Spit on medium hair or fashion trends

It seems that shoulder-length hair is the most common and uncomfortable length at the same time. That is why many women wear only loose hair, and in case of emergency collect them in a tail. In fact, there are a sufficient number of different hairstyles that can be made at such a length. For example, braids look great on medium hair braided in French style. The styling is very elegant and modern.Spit on medium hair

Modern braids for medium hair

Today, stylists and hairdressers offer a huge variety of hair weaves, which are not only modern, but also very fashionable. These are French braids or a waterfall hairstyle, a classic shell and a voluminous sheaf .... However, we will focus on braiding. In order for the hairstyle to look neat and stylish, the hair must be clean and carefully combed. However, if there is a situation when there is no time for bringing the hair into a perfectly clean state, and the meeting is scheduled for the next hour, the French braid will become a real salvation.Comb your hair with a comb, not a brush. Brush evenly distribute sebum through the hair, giving it a completely unkempt appearance. Then, dividing the hair into three parts, begin to weave the French braid, gradually picking up loose strands of hair. Do not tightly hairstyle, you can even slightly pull the weave to release a few strands. This will give a lively styling. After weaving, decorate your hair with a decorative hair clip or a flower. Treat varnish. Thus, you will be able to hide stale hair and look elegant and well-groomed. If the hair is clean, you can make the tail, which should be tied with thin pigtails. This hairstyle looks especially impressive if you pre-twist the ends on the curling. You can also braid a French braid and lay it around your head, in the form of a crown. Or make a soft braid and wrap it in an imitation of a fluffy beam. Fixing hair with lacquer andHow to make curls on medium hairdecorating with decorative hairpins, we get the original styling, which meets modern ideas about beauty and allows you to braid braids on medium hair.

How to make curls on medium hair

This length is optimal in order to make curls or small curls. Slightly wet hair should be treated with a tool to create curls and screw on hair curlers, curling iron or papilotki. After complete drying of the hair, which will come in a few hours, or, when using curling, after the formation of curls, you should give them the opportunity to cool, gently release and treat with varnish. And then, if desired, you can separate them with your fingers, leave them in their original form, or brush them with a brush to get a lion's mane. If you need soft curls, then use a large curler or curling iron. Papilotki help create small curls.

Hairstyles from medium length hair

Bouffant on medium hairYou can leave the hair wavy just like that, put it under the bezel or pin it with a hairpin. And you can make a light bouffant on medium hair and give it the shape of a Greek beam. Not tight, decorate with flowers or hairpins with imitation stones or pearls. The effect will be stunning! Thus, we see that there are a lot of hairstyles for such length of hair. Spit on medium hair, curls, bouffant hair, tail - you just have to choose the most suitable style and image style!

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