The drug for the treatment of the nose "Aquamaris": instructions for use

Often with the onset of autumn or winter, we have a runny nose. In order to protect yourself from various respiratory infections, it is important to properly carry out prevention. In this case, you can use various preparations based on seawater. To date, there are many similar tools that are suitable for washing the nose, and for its treatment. Among the most common is the drug "Aquamaris". Instructions for use of this drug contains the following information.


aquamaris instructions for useThe preparation “Aquamaris” is isotonic water from the Adriatic Sea, as a rule, sterilized. It allows you to maintain a normal physiological state of the nasal mucosa. The drug is able to thin the mucous membranes, as well as normalize their production in the nasal cavity.The composition of water is enriched with trace elements, they have an anti-inflammatory effect, cleanse the mucous membrane, restore and stimulate its damaged areas. In addition, a positive effect on the work of the ciliated epithelium. During vasomotor rhinitis and rhinitis of allergic etiology, it is necessary to wash the nose with Aquamaris. Instructions for use of the drug also reports that it reduces the inflammatory process and removes the allergen directly from the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. The drug can be used to cleanse the nose from dust. Due to iodine and sodium chloride, which is part of the drug, the drug has antibacterial properties, reduces puffiness and facilitates breathing.

The composition of the drug

100 ml of Aquamaris contains 30 ml of Adriatic Sea water and 70 ml of purified water. The ionic composition is as follows: sodium ions — 2.5 mg per ml; chlorine ions - 5.5 mg per ml; calcium ions - 0.08 mg per ml; sulfate ions - 0.6 mg per ml; magnesium ions - 0.35 mg per ml. There are no preservatives and dyes in the composition of the preparation.

Release form

Available in the form of a nasal spray or nasal drops for children.One spray vial contains 30 ml of the preparation, the glass vial is brown in color, provided with a dispenser, spray tip and protective propylene cap. In a cardboard box placed one bottle of the drug "Aquamaris". Instructions for use attached to each bottle. Thanks to the dispenser spray is convenient to use. The drug "Aquamaris" for children, the instructions for which are similar to the instructions of the spray, produced in plastic bottles of 10 ml, equipped with a dropper. Each bottle is placed in a cardboard box with instructions.

aquamaris for children instruction

Indications for use

- Feeling of dryness in the nasal mucosa.

- Adenoids.

- Rhinitis vasomotor and allergic (especially in people with hypersensitivity to drugs, including lactating and pregnant women).

- Diseases of the nasopharynx, nose and paranasal sinuses of an acute and chronic nature.

- In the postoperative period in order to prevent the development of infections and restore the physiology of the cavity.

- In order to preserve the normal function of the nasal mucosa in unnatural climatic and living conditions (for people working in air-conditioned rooms, including drivers of vehicles, working dusty and hot shops, smokers).

- In order to prevent respiratory infections in the fall and winter.

- Complex therapy of infections of the nasal cavity.

Dosage and method of use

aquamaris instructions for useIn order to treat children up to a year, the drug "Aquamaris" is prescribed in the form of nasal drops, 2 drops in each nasal opening up to 4 times a day. Children from 1 year to 7 years spray - four times for 2 injections. Children from 7 to 16 years increase the frequency of use up to 6 times per day. The recommended dose for adults is three injections into each nasal opening up to 8 times a day. The duration of treatment may be 2-4 weeks, it all depends on the attending physician. In addition, a second course is recommended after 30 days. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is used according to the following scheme: for children up to a year - 1 or 2 drops into each nasal opening no more than 3 times a day; children from year to 7 years old - spray, 2 injections up to 3 times per day; children from 7 to 16 years old - four times 2 injections; adults - up to six times a day for 2-3 injections. It is also recommended to use Aquamaris to remove mucous accumulations. Instructions for use suggests that in order to cleanse the nasal passages, the drug can be instilled in the required amount, and the excess of the resulting drug can be removed with a handkerchief or cotton swab.Several procedures can be performed until the impurities are completely removed.

Possible side effects and overdose information

Most patients tolerate the drug well. In extreme cases, allergic reactions are possible. At the moment, overdose cases have not been recorded.

aquamaris instructions for use

Contraindications and the possibility of use during pregnancy

Means "Aquamaris" in the form of drops can be applied from the 1st day of life. The drug in the form of a spray is contraindicated in children up to a year. Also, its use is not recommended for people with hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug. The drug "Aquamaris" can be used for pregnant and lactating women.

aquamaris instructions for use

Storage and shelf life

Means "Aquamaris" should be stored at room temperature out of the reach of children. The instructions indicate the expiration date for the spray - 3 years, for nasal drops - 2 years. Once opened, the drug can be stored for up to 45 days (both spray and nasal drops). You can not use the drug expired.

Additional Information

The medicine "Aquamaris" is released without a doctor's prescription.Perhaps the complex use of the drug with other drugs for the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections. When used in newborns, care should be taken because there is a risk of infection of the middle ear when instillation of drops (when instilled, pressing the bottle should be minimal). It should also be noted that the tool "Aquamaris" does not affect the speed of psychomotor reactions during driving or during work that requires high concentration of attention.

The drug "Aquamaris" for throat

aquamaris throat instructionIn addition to drops and spray for the nose, there is a tool "Aquamaris" for the throat. The instructions for it contains detailed information on its use. For ease of use, it is produced in the form of a spray containing sterile hypertonic seawater solution. Spray for the throat allows you to maintain the mucous membrane of the oral cavity in a normal physiological state, in addition, it washes away bacteria and viruses from the throat and improves immunity locally. Most often, the drug for the throat is prescribed for tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis. It is also possible its use for prophylactic purposes, especially in the fall and winter.Assign from the age of three to 4 injections 6 times a day, when spraying it is necessary to direct the jet into the throat, on its back wall. When using for the first time, press the cap several times to fill the spray with the preparation. As a rule, the course of treatment lasts up to one and a half weeks. Means "Aquamaris" should not be used for children under 3 years of age, as well as for persons sensitive to the components included in its composition. For pregnant and lactating women there are no restrictions. The recommended storage temperature is 15-25 ºС. Perhaps treatment in combination with other drugs, since a systemic effect on the body has not been identified.

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