Strawberry Alba: variety description, cultivation and care

The feeling of the coming summer days, many cause fruits and berries. Their juicy taste and bright color, about which everyone dreams in cold winter, attracts buyers. When a dacha plot is available, it is the duty of every gardener to plant favorite treats on it. One of the first summer "greetings" - strawberries.Alba StrawberryIt occupies a worthy place in many gardens. For years gardeners can search for the ideal variety, assess its advantages and disadvantages. A popular variety today is Alba strawberry. Connoisseurs do not stop arguing about whether to plant it on their sites. To determine for yourself whether such strawberries deserve to decorate your garden, this article will help.

Lasting controversy

The proverb "The taste and color ..." here manifested itself in all its glory. Growers and amateur gardeners do not stop arguing about whether the Alba variety of strawberries deserves praise.

Some claim that the berry has absolutely no taste value. In their opinion, it is fresh and unsuitable even for adding to confectionery or jam.

There is an opposite opinion. Some gardeners still consider such accusations unjustified and insist that the taste of strawberries doesn’t pretend to be the highest, but it is pleasant enough.


Strawberry Alba is of Italian origin. She was bred in the process of crossing Albion x Cal.97.85-6 by the experts of the world famous company New Fruits. The fruits are of high quality and pleasant taste.

The variety is one of the most used for planting for commercial purposes. Often it can be found in the open industrial planting or indoors in the territory of European countries. The grade is recommended also for disembarkation on personal plots.

The climate of central Russia, Ukraine, Belarus for the Alba strawberry variety is comfortable, its cultivation for commercial purposes is regarded by experts as particularly promising.

Ripening and weight

Berry belongs to the class of early varieties.On open plantations, the fruits begin to ripen by mid-May (May 15–20 in southern Ukraine, after May 25 - in central Russia). Growing in greenhouses makes it possible to get the first berries at least two weeks earlier. strawberry variety alba

The rightholder determined the expected yield from one bush to 1.2 kg. Gardeners claim that under favorable conditions and the average density of planting, these figures are not confirmed. With one bush on average, they get up to 400 grams of berries. Approximate weight of one strawberry is 30 g.

Form and taste characteristics

The description of Alba's strawberry would be incomplete without mentioning its appearance and taste. Berry has a conical oblong shape. The fruit is bright red, the pulp is dense, juicy. The taste is sweet, but there is a certain amount of acid that many "gourmets" do not like.Alba Strawberry Description

As a rule, the size of the berries throughout the season does not decrease. However, such a result can only guarantee compliance with all necessary measures. Strawberry Alba needs good watering and fertilizer.

The bush itself reaches a height of 30-35 cm. Sockets are strong, strong with a small number of leaves.

Growing benefits

The early onset of ripening allows you to pamper yourself and your loved ones with delicious strawberries by the end of spring. The variety is only a few days behind the recognized market leaders.

For those who do not wish to limit themselves to their own needs and plans to grow Alba strawberries for sale, the choice of this variety is ideal. The berries are the same size, the elastic flesh does not suffer during transport.strawberry alba reviews

Strawberries are well preserved without losing their taste.

The variety is quite easy to maintain, and therefore novice gardeners will be able to cope with its cultivation.

It does not belong to the number of tender species, as it calmly transfers both heat and excessive humidity.

Common diseases - verticillus, fusarium wilt, powdery mildew - are not afraid of this variety.

Planting and care

These processes should be given special attention, because the guarantee of a rich harvest is the correct planting of seedlings and careful care of them. Alba strawberries are grown in the open field, as well as in greenhouses under the film.

First you need to prepare the ground. This is one of the most important stages, which involves digging and loosening the soil. Then fertilizer is applied.They can be both mineral and organic.

Planting can begin in early spring and continue until the first autumn frosts.

It should not be delayed until the last moment, because before the cold begins, the plants need to take root and grow strong.

If the seedlings are placed in the ground in spring, the procedure should be started as soon as possible. This will give the strawberry time to adapt and settle down on a new place, so that in the late spring it will make the first crop happy.characteristic of strawberry alba

The optimal is the scheme in which the bushes are arranged in rows. Each subsequent seedling should be planted at a distance of 15-20 cm from the previous one. Between rows it is recommended to leave a gap of 40 cm.

To begin with, on a prepared bed, they dig up shallow holes. Each should be well spilled with water.

Healthy mustaches are planted vertically so that the core is not below ground level. Then the bushes should be watered again.

Further, it all depends on the efforts of the gardener. Despite the fact that according to its characteristics, Alba strawberry is a very unpretentious variety, it still needs timely watering, loosening of the soil, and top dressing.

Giving the bushes "to drink" must be carefully as the soil dries. Do not pour it unnecessarily or, conversely, overdry. Such care can cause fungal and infectious diseases in the plant.

Features feeding

Some gardeners are not fertilizers. This is a personal right of everyone. However, you should be prepared for the fact that the harvest will not please the promised volumes and quality. Weather, soil features, watering - all this can greatly affect the crop, while top dressing provides some protection and support for the plants.growing alba strawberries

What type of fertilizer to choose - also depends on the desire and capabilities of the gardener. Experienced experts recommend alternating the use of organic and chemical fertilizers.

As a rule, fertilizers are applied in stages, dividing the process into four times: during planting, in the spring, as soon as young leaves appeared, when the fruits were formed, before wintering.


Opinions gardeners ambiguous. But it should be remembered that they are quite subjective.

Everyone notes that the cultivation process, the quality of the crop in this variety are at a high level. The only minus - the taste of berries.

The variety is ideal for large-scale commercial cultivation. If you want to use it as a treat or for preservation, you should first try the fruit and evaluate its taste.

Reviews of strawberries Alba can help novice gardeners to decide whether to plant it on your site. She has many advantages for which she still fell in love with specialists in many countries. Alba will certainly be an excellent purchase for the garden.

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