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The best sports drink is milk.

The media Information actively promote the cult of the body. 90x60x90 - for girls, "cubes" on the press, delightful tubercles on the buttocks - for boys. Do not match? Bad…So you can't see love big and hot ...Yes, and employers now picky went, and only know what to hold castings. You see, it is more pleasant for their customers if they work with them almost as models ...And teens on the altar of the exterior is ready to put everything: own time, money of parents, health of both sides. (True, parents lose their nerves, and teenagers lose physical health, but still unknown, whose losses are more significant).

Girls frankly starving, boys swaying until they lose their pulse. And eat questionable dietary supplements, fitness cocktails, "drinks for athletes" and other synthetic nonsense.And thank God, that there are still scientists in the world, using their intelligence not to create new nutritional supplements for athletes, but almost the opposite: to study the beneficial properties of natural products in compared with synthetic. Recently, UK scientists have proven that milk much more beneficial to the body than other "sports" drinks, actively advertised in the media.

As is known, enhanced training is accompanied by profuse sweating. The body loses at the same time water, and along with it - various minerals. Is broken water-salt balance of the body.For water balance recovery need ordinary water. With salts a little harder: plain water is not enough. "What is not a reason for profit?" - The businessmen from sports thought and “enriched” the shelves of sports shops with various drinks to restore the water-salt balance.

But research Scientists from the UK showed: regular milk is the best of the drinks for these goals! Physiologist Szyuzen Shirreffs strongly recommends drinking after training not special sports drinks used to maintain water-salt balance in the body, and ordinary milk.

results research scientists published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Physiologist Susan Shirreffs claims milk maintains normal balance body fluids for 4 hours. And special sports drinks are not more than an hour.

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