Slenderman story. How did Slenderman appear?

Children and young people with enthusiasm and enthusiasm retell fantastic stories about all sorts of unusual entities, for the most part are the fruit of someone's imagination. Internet memes don't last long. They are created for fun. Thin man (Slenderman) has a different fate. They believe in him, try to contact him. He gained unprecedented popularity. Due to the fact that the story of Slenderman, is of such interest, we offer to get to know her better.

slenderman's story

What stands out this character?

Surely the story of Slenderman would not have caused so much talk if it had not been connected with many real events. The fact is that this image turned out to be “alive” and credible. In the US, this has brought some people to the real crimes. So, teenagers who were impressed by the story of Slenderman, attacked loved ones, trying to commit a murder. It was sometimes risky to be near children who were faithful to the reality of the character of a character.The boys and girls, under the impression of the “feats” of the Thin Man, changed their view of good and evil. Well, think for yourself: can an ordinary person in his right mind cripple another? However, the story of Slenderman pushed them precisely to such behavior. The hero, invented a few years ago, in their imagination became a real being. They hoped for his support, they took an example from him. Nowadays, the Thin Man fans have only increased. Real stories are mixed with fiction. What is true in them, and what could not be, is difficult to understand. Especially if a person is tied to the computer virtual world more than the real one.

How did Slenderman appear?

how did the slenderman story

The history of the image is actually simple. There is such a forum, Something Awful. In 2009, its leaders decided to hold a competition. Readers were invited to dream up and come up with a creature that could take an honorable place in urban folklore. Someone Victor Surge, a user of this system, turned out to be the most gifted inventor of horrible images. He came up with this character. And thanks to this won the competition. That's the whole answer to the question "how did Slenderman."The story is actually quite mundane. Created it for fun. However, the new hero attracted the attention of the public. The photos in which he was painted for the first time were distributed on the web. They provoked a surge of enthusiasm from rivals Viktor and other publics. Everyone wanted to take part in the birth of a new hero.

Character is overgrown with details.

Scary stories about Slenderman began to emerge with the speed of a hurricane. Its creator endowed this creature with supernatural abilities. So, he wrote that the photographers who took pictures (which he posted on the Web) disappeared under unclear circumstances. Since the birth of Slenderman brought triumph to its creator, he continued to work on his “biography”. It all started with a couple of shots. Then he posted on the forum a fabricated police report on "real events." Then there were drawings with the image of this character, made allegedly by children-witnesses. The birth of Slenderman ended in just a few days. The image left the alma-mater of the native forum and began walking around the Internet, finding a lot of fans and followers.

scary stories about slenderman

What is our hero

But it was not enough just to come up with an image. The story of Slenderman could not be accepted by the public without disturbing and fearful details. So, Thin man has no face. This is due to a special legend telling about his incredible suffering. It was also necessary for the author to endow the hero with such traits from which blood would have flowed in his veins. He coped well with this task. Scary stories about Slenderman really what is called take for the soul. This character is known to be very thin. His arms are hands that he is able to stretch very far. It is claimed that they, like tentacles, can reach anyone whom the Thin Man wishes to punish. Through limbs, he affects his unfortunate victim. She falls into a state of trance, nevertheless experiencing a strange and unnatural attraction to the owner of the tentacles.

the story of the slenderman and his girlfriend

Make believe a thin man

Another task of the creator was to give "life" to his hero. It was necessary to invent something that would attract readers to it. Naturally, the real story of Slenderman is too simple. Who wants to believe in a fictional character.Therefore, it was decided to tell the public about how someone met with this character. Thus, the idea that Slenderman could be an assistant in personal affairs was presented. A similar perspective interested teens. Everyone knows that at this age there are many purely psychological problems. How to refuse the magic essence capable to execute any request? That is what is perceived by fans of Slenderman. The history of the origin of the image in this case fades into the background. It's so eager to believe that this character will help. Everyone wants a miracle! And fear only spurs this faith, is its catalyst.

Summon Slenderman

Much has been written about how to meet a thin man. Here, each author demonstrates the incredible wonders of his own fantasy. Since this hero is a city dweller, the methods of calling him are associated with buildings. They say that a lift is needed. His Slenderman prefers in his movements. It is necessary at night to post a picture on a certain floor, and special signs on others. Adventure is not for the faint of heart! Therefore it is necessary to call for help all his courage.The Thin Man is said to be cruel and swift to punish. Although its power is beyond description. For him there are no barriers. But he helps only those who cause him respect. So decide whether to contact such a creature? You can also get yourself in trouble.

the birth of a slenderman

What attracts thin people?

Slenderman is considered extremely unhappy. This is completely justified. It is pity that brings a person closer to others, gives rise to trust. It is believed that he was once a real person. But many tests fell to his lot. From this Slenderman distanced himself from loved ones. He brought up hatred, for which the dark forces gave him supernatural abilities. That is, in fact, the authors of the legends wanted to humanize their hero a little. It is said that he endured treachery and betrayal. Such a story evokes sympathy for the young and the old, the poor and the rich. I want to communicate with such a creature, giving him human support, compassion. After all, if you argue from this point of view, the hero is no longer a murderer. He is just a victim of circumstances set up by insidious relatives. So, they assure that there is a real story of Slenderman, and his girlfriend played a fatal role in her.

the story of the slenderman

The terrible events that created the Thin Man

You ask what happened to him? It is believed that Slenderman was an ordinary teenager. But the family did not love and did not accept it. One day he accidentally killed a girl whom he passionately loved. From this in his head clouded. Mother and brother did not give the guy proper support. Because of this, he went to roam the city, looking for a lost beloved. Wandering and became the cause of the teenager gained incredible abilities. Everything described is a legend. It causes genuine sympathy in adolescents experiencing the first timid feeling. It turns out that Slenderman is one of them. He is close to almost every young man. Indeed, as it turns out, the Thin Man knows the problems that every reader (viewer) has to contend with. So try to destroy such an image. It affects not only the imagination, but also the feelings of their admirers. Thereby they prolong his life.

slenderman history of origin

The root causes of the popularity of Slenderman

Very interesting is the analysis of the appearance of this image. Thin man is characterized by a lack of face. This clearly shows the fear of something unknown.People, unfortunately, for the most part do not feel protected. They fear for their lives and loved ones. They are afraid of the unknown. These negative feelings were embodied in the Internet meme. Its popularity and vitality is natural, as it reflects the experiences of many people. They, at times, cannot discuss their internal problems with anyone, do not find sympathy with relatives and friends. And here the character is turned, capable to protect from fears, to help to cope with problems. Slenderman is a reflection of the inner fears and horrors of the townspeople. This led to its appearance and incredible popularity.

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