Stylish white and black french

To decorate their marigolds with a beautiful manicure,probably, any girl who watches herself. This is not surprising. After all, stylish nail art can make an image of a woman complete. Simultaneously correctly chosen colors help to emphasize the taste and character of the fairer sex.

How to make a manicure?

So, having decided to do it yourselfan attractive manicure, the girls begin to look for ways to apply varnish. To date, there has become a very common form of nail art - a jacket. It is the application of two varnish colors on the nail plates. Their main part is thus colored with a transparent agent, and the tips are covered in a color shade. Although sometimes you can see black nails with a white jacket. This nail art looks very stylish.

white black jacketMost often such a manicure can be found onnails are oval or square, but this is not necessary. After all, nail art, first of all, is a way of self-expression. Therefore, there are no restrictions in this case.

Interesting jacket - white and black

In the case of a white-black jacket with the primary colorstands a light tint. It is they who cover most of the nail. Black lacquer is used for coloring tips. This manicure can be called a kind of classic French nail art. In addition, a white and black jacket can be made in the style of the millennium. In this case, black glitter is used to cover the tips. In addition, a micropowder or a shining varnish of the same color is applied. In this case, the shiny layer must be thick enough that the white base does not appear translucent.

Art-French implies application to a freepart of the plate of any pattern or pattern. In this case, it is better to use as a basis colorless varnish, for the tips of the nails - white, and for drawing the drawing - black. By the way, a lunette is called a manicure, in which two colors are used. Only here the nail base stands out in a contrasting shade. In this case, in form, a small section at the beginning of the plate should look like a crescent moon.
white jacket with blackAnother type of this manicure isfan-friendly. In this case, nails are decorated with all sorts of decorative elements. For example, to create such a nail art very often use rhinestones, feathers and lace.

Technology of creation of a jacket

Initially, you need to prepare your nails. Before you make a white-black French jacket, you can dip your fingers for a few minutes in a nutritious tray. In the water, you need to add bark of oak or chamomile, since these plants contain a lot of useful substances. They give the nails and the hands skin a healthier look. It is also worth noting that the water should be hot enough so that you can properly steam off the plates. Next, you need to remove the old varnish, align the shape and size of the nails, get rid of the keratinous parts of the cuticle.

white jacket on black nailsBy the way, it can be removed in two ways:

  1. With the help of tweezers. This removal of the old skin requires maximum concentration and experience. Therefore, you should be extremely careful during the process.
  2. With the help of a wand. This option is called unedged, because the cuticle is not removed, but softens and moves to the base of the nail. If a manicure is done for the first time, then it is better to use this method.

After that it is recommended to polish the plates with a special nail file.

White-black French: how to make?

Having finished with the preparatory process, you can proceed directly to creating a white and black jacket. To do this, you need the following tools:

  • black and white lacquer;
  • special stencils;
  • transparent base.

black nails with a white jacketHow to make a white jacket on black nails? First the nails are covered with a clear varnish. This is necessary in order to strengthen them, make them even. After the first layer has completely dried, the main ball is applied to the nails (it is better to choose a white color for this), which must also dry completely. Then stencils are glued, so that the edge of the plate remains free. The varnish, which is decided to color the ends of the nails, is carefully applied. When finished, you need to remove the stencils and wait for the complete drying. At the very end, the plates are covered with a strengthening varnish. The finishing layer will make the white-black jacket more durable.

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