, and its length is 70 meters. The fountain is not only floating, but also musical. For about 10 years now, many people have gathered near him to admire this man-made beauty. The background music is changed every year, and the main water pictures are also programmed. The dance of water is accompanied by lighting and looks very impressive and colorful in the dark.

Guest reviews

When choosing any city for your trip, you can find conflicting reviews of tourists. Belgorod is no exception. Some consider it too modern and soulless. Despite this, most guests and locals agree that Belgorod definitely deserves attention, as a clean comfortable city with a rich historical past, and respect for the title of a city of military glory.

It is worth coming here at least for a couple of days: slowly walk along its main streets, see memorials and obelisks, look at unusual monuments,feel the atmosphere of the city. This will be enough to get pleasant impressions and, perhaps, someday return to Belgorod again.

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