Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar

Anti-radar Street Storm STR-9540EX isa premium detector of a new generation with a high-quality electronic component. The company Street Storm has collected in this model all the best developments. It has a wide functionality that can satisfy even the most demanding user.

general description

As already mentioned, Street Storm STR-9540EXis the radar of the new generation. Its main difference from the devices of this purpose is the built-in GPS module with pre-installed bases of the locations of the road video cameras, and it is able to monitor the "Arrow ST" system thanks to its radar antenna even with the GPS connection turned off. Before the creation of the Street Storm STR-9540EX GPS, there were no such systems in the world. This is an absolute novelty of the past, 2013, it is rightly considered to date the best of anti-radar. The range of warning about traffic cameras "Arrow", "Robot" and "Avtodoria" - up to one and a half kilometers, which is a record among modern radar systems.Street Storm STR-9540EX

Unlimited possibilities

Thanks to its powerful processor - ST MicroElectronics, created using the Extreme SensitivityPlatform (ESP) technology, the Street Storm radar detector is able to detect all measuring instruments on the balance of the police, based on the principle of vehicle direction finding. The device is capable of receiving radiation in the frequency bands X, K, Ka, POP and Laser. Thanks to the GPS logger, as well as the installed base of stationary video cameras, the Street Storm STR-9540EX will also warn about systems that do not measure the speed of cars, for example, about cameras installed above the buses.

Street Storm STR-9540EX gps

Information signaling is carried outsound signals with different tonality, voice prompts and text information placed on the multifunction display (in Russian). Antiradar Street Storm determines the type of police system that is installed on your way. So, when notifying about the radar of the traffic police, an individual signal is issued for each type of device, and its name is reflected on the monitor. The driver will know for sure that there is a video camera in front, and how far it is installed. The stationary database can be updated periodically by connecting the device to the computer. In addition, the radar has an automatic tagging function with new cameras and radars right in the process of movement. Using different modes of operation "City-1", "City-2" and "Route" allows you to cut off false alarms. This makes the use of the Street Storm STR-9540EX GPS convenient even in modern metropolitan areas, where due to an abundance of interference, the majority of anti-radars pass.

Features of the functional

This navigator with radar is made on the basis ofa powerful ESP processor, it has an enhanced horn antenna to increase the detection range. The viewing angle of the sensor is 360 degrees. The device has an improved filter against impulse noise. Voice and text alerts are provided in Russian. Detection of radars of the following types: "Robot" and "Arrow-ST" (special alert), "Vizir", "Falcon", "Iskra", "Chris-P", "Binar", "Radis", "AMATA" "Arena" and "LISD". Street Storm STR-9540EX has the ability to selectively turn off scan ranges to optimize performance, increase the speed of the processor, as well as reduce the number of false positives.

antiradar street storm

The functional range of the radar detector isbrightness adjustment and mode of indication of frequencies. The device has a service USB port, designed to update the software in the event of new models of video cameras and police radar. In the settings you can manually adjust the volume of the warning signal and the automatic volume reduction mode. When the detector is turned off, all user settings are saved. The Street Storm STR-9540EX anti-radar has a unique mode for maximum interference suppression in the K-band - City-3.


Specification: receiver - superheterodyne type with double frequency conversion; antenna - linearly polarized, horn type; detector - frequency discriminator. The operating temperature range is from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. Power is supplied from a DC source with a voltage of 12015 volts. The current consumption is 250 mA. Frequency ranges: 33.4 - 36 GHz (Ka-band); 24.05 - 24.25 GHz (K-band); 10.525 - 10.55 GHz (X-band). As an optical sensor, a photodiode with a convex lens is used.

The structure of the device. Module EX

The device consists of three-base parts: ESP platform, EX module and GPS module. Experts say that this is the best antiradar, its uniqueness lies in combining the GPS unit and the highly sensitive EX module. This combination allows for a 100% result to receive timely notification of drivers about the approach not only to the location of fixing the speed regime, but also to control the allocated lane for moving public transport, driving to prohibition signals of traffic lights, traffic on the opposite lane,antiradar storm

The EX module is a uniquetechnology, which was developed by engineers of the Korean company Street Storm to equip antiradar on high-performance platforms with an additional unit designed to detect the radar "Robot" and "Strelka-ST / M" at a distance of up to two kilometers. Detectors without this module are also able to fix the "Arrow", but the distance will be too short. In addition, such devices are characterized by low informativeness (indication in the K-band). Street Storm STR-9540EX has a unique and undoubtedly very useful option - "Geiger on the" Arrow ". This option is available only to the devices of this company. It works as follows: when the device captures the radar of a policeman, the detector shows, in addition to the type of complex, the gradation of the change in signal strength. That is, as you approach or remove the source, the signal level will also change. That's why many drivers claim that this is the best radar detector. The software version of June 28, 2013 implemented a six-level "Geiger on the" Arrow ".

GPS Module

Built-in GPS module allows you to implementnotification of the approach in a permanently placed video camera fixing the speed mode from a predetermined distance. And in addition to the EX module, it is also able to warn about those means of tracking the order on the road, which detect the departure to the oncoming line, traffic to the prohibiting signal of a traffic light, etc., due to video or photographic fixation without a radar component, that is, from passive devices that do not emit anything ("Auto Turtles", "Avtodoria", "Arrow-video" and others). After all, only GPS technology can guarantee guaranteed protection from these means. The module has a regularly updated base of coordinates and types of stationary radars. In addition, the user will be able to independently add or remove own tags. The formation of a database and the installation of independent points takes into account the direction of motion, so the device reports the presence of a trap only when it moves in its direction and is silent when traveling in oncoming lanes. This reduces the number of false positives.the best antiradar

Nuances of use

At a speed of up to 120 km / h, warningsignals on the GPS start 800 meters from the object (the warning is activated and the countdown in meters to the point is carried out). In the event that the speed is higher, the notification starts for 1200 meters. Anti-radar "Storm" against the system "Strelka" works much more efficiently than similar ones, including premium-class devices.

Location in the car

The case of the device is made of specialanti-vandal rubberized material in black. The size and design of this model favorably distinguish it from detectors from other manufacturers. Antiradar in its dimensions is almost half that of its "classmates." It is fixed to the windshield on a miniature bracket using suction cups, or mounted on the panel on a special anti-slip mat. The device is powered from the on-board network through the cigarette lighter. Installation is done by own strength, a lot of time for this is not required. Included with the device are power cords and matching with a personal computer, as well as a Russian-language instruction. Anti-radar is fairly simple to operate, all functions are organized in such a way that the user is able to deal with all his capabilities independently.

Updating the coordinate and software base

Updating the Street Storm softwareSTR-9540EX is made by the user on his personal PC through the official site ( in automatic mode, through the USB-connector of the device and the coordination cable. This is another plus of this model, because many anti-radars to install a new firmware owners have to give to the service department. This option for the radar company "Storm" so far implemented only for a line of models with a GPS module. With the release of the new software version, manufacturers can expand and improve the functions of the device, adapt anti-radar to new police complexes, or change the principles of functioning of existing ones. This is constantly done by companies engaged in the production and development of devices designed to detect offenses on the roads. Due to timely updating the device will remain relevant for a long time.

radar detector storm storm 9540ex

In addition to software, you can also update the database,containing the coordinates of the notification points. This procedure is free of charge every two months. The database includes a complete list of known stationary video cameras and police radars, their types, so that the device is able to give the most informative message to the user.

Setting the speed threshold

Using the GPS-module allows the driverset the speed threshold, and the audible alarm will not be output if the vehicle speed is below the set value. After all, if this function is deactivated, the radar detector will constantly irritate the driver with warning messages about approaching the control point, even if the car is moving less than 5 km / h. Therefore, the user can set the threshold, say 60 km / h. In this case, the detector will only give one warning signal. If the vehicle exceeds the speed threshold, the device will warn him about it.

Algorithm of the Strelka detector

The device can record signals from a police officercomplex "Arrow" before the GPS receiver built into it will notify the user about the approach to the point, entered in the database. In this case, the message "RADAR ARROW" appears on the display, and also the level of the approaching signal will be heard and will increase. When the point is 800 meters, a message will appear from the GPS and the remaining distance to the point will start counting. If the car moves at a speed of more than 120 km / h, the device notifies the driver earlier - at a distance of 1200 meters (in order to have time to reduce the speed).

Discuss the reviews. Street Storm STR-9540EX

Studying reviews about this device on variousforums and social networks of the World Wide Web, most often you come across a sea of ​​emotions, mostly positive ones. But very little objective information. In order to obtain a more or less realistic assessment of this model, it is necessary to study a huge number of such messages and conduct their systematic analysis. Well, we begin to study the reviews.

the best radar detector

Street Storm STR-9540EX, according to opiniondrivers, is the best detector and an indispensable assistant on the road. Most users say that it works at a range of over one and a half kilometers, and detects all types of radars with its detector, except for Avtodoria. GPS is also above all praise, he does not miss a single fixed complex. The next plus is the possibility of free regular updates of firmware and databases. A lot of positive feedback on the high informative value of the device, both in sound and in text form, about the types of radars and their remoteness. Many drivers note the stylish body and an abundance of settings that allow you to customize the device to your preferences.

We continue to discuss the reviews. Street Storm STR-9540EX and its shortcomings

Despite the fact that, in general, most driverscharacterize the device exclusively from the positive side, it, like any other device, has its drawbacks. We will dwell on them in more detail, but not because there are more of them, at all, but because by acquiring such a technique, each of us hopes that the radar will not let you down and will save you from unnecessary trouble on the road. Therefore, it is necessary to study first of all the weak points of any device in order to protect yourself in the future. First of all, it should be noted the range of this detector. It would seem that this is one of its main advantages. Nevertheless, this dignity, which turns into a flaw. Antiradar "takes" everything, even what you do not need, especially it is noticeable in the "Route" mode. He manages to respond to supermarkets and gas stations.

To eliminate suchtinker with the settings, or you are doomed to drop the speed, even in a clean field, even where the foot of a traffic police officer has never set foot. Now go to the GPS module. Many users note its excessive activity, especially this refers to the operation of the device in megacities. There are a lot of cameras installed, but not all of them work, being, in fact, dummies. GPS also reports everything in a row, which also creates a number of inconveniences. In addition, drivers note that this module is quite hot and shows an incorrect speed. So, if on the speedometer the arrow points to a mark of one hundred kilometers, then the instrument determines 93 km / h, which is unacceptable for such a technique. As already mentioned above, the device is very hot, this leads to the fact that in hot weather it turns off from overheating. Developers should have thought through the ventilation system of the device, because it does not have a single opening for the removal of warm air. The last drawback is the high cost of the Street Storm STR-9540EX anti-radar. The price of such a detector is in the range of 10-12 thousand rubles, which for many car enthusiasts is excessive. However, according to the happy owners, the device very quickly pays for itself, saving the driver from numerous fines.


Despite the listed shortcomings, STR-9540EXis the best premium detector for today in the price range up to 12 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that even the best video recorders with anti-radar from Conqueror, Akenori, Highscreen can be purchased for such money, many motorists prefer the Street Storm lineup, because these devices are considered the most reliable for today. And their main advantage is the ability to periodically update the software and databases for finding stationary police complexes.

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Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar Street Storm STR-9540EX: a review of the model and reviews of motorists. Best antiradar