Spinning "Crocodile": the pros and cons

Who would and would not tell you about the spinning, butoften the first of them is purchased from the calculation: practice, throw, and then buy something more expensive, more efficient and more amenable for a certain number of thousands of rubles.

This looks quite natural, as, for example, withthe first car for some car enthusiasts. First you need to learn how to drive normally, so you buy a car that is not too expensive, let it be heavy, such that it would not be a pity if you scrape or, God forbid, you will hit, but that it will not break too. That's spinning "Crocodile", I think, from the same level. Most of all it is suitable for beginners to love spinning fishing.

spinning crocodile

Spinning "Crocodile"

So, before you, you can say, worthyoption for a person who has not yet picked up a tackle suitable for his tasks, desires and possibilities. When he is just beginning to engage in spinning fishing, the purchase of such a 2-fold Crocodile will seem to him an ideal option. Initially, this gear attracts its irresistible power and very democratic price (the cost in online stores ranges from 250 to 600 rubles, depending on the model).spinning crocodile characteristic

Spinning "Crocodile". Characteristic

The test is undeniably surprising: from 100 to 250 grams. Yes, with such a test, you can hunt on a shark, and also throw heavy spoon-bait for a long distance! The length of the 2-section plug rod seems optimal: 240-270 centimeters. It has strong rings. Its weight is just over 400 grams, the system is fast, the material is fiberglass. It seems that everything promises to do fishing if not catchy, then at least teaching, and therefore, productive and enjoyable.

Underwater rocks

Only a little later, after going fishing,you learn by experience: this "stick" -pinning "Crocodile" is not very suitable for hunting, for example, not too large perch or medium pike, and the wiring is not felt at all.

And the hand with the habit of getting tired so that nothingI do not want to (and can not) take it. And the rings for the woods, it turns out, are a complete "not that", and it's still gently said. As a result, spinning "Crocodile" after several such fishing can expect several options for the future.

First: give a friend who is fond of feeder fishing. And he will like this tackle, as it can catch a true fishing trophy - carp or sazan of solid weight. The second: leave yourself for safety or reorient yourself for other tasks. Third: if you, of course, are completely disappointed in this course of events, leave dust in the pantry or in the attic until better times.

spinning crocodile pictures

What is the most effective way to use Crocodile?

And yet, and yet ... This democratic spinning"Crocodile" has, in our opinion, its right to exist and can be interesting in its own way. It is even very useful for some types of fishing. Which ones? Let's understand. Here and the above-mentioned feeder fishing. Often tackle is used as a deaf donkey. Used to catch a large carp and even catfish.

Of course, one can object: a club - and in Australia a club. But, in our opinion, nevertheless it is not necessary to remove the spinning "Crocodile" (see the photo above) out of sight. After all, for such a price, there is practically no alternative to it. In addition, there are "crocodiles" and with a smaller test.

Let this rig is tough and very heavy, thanresembles the old Soviet titanium spinning, but it is very strong, we can say, increased, conditional reliability. Crocodile is suitable for fishing on a heavy feeder, in theory you can use it for boilies, however, here you may have problems with the length of the rod itself. Predatory fish are not too large, of course, it is inconvenient to catch because of rigidity. And far away the lure (spoon) is not kinesh, and the bite is badly felt. In general, the verdict is as follows: everything is too narrowly applied. Well, or you can take as a training equipment for a beginner-spinning.

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