The drug "Cordiamin". Instructions for use

Cordiamin DropsThe drug "Cordiamin" instructions for use is defined as a means from the group of analeptics. It is a non-selective stimulant of the central nervous system, that is, in addition to stimulating the central nervous system, chemoreceptors are also activated. Affects the drug mainly on the brain, especially on the vasomotor and respiratory centers of the medulla oblongata.

Pharmacological properties

Means "Cordiamin" (instructions for use of this evidence) is an antagonist of substances that have a narcotic effect (including sleeping pills, anesthetic drugs). It can be used in case of poisoning with these substances. Taking the medication allows you to return a clear mind, normalize blood pressure, eliminate shallow breathing, make it more profound. The drug facilitates the transfer of nerve impulses between neurons, thus, the respiratory center increases sensitivity to natural stimuli (for example, to carbon dioxide).Also, the drug somewhat inhibits inhibition processes in the brain, contributes to a longer impulse aftereffect. Due to the stimulation of the vasomotor center, the resistance of the vessels (peripheral) increases, and this leads to a general increase in blood pressure. Cordiamin has no direct effect on the heart (the instructions for use pay special attention to this).

Indications for use

Medication is prescribed for collapse, shock of different etiology, asphyxia, disorderscordiamine instructions for useblood circulation (with infections), narcotic, hypnotic poisoning, barbiturates. Also used the drug for syncope, respiratory failure.

Release form, composition

The medicine is made in the form of an injectable solution and an oral solution. The drug “Cordiamin” is produced in 1 and 2 ml ampoules (10 ampoules per pack) and in 30 ml bottles (for oral use). In one milliliter of funds contains 0.25 g of the active substance - niketamida.

Mode of application

Take the drug "Cordiamin" (instructions for use contains such information) can be either inside (regardless of the food) or parenterally.Adults are shown taking 15-40 drops twice or thrice a day, children - taking the number of drops corresponding to age. Intramuscularly, subcutaneously, intravenously, the drug is administered as follows.Cordiamine in ampoules: adults one to three times a day at a dose of 1-2 ml. For children, the agent is injected subcutaneously in a volume of 0.1-0.75 ml (based on age). Intravenous drug is introduced slowly. Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections are painful, novocaine can be used to reduce the pain syndrome. For adults, the dosage is 1 ml of 0.5-1% solution, for children - based on age. The instruction establishes the highest doses when using the medication "Cordiamin". Drops should be used within these limits, as overdose can lead to convulsions. So, for adults, the highest single dose (for ingestion and subcutaneous administration) is 60 drops (2 ml), daily - 180 drops (6 ml).

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