The drug "Erespal": analogues and indications

The effect of the drug "Erespal"

The drug "Erespal" is widely used in medical practice. Its main purpose is to treat inflammation of the upper respiratory tract (rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, tracheobronchitis). The action of the drug is complex, including anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antispasmodic effect. Thanks to the substance contained in it, fenspiride is provided with the first of the listed properties of the preparation "Erespal". In addition, it prevents the development of bronchospasms, stimulates the secretory function of the pulmonary glands, improving the discharge of sputum and has a spasmolytic effect on smooth muscle tissue.

Eraspal analoguesAlternative to Erespal

Often among the patients are those who are looking for an alternative to any of the prescribed drugs.This happens for various reasons: someone cannot find the right medicine, someone tries to find a cheaper option, and someone is altogether frightened by a too long list of components in the preparation. The drug "Erespal", which is very difficult to find analogues, has a unique composition, because, in addition to the sounded active ingredient, it contains auxiliary components of plant and synthetic origin.

Replacement options

how to replace eraspal

In fact, today there are a lot of drugs for the treatment of diseases involving cough. Therefore, when you have a question about how to replace the “Erespal” product, it needs to search for analogues by the main substance. In this case, it is fenspirid. I must say that, in addition to the listed properties, this drug blocks the H1-histamine receptors, and therefore, can affect the inflammatory manifestations of an allergic nature. What to replace "Erespal"? Its direct counterparts include drugs "Inspiron", "Fosidal" and "Bronhomax." For the treatment of cough can be applied and other drugs, which include drugs "Lasolvan", "Ambroxal", "Flyuditek", etc.D., but their action is provided by other active substances.

When you need to consult a doctor

In itself, the drug "Erespal", analogs to which should be prescribed by a medical practitioner, is suitable for treatment from the age of two with only one restriction - up to 12 years, the drug is used as a syrup. Many parents, having discovered in their child a symptom of one of the side effects listed in the instructions for the drug, immediately wonder what can be replaced by Erespal. In this case, consultation of the attending physician is obligatory, only he will be able to choose the right analogue and dose in accordance with the patient's age and body weight.

what can replace eraspalConclusion

If the prescribed drug does not give any side effects (in our case, this is “Erespal”), its analogues should not be selected independently. If, however, a proper therapeutic effect is not observed, then it is recommended to contact your doctor for other prescriptions.

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