Tenosinovit - what it is and how to treat

Tenosinovit - what is it? This term refers to the concept of stretching muscles and ligaments. Next to the latter are the tendons. They, in turn, are also subject to stretching and tearing. Frequent cases are when the tendons are damaged along with the muscles. Each type of disease has its own name. This article will talk about tenosynovite. What it is? Also, after reading the article, you can learn the symptoms of the disease.

tenosynovit what is it

Tenosinovit - what is it?

In addition to the above title, there is another similar concept - tendovaginitis. They differ from each other. In both cases, it is an inflammation of the synovial membrane of the tendon, consisting of connective tissues. But how are they different? These two concepts characterize different layers of the synovial membrane.

So, tendovaginitis is an inflammation of the tendon from the inside. Then tenosynovit - what is it? In this case, there is talk about inflammation of the synovial membrane of the tendon outside.

What are the types of disease

Distinguish the division of this disease according to several characteristics.So, tenosynovitis tendons in the form is acute and chronic.

And for reasons of development, it is divided into aseptic and infectious. The latter type proceeds in a purulent form. It also has several types: non-specific and specific, fungal, viral and bacterial. Aseptic type includes injuries and endocrine disorders, as well as neurological disorders. It is also divided into several types. So, it is customary to isolate allergic and immunodeficient, endocrine and diabetic, traumatic types of tenosynovitis.tenosynovitis tendon

Common types of inflammation of the tendons can be divided into three groups:

  • tuberculosis;
  • chronic inflammatory;
  • stenotic.

The latter characterizes the lesion of a certain joint: hip and wrist, ankle and knee. This also includes the tenosynovitis of the long head of the biceps or biceps.

Chronic inflammatory disease develops due to rheumatic diseases.

A tuberculous tenosynovitis tendon is a specific type of disease. It develops against the background of the disease, which is indicated in the name of the species.

The severity of the disease can be minimal and moderate, as well as severe.

What are the causes of the development of the disease

The disease can occur due to injuries and injuries to the tendon. If the infection does not penetrate the muscle, then the disease will quickly pass, and the wound will grow much faster. Otherwise, you will need treatment with medications. During this period, the patient loses the ability to fully move the diseased limb. As soon as the patient is cured, the functionality will be restored.tenosynovitis how to treat

The following sources of development of tenosynovitis muscle are rheumatic diseases and low immunity. Also the causes of the disease is genetic predisposition and degeneration of the joints. In the latter case, we are talking about diseases that affect the tendons. For example, these include bursitis.

Other infectious diseases contribute to the appearance of tenosynovata ligaments. These include diseases such as herpes and syphilis. Here, the infection spreads throughout the body through the bloodstream.

Also, tenosynovitis ligaments are most often diagnosed in older people.This is because at this age the nourishment of the joints becomes worse.

In addition, the source of the disease is overwork and strain of the tendon. As a rule, in a certain professional activity, each person loads a specific muscle group. At this time, the rest of them are involved in the process is minimal. As a result of the lack of diversity in movement, an increase in load occurs. Because of this, tenosynovite develops. This disease can be not only for people who lead an active lifestyle, but also for those who have a sedentary job.

Symptoms of the disease

General symptoms of this disease develop gradually. First, a person complains of mild discomfort in the joint. Some people do not pay special attention to this symptom, because it seems to them that all this is temporary and will pass by itself. But if in this case you do not turn to a specialist, then acute tenosynovitis will turn into chronic. At the first symptoms of the disease should go to a rheumatologist.

The main symptom of tenosynovitis is acute or aching pain. Swelling in the joint area refers to the symptom of the disease.Usually it can be seen with the naked eye, as well as touch.

In addition, the patient complains of a feeling of immobility of the joint. A person cannot freely perform any actions. Redness is noted in the area of ​​the affected tendon. When you move the pain becomes more intense.

What are the symptoms at the site of inflammation

With inflammation of the knee joint, one of the first signs is its increase in size. If you have a tumor of this type, you should urgently visit a specialist. This happens due to the accumulation of fluid in the articular bag. As a rule, pain has a dull character. If the disease is in the acute phase of development, then the person cannot tolerate this discomfort without taking the appropriate analgesics.

When the pathology of the ankle joint does not change the usual form and there is no redness. However, fluid accumulates inside the periarticular tissues. The lesion of this joint occurs in rheumatoid arthritis or in case of injury to a given area. Usually the patient has complaints of discomfort in the front or back of the foot.When running, the pain spreads over the entire surface. When the patient's discomfort becomes burning, then they talk about the neurogenic nature of the disease. Also, the pain becomes more intense if you straighten the sore leg.tenosynovitis of the long biceps head

Tenosynovit de Kerven develops due to overload of the thumb on the hand or wrist. This happens due to regular physical exertion. The cause can also be injury to this area. This type of disease does not manifest itself for a long time.

Tenosynovitis of the long head of the biceps usually develops in people who often turn their arms to the side or behind the head. This category includes, for example, tennis players. With tenosynovitis biceps inflammation is localized in the upper-anterior section. It can also spread to the elbow joint. As a rule, patients complain of discomfort when raising their hands up. Tenosynovit biceps heads at rest may not manifest itself.

Does the disease manifest itself in a child

The development of this disease in children occurs with a penetrating wound. In this case, infection is recorded. This is the main and only cause of tenosynovitis of the joint in a child.

The rest of the above sources of the disease relate to adults.This will be discussed in the next section of the article.

Tenosynovit in adults

In this cohort, the disease is often observed. Infectious types of this disease occur at any age in a person. It can be both allergic and traumatic tenosynovit.

But older people develop a special type of this disease. It occurs due to the loss of elasticity, strength and tension of the ligaments and joints.

How is the diagnosis of the disease

This event takes place with the help of a general examination of the patient by a specialist. In order to detect the disease, the patient is sent to such examinations as MRI, radiography and CT. They also allow to exclude such illnesses as osteomyelitis, arthritis and bursitis.

tenosynovitis biceps

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a bacteriological analysis. This type of research helps to identify the causative agent of the disease. After receiving the results, the specialist prescribes the correct course of therapy.

Tenosinovit: how to treat?

The course of treatment of this disease consists of three directions. These include surgical, medical and physiotherapeutic treatment.

First, medicines are prescribed for the patient. These include anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. The latter are necessary in the infectious nature of the disease. The specialist may prescribe such drugs as Clindamycin or Penicillin.

Also, immunomodulatory drugs and drugs that contribute to the normalization of metabolism are prescribed to enhance immunity.

Since this ailment is characterized by strong pain, experts prescribe analgesics and painkillers.muscle tenosynovit

If the disease develops as a result of gout, then such medicine as "Colchicine" and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are included in the course of treatment.

Also, in parallel with drug therapy, physiotherapy procedures are also prescribed. These include magnetic therapy and ultrasound, electrophoresis and ultraviolet radiation, laser therapy, cold and thermal applications, as well as therapeutic massage of the affected joint. Physical therapy aims to start blood circulation and restore the motor function of the affected joint. Also, this procedure contributes to the relief of pain.

About surgical treatment

With this type of therapy, a joint puncture is first taken. This method of treatment is used when other methods are ineffective.

In the process of surgery, the accumulated fluid in the joint is removed. Then the doctor injects hormonal drugs. They are needed in order to relieve inflammation.tenosynovitis ligaments

The whole process is accompanied by immobilization of the affected part of the body. Do this so as not to provoke pain. The limb is fixed with a splint or plaster. The patient in this case additionally uses crutches. This ensures that there is no additional strain on the tendons.

With the recovery bandages are removed. The specialist prescribes a course of physical therapy. Exercises can be done at home. But it should be remembered that the treatment process itself is carried out only in the hospital.

After the course of therapy, the stage of recovery begins. The patient is discharged and further treatment continues at home. Here you can use and folk remedies, which are very well help to finish the treatment of the affected place.But these methods must necessarily be coordinated with your doctor.

Do I need a diet during therapy

There are no special recommendations for maintaining a certain diet. Still, during this period you should eat food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins. This will help strengthen the immune system, as well as help overgrow tendons.

What is the prognosis for this disease

If we turn to a specialist in time and comply with all his prescriptions, then there will be no further complications. The forecast in this case is favorable.

If the person is not treated, then he may later become disabled. The muscles of the affected area will atrophy and the limb will become non-functional.

Therefore, when the first symptoms of tenosynovitis occur, you should contact a specialist. Only he can refute or confirm the diagnosis, as well as prescribe the correct course of therapy. Avoid heavy loads and be careful with your body. And another tip: do regular sports, but at a moderate pace. And then you do not have to worry about the development of this disease.Also, in no case do not self-medicate. It can only harm your body.

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