Biography of Amalia Mordvinova

Conquest of the capital

Amalia Ruslanovna Mordvinova was born in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The actress recalls that in childhood her hair was as red as today, but at school everyone teased her with a fat one. She later managed to lose weight.
In young Amalia always lived a passion for everything new and unusual. After learning about the fashion for punks, the girl was almost repainted in green. In the absence of another option, in the course went ordinary green. Hair was saved by parents who returned home in time.
At the age of seventeen, after graduating from the Vologda school, Amalia went to Moscow. The first acquaintance with the city was not the most rosy: at the station the girl was robbed. But then events developed under a more favorable scenario. Amalia successfully passed the entrance tests both in GITIS and in Shchukinsky. The choice of the future star fell on the Shchukin School. Amalia’s teacher was Alla Kazantseva, about whom the actress still remembers with warmth in her voice.
The biography of Amalia Mordvinova-Goldanskaya began in Yuzhno-SakhalinskThe biography of Amalia Mordvinova-Goldanskaya began in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
The actress also likes to remember student life: a classic hostel, small rooms, a mess, cockroaches.
In the third year, Amalia began playing in the Lenkom Theater, where she was noted by renowned director Mark Zakharov and gave her the role of Anne Boleyn in the play The Royal Games. Soon after that, a television career began.

Blue screen

The debut of Amalia on the screen took place in 1993. It was Karen Shakhnazarov’s film “Dreams”, where the actress played the Countess Prizorov. In the story, the heroine Mordvinova is the wife of one of the royal dignitaries. Once, in her dream, she finds herself in the future, in our time, and sees herself as Masha's dishwasher, with which something amazing and unbelievable is constantly happening. During the scoring of the film “Dreams”, Amalia meets her future first husband, Igor Zorin. At that moment, Igor worked as a sound engineer at the Lenkom Theater. Unfortunately, the feelings did not stand the test of time, and after six years the couple broke up.
Amalie very hard going through a divorce. During this period, she tried to work as much as possible to withstand the test.
Fame actress brought the film "Thief", in which she played the doctor, and the series "The Cinderella Hunt" (the role of Eve). The first film was even nominated for such awards as "Oscar" and "Golden Globe", but won awards only at the festival "Nika". The second has become very popular in our country and brought Amalia nationwide fame.
The Temptation - Amalia Goldanskaya - Recipe for the Sorceress
In 2000, Amalia Mordvinova second time goes for a husband. Chosen actress becomes a businessman Alexander Goldansky. Amalia met him many years ago in a visit to mutual friends, and then for a long time did not see. When they met for the second time, the affair ended with a wedding. In 2000, Amalia and Alexander had a daughter, Diana. In parallel, Amalia continued to be removed, she had a role in the film “The Sorceress Recipe”, as well as in the TV series “Dasha Vasilyeva - a lover of private investigation,” “27 stolen kisses” and some others.

Amalia & Amalia

Like any creative person, Amalia had a moment when she realized that she didn’t want to depend entirely on the whims of the director. The creative process is an independent matter, ”Amalia decided and, together with her husband, began work on the“ Theatrical Business of Goldansky ”enterprise.The project is still alive today, though without the participation of the actress.
After four years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. Amalia abandoned her last name and in the credits began to appear as Amalia & Amalia. This funny combination appeared because of the joke of Yevgeny Stychkin. Once they were together some kind of program. At the end of the shooting, Amalia announced: “So, the program was led by Yevgeny Stychkin ...”, and Yevgeny, in turn, continued: “... and Amalia ...”. Then he was confused, what name to call, but found a way out of the situation: “Amalia-Amalia”. The actress seemed so successful that she continued to call herself that way.
We can say that everything in the actress is unusual: the name and appearance, and the irresistible tendency to improvisation. Her manner of playing is unique and recognizable from thousands. The actress herself refers to the delights of the public and critics with humor: "Someone wrote:" It seems that Mordvinova will now jump into the hall. " I do not know, is it positive criticism or negative? "
Amalia Mordvinova with childrenAmalia Mordvinova with children
Some time after the second divorce, Amalia remarried, this time to Vadim Belyaev, an investment banker. In this marriage, Herman, Evangelina and Seraphim were born.Having become a mother with many children and a loving wife, for fans the actress remained “Amalie & Amalie,” rightly believing that her name should not concern anyone except her and her husband.

Talented person is talented in everything

Recently, the popularity of the actress is growing. She is constantly invited to participate in new projects. There is an opinion that the actress gets the role of exclusively bitchy little ladies. She herself objects: “I do not play bitchy women, I play women with strong character. In general, women without character are boring. ” That is Olga Kovalyova, the heroine of the series “The Sins of Fathers”. This is a girl with a difficult fate, which by hook or by crook is trying to climb up the social ladder.
There is no doubt that the heroine Amalia, however, like herself, can not go unnoticed. It does not matter, she got the main role or a minor one. Her works include such films as Swan Paradise (Ella), The Right to Love (Faith), Anti-Sex (Svetka), Radio Day (trainer Nina), Guilty Without Guilt (Nina Korinkina) .
Amalia Mordvinova plays sensual heroinesAmalia Mordvinova plays sensual heroines
Like any talented person, Amalia is a very versatile person. She is not only an actress, but also a screenwriter, director, presenter of the program "Open Project", which is broadcast on TVC. Amalia is the owner of various awards and prizes. Among them are "Moscow Pegasus", "Baltic Pearl", "Crystal Turandot". The actress is not going to stop there, considering that the main achievements are still ahead.
In her free time, Amalia goes in for sports: swimming pool, roller skates, squash - this is just an incomplete list of her hobbies. The actress’s hobby is also very unusual - she collects bells.

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