Strawberry Regla: variety description and cultivation

All varieties of strawberries are good in their own way. Some have large fruits, others - good transportability, others very tasty. To combine all these qualities can not be any sort. Yes, and the tastes of people are different. One likes a sweet berry, the other - with sourness. Varieties of strawberries are dessert early, medium-sized and universal, and later, from which various jams and jams are prepared. In addition, there are remontant varieties that bear fruit all summer.

Great popularity is enjoyed by Dutch varieties, including Strawberries.

Variety description

It was withdrawn in the 70s of the last century. So the variety of the Polka strawberry is not a novelty for gardeners. During this time he acquired many admirers. Shrubs of this sort of medium height, not very spreading. The leaves are dark green, with deep teeth. Inflorescences have a sturdy stem of medium length. They are at the level of the leaves and keep the berries on weight.

The root system is susceptible to various diseases. Sometimes it is affected by strawberry mites and verticile. To the gray rot resistant Strawberry strawberries.

Characteristics of berries

The medium-sized berries have the shape of a cone with a wide base, shiny, saturated dark red color.

The flesh is red, the center is much lighter. Very fragrant and tasty. Has an original flavor. Sweet even unripened. It is possible to grow in partial shade. There she will be just as sweet.

strawberry variety

The average weight of the berries is from 20 to 60 g.

A universal destination is the Strawberry strawberry. Testimonies indicate that berries can be consumed fresh, cook jam and compote, and freeze.

Since the yield of the Polka strawberry is high (up to two kilograms per bush), it can be used for industrial cultivation.

Features of care

Sometimes it freezes with strong frosts of strawberriesA shelf. The description of the variety speaks about the peculiarities of caring for it. If the winter temperature has greatly decreased, but there is no snow, it must be protected from freezing. It grows well in the greenhouse. For normal development of the plant in winter, a long period of rest with a sufficiently low temperature is needed.

Strawberry The shelf needs regular watering.


Strawberry variety The shelf gives the average number of whiskersfor reproduction. Seedlings for growing strawberries should have a well-formed root system of at least 5 centimeters in length and two or three leaves. Usually it is taken from a bush not older than three years, from the first overgrown rosettes. If you did not prepare the seedlings yourself, then carefully look at the color of the roots. In young plants, they have a bright yellow color, and in older plants it is dark. In addition, the roots of young bushes grow right after the leaves, and the old ones have a dark rhizome. Planting a plant that has been for several years does not make sense, except when it is of value to you. For example, you got one bush of a rare variety and are going to plant it. Then he needs to remove the flower spike and allow all the mustache to grow. In this case, it is not wise to land in a film. After all, it will not allow rosettes to take root.

You can plant bushes on seedlings, hiding them under agrofibre or a film. The microclimate there will allow the bush to take root well and give a healthy offspring.

strawberry shelf description of the grade

Soil preparation

Where is Strawberger Polka better? The variety description indicates that it is prone to root disease. Therefore, it must be secured against the influence of stagnant waters. For this, it is necessary to plant on sandy loam soils. And if you only have loam, then give up this delicious variety?

For such cases, a method of cultivationstrawberries on specially formed beds. They improve the heating of the site, ventilation and outflow of excess water. And to accelerate the maturation and ease of care, black agrofibers are increasingly used.

The beds are formed before planting the seedlings. The width is determined by the agrofiber purchased in advance. We take into account that it will need to be fixed in the garden.

The land under the planting of strawberries should be free of lumps and roots. Then the film will densely adhere to it.

The beds are leveled and slightly compacted so that the earth does not sag. Well moisturize. If possible, set drip irrigation and watered with it.

Cover the beds with agrofiber, the edges are sprinkled with earth.

Strawberry Polka Reviews

The bushes should be placed at a distance of 25 cm in a row and 70 cm left in the aisle. Determine the distance between rows and plants in one row, marking with chalk the planting site.

A sharp knife is cut through the holes. The length of each notch is about 10 cm.


Transplant strawberries better in the fall, at the endAugust and September. But often this is done in the spring. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. In autumn, seedlings usually take root better. But sometimes at this time there is such a strong heat that it withers.

The same can happen in the spring. Therefore, every vegetable gardener chooses terms that suit him more.

Place sprouts in the holes, firstwrapped the fiber outside, and after landing, refueling. Planting plants, watch the position of the growth point. It should not be covered with earth. But the roots on the surface can not be left. Carefully spread them in the hole. Then pour abundantly.

If you got a weak seedling, then before planting, you need to remove the large leaves, leaving a pair of young ones. Cut off the ends of roots and process with a biostimulator.

Strawberry Characteristics


So the Strawberger Polka got accustomed. The description of the variety suggests that the formation of the mustache is average. This means that care for her is simple. In the first year you do not need a mustache, so remove them periodically. Agrofiber will not let us through the weeds, except that some of them will climb through the hole near the root. Regular watering will ensure a high yield for the next year.

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