The best water park in Crimea where? What are its advantages?

One of the favorite entertainments of children and adults isrecreation are water parks. On the expanses of the Crimean peninsula of these modern goods of civilization - about a dozen. All of them are similar, however, each of them has its own distinctive features. Where is the best water park in Crimea? According to the reviews of the rest of the peninsula and visitors to water activities, we will try to review and highlight the best of them.

"Banana republic"

Evpatoria is considered the center of children's recreation. Of course, without different attractions in these places can not do. The largest aquapark in the Crimea is located near Evpatoria. It is called "Banana Republic".

The main highlight of this water park is that it is located directly on the beach. Visitors in between water activities can sunbathe on the beach and buy at sea.

Many tourists say that the "Banana Republic" is the best water park in the Crimea, because here the most extreme slopes and the largest number of different attractions.

best water park of Crimea

Here are concentrated megazovremennye slides, the whole eight pools, hydromassage, a large number of sun loungers and umbrellas. Decorated water park is very nice - in the form of Easter Island.

The price of visiting the aqua park for adults for the whole day is 1400 rubles, for children - 1000 rubles. On the territory are all kinds of restaurants, cafes, pizzeria, souvenir shops and much more.

"Blue Bay", Simeiz

On the southern coast of Crimea, in a picturesque villageSimeiz, there is a unique water park "Blue Bay". Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this water park is the only one on the whole peninsula that uses sea water for attractions. Once you visit the water park on the sea, and each of the tourists immediately feels the difference, so many believe that the "Blue Bay" - the best water park in the Crimea.

the best water park in the Crimea

Territorially, this water park is slightly smaller than the previous one, described by us, but there is a lot of entertainment here. There are five swimming pools, there is a children's and adult zone, bars, a disco, a pizzeria and a restaurant.

When the water park is working hotel "Blue Bay", the cost of living in it includes rest in the water park, which is also a positive thing.

A feature of the "Blue Bay" is the presence of a climbing wall - this is not exactly in any other water park.

The ticket price for adults is 1200 rubles, for children - 700 rubles.

"Almond Grove", Alushta

One of the first water parks in the Crimea - "AlmondGrove "- was built in 2004 on one of the best beaches in Alushta in the Professor's Corner. There is a water park on the mountainside and drops to the sea. Waterfalls, Jacuzzi, 12 water slides, cafes and restaurants - there is everything for a fun pastime.

To say that the "Almond Grove" is the bestaquapark of Crimea, probably, will not be absolutely true, because there are, to put it mildly, water parks "more abruptly". But there is definitely an advantage to this water park. Firstly, its convenient location - it is located directly on the waterfront and specially to reach it is not necessary. Secondly, the price. The cost of tickets for adults - 800 rubles, for children - 600 rubles, and this is an undoubted advantage.

Akvaland "At Lukomorye"

In the heart of the spa town of Evpatoriathere is another one of the numerous water parks in Crimea - the aqualand "U Lukomorie". Stylized it under the tale of the famous writer A.S. Pushkin. We can say that this is the best water park in Crimea for registration. Attractions have interesting names, borrowed from fairy tales. In the middle of the resort town there is a cafe in the form of the island of Buyan, on top - zadekorirovannye observation platforms. And, of course, in the very center of the island there is a huge oak green with a mermaid and a cat on the branches.

what water park is better in the Crimea

This unusual design is very popular with children and adults. In the figures of famous fairy tales, visitors are happy to take pictures, because the photos turn out to be unique.

A ticket to an aqua park for adults costs 1400 rubles, for children - 1000 rubles.

Convenient is that the aqualand is located right on the embankment of Evpatoria.

Aquaparks of the Eastern Crimea

The resorts of the eastern coast of Crimea are also not deprived of water parks. In Sudak, since 2003, "Water World" has been operating - a water amusement park near the sea, in the center of the city.

The total area of ​​the water park is about two hectares. On the territory of the park there are green areas - trees, bushes, lawns and flowerbeds are planted. Green plantations fit harmoniously into the infrastructure of the park.

Every year, "Water World" is progressing and developing, new attractions are opening, the recreation area is expanding. So, for example, the former fast food has now become a chic restaurant.

best water park reviews

In Koktebel there is a very attractive water park withof the same name. The water park Koktebel is designed in a pirate style. There are seven swimming pools, 24 slides, a jacuzzi, children's labyrinths and other entertainment. In the children's zone, experienced animators are constantly working, who organize various games for kids.

Which water park is better in Crimea, probably, everyonewill decide for himself. After all, how many people - so many opinions. Each of them deserves the attention of tourists. The main thing is beyond doubt - this is compliance with safety regulations, and in this regard, the water parks of the Crimea did not hit the dirt in the face.

Some tourists will say that the Evpatoria "Bananarepublic "- the best aqua park of Crimea. The comments of others emphasize the advantages of the "Blue Bay", the third best called "At Lukomorye". In any corner of the Crimean peninsula you can find that very best water park and have a great time, enjoying the attractions.

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