The best tanks in the world: rating. Top 10 best tanks

Any army of the world has in its arms powerful tanks. This technique is the main for Some tanks serve to break through the line of defense of the enemy, others - to support. But in any case, this is a very powerful technique, causing great damage to both armored objects and the enemy’s infantry. Let's take with you the best tanks in the world. To do this, make your own small top.

General information

The effectiveness of the tank is determined by only two parameters - security and firepower. Strange, but this does not include such characteristics as mobility. Most likely, because for modern heavy tanks, which serve to break through key defense positions, speed is not so important.

At the same time to obtain an objective assessment of each individual instance, it is necessary to simulate the battle. But since one unit of equipment on the battlefield is almost useless, research is carried out in view of the tank battle.In this case, such a parameter as the type of projectile is taken into account. Armor-piercing shells are mainly used for penetration from 650 to 800 mm. Let's consider what they are, the best tanks in the world.

T-84 BM "Oplot"

In the first place was a tank of Ukrainian production BM "Oplot". This car won 12 of 12 victories in simulated battles. The tank has no equal both in firepower and security, which, in fact, made him the leader. One can say that one “Stronghold” is equal in efficiency to a company of soldiers.

the best tanks in the world

The firepower of the tank is really impressive. The systems are designed in such a way that the crew can conduct round-the-clock aimed fire. So, the gunner uses the “Promіn” day sight with stabilization along two planes. At the same time, it is equipped with a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 9,900 m (error - 10 m). There is also a thermal imaging complex that is able to detect a target at a distance of up to 8 km, to recognize at 4.5 km, and to identify at a distance of 2.5 km.

The main weapon is a 125-mm gun (smooth-bore). The length of the barrel is 48 calibers. Also, the tank is equipped with an automatic loader for 28 shells.In this case, the total ammunition is 48 shells. The gun is capable of firing armor-piercing-subcaliber and cumulative projectiles. The average penetrability is 600-800 mm.

"Oplot": protection and survivability

T-84 has a large number of different protection systems, including passive, active (dynamic) and others. All this greatly increases the survival rate of the tank on the battlefield. The armor at BM “Oplot” is multi-layered, consisting not only of armored metal sheets, but also of ceramic materials. The roof of the tower is fully stamped. It increases rigidity and manufacturability, and also provides high quality during mass production.

The front of the tank, the turret and the sides are equipped with dynamic protection "Doublet". It protects the tank from the cumulative, armor-piercing and caliber projectiles. It is interesting that the dynamic protection does not detonate when hit by small-caliber shells, as well as bullets from small arms. In this case, the DZ protects against anti-tank missiles, armor-piercing, sub-caliber and cumulative projectiles. Of course, the T-84 BM Oplot is the best tank in the world, and it confirms this in practice.

"Leopard 2A7"

This machine is the seventh modification of the tank series "Leopard 2". It was first demonstrated in 2010 at an exhibition in Europe. In the simulated battles, the giant received 10 wins out of 12. At the same time, there was one draw and defeat from the “Stronghold”. Also failed to identify the winner between the "Leopard" and the American "Abrams." Nevertheless, first of all I would like to consider the remarkable aspects of the German tank.the best tank in the world

The seventh modification differs from the previous ones by improved mine protection, the presence of overhead elements on the tower, which protect against cumulative melee projectiles. At the same time, Leopard 2A7 is equipped with stabilization tools, more modern projectiles, and digital tower technology. The tank weighs about seventy tons and has a fairly powerful power plant, which provides good maneuverability.

Armament and protection of "Leopard"

Of course, after the BM "Oplot" is the best tank in the world. This is partly due to the powerful armor. Thus, the frontal part of the tower can boast a 130 cm thick armor. The hull and the tower are welded. In this case, the upper armor plate of the case has a large angle of inclination, which ensures a high probability of rebound.Also in the design provides third generation armor. The fighting compartment is equipped with undermining, which is designed to reduce the radius of scattering of fragments when penetrating armor.

"Leopard" is equipped with a 120-mm cannon. You can see that the gun has a short barrel, which is done in order to improve stabilization during movement. In this case, the accuracy of shooting on the move increases significantly, and stabilization is simplified.

The Germans used a very promising guidance system. The gunner must choose a target and put a marker on it, and the rest will be done by automatics. In this case, "Leopard 2A7" can fire at moving targets in motion on uneven terrain. Well, now let's continue to consider the best tanks in the world.

M1 "Abrams"

This tank ranks third in our ranking. The machine is made according to the standard layout. The crew consists of four people: the gunner, driver, commander and loader.

The hull and tower are welded. At the same time, it can be noted that the angle of inclination of the upper armor sheet in relation to the vertical is about 82 degrees, which is quite a lot. Armor is multi-layered, passive, in the form of combined plates.However, 8% of frontal armor can be considered vulnerable. These are various hatches, surveillance devices, etc. All this makes its way to the COP with 700 mm shells and 550 mm BPS.

best tanks in the world

The front part of the hull has armor only 50-80 mm, which can be compared with the level of tanks of the Second World War. Any projectiles pierce such protection. The mask of the gun is rather thick, but its method of fastening led to the fact that after it hit, not only it itself but also other parts were destroyed.

About weapons "Abrams"

So we briefly reviewed the best modern tanks in the world. The rating presented in the article is based on an objective assessment of simulated fights. For example, "Abrams" won an honorable third place for a reason. The fact is that this tank has a sufficiently powerful 122-mm gun that allows you to fire armor-piercing feathered subcaliber, cumulative and armor-piercing high-explosive shells. The filling of the latter provides for the presence of white phosphorus. If such a projectile pierces the armor and slaughter, then the crew of the tank burns alive.

After modifying the rifled 105-mm cannon to 120 mm, stabilized in two planes, it was decided to reduce the ammunition load from 55 rounds to 40, which is due to the large size of the sleeves.The Americans, in an effort to cancel the deployment of the ammunition in the polik, placed 36 shells in the niche of the turret and 6 in the tank hull. Of course, this option can not be called good. However, the isolation of shells allows you to protect the crew when hit in the BC. For this there are kick plates.

The best tanks in the world: rating and something else

Among the main battle tanks of Japan, the “Type 10” is particularly surprising. It is intended to replace the outdated "Type 74" and become next to the "Type 90". The production of one tank takes about six and a half million dollars. The car is equipped with a 120-mm cannon, exactly the same as on the Abrams and Leopards. A conveyor-type automatic loader is installed, the barrel length is 44 calibres. At the same time, the Japanese designers paid the most attention to the combat information management and information systems.

top tanks in the world ranking

The tank is equipped with modular type armor, which allows the replacement of damaged elements and modules by the crew. This solution helps to install additional attachments, which increases the security of the machine and reduces its weight to 48 tons. This is a very mobile tank, it has a diesel engine of 1,200 liters. c, and this is about 27 liters. from. per ton.Continuously variable transmission allows you to reach speeds of up to 70 km / h back and forth.

Top of the best tanks in the world: T-90MS

Tank T-90MS "Tagil" was created on the basis of the T-90A. The total weight of the machine is 48 tons. Along with a diesel engine of 1,130 horsepower, this provides good mobility. On the highway, the tank is capable of developing up to 65 km / hour ahead and up to 30 km / hour ago. In this case, the transmission is automatic, there is the possibility of working in manual mode.

On arms there is a 125-mm gun, and also the machine gun coupled with it on 7,62 mm. In addition, there is a remote-controlled machine gun at 7.62 mm. "Tagil" is equipped with highly automated system "Kalina", which is necessary to control the fire. In the system integrated BIUS. Thermal imaging and television devices allow you to conduct aimed fire at a long distance and carry out circular surveillance.

the best tanks of the world photo

Many say that the Tagil T-90MS are the best tanks in the world. Photos of Russian combat vehicles you can find in this article. We can not say about the dynamic armor of the new generation "Relic", which protects the sides and forehead of the tank. At the same time, the T-90MS differs from its predecessor by a modified tower and an improved niche.

"Black Panther"

One of the most promising South Korean tanks is the K2 Black Panther. In 2012, 12 pilot tests tanks were manufactured. In total, until 2015, it is planned to manufacture about 300 "black panthers". Currently, it is the most expensive tank in the world - at a price of $ 8.5 million per unit.

Notable is the firepower. The tank is equipped with a 120-mm cannon with a magazine loader. The Black Panther can fire up to twenty projectiles per minute or one projectile in three seconds. AZ holds up to forty shells. K2 is equipped with an active protection system that is able to detect approaching missiles at a distance of up to 150 meters.10 best tanks of the world

In any case, considering the best modern tanks of the world, it is impossible not to mention the "black panther".

Arjun Mk.1 and Challenger-2

The Indian Arjun Mk.1 has high firepower and is on equal footing with the British Challenger. These two giants have powerful enough, but at the same time not very accurate armament. For example, Challenger-2 on tests hit 8 goals out of 20. The Indian heavyweight gave about the same results. Nevertheless, if we consider the 10 best tanks in the world, both of them fall into the list, even if they occupy its lower steps.

For example, the Challenger 2 is one of the most armored tanks, especially when compared with Western counterparts. There is even established a complex of chemical and biological protection, located in the tower.

top of the best tanks in the world

AMX-56 Leclerk and ZTZ-99A2

French "Leclerc" appeared in 1994. At that time it was the most expensive and high-tech. However, at present Leclerc has lost its original positions. This is due to several factors. First, in France it was decided to suspend the assembly line. Secondly, since the release, and this is 1994, not a single significant modification of the AMX-56 has been carried out. However, in a simulated battle, this machine won 3 fights out of 12, so if you look at the best tanks in the world, then AMX-56 is certainly worth including in the list.

The last place in the ranking is taken by the Chinese Type-99A2, or ZTZ-99A2. He won only 2 fights out of 10. Not to say that this is a bad tank. The unit is good in its own way, it is equipped with a combined armor protection and a laser complex of active counteraction.

So we considered the best tanks in the world. Top 10 presented in this article is relevant.As you understand, all these tanks are very good. They show excellent results on the battlefield.

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