Action and effects of the “Postinor” pill

Life is very unpredictable ... Today we do not know for sure what will happen tomorrow. Even during sexual intercourse, force majeure can happen: for example, your contraceptives will fail or not. And what if there were none at all? What to do if you did not plan a pregnancy, you are not ready for children now, but an abortion is too inhuman? For such cases, there are special means of emergency contraception, which will help prevent unwanted pregnancy, and they should not be taken in advance, and when the “case” has already been done. One of these drugs is the drug "Postinor".

postinor pills


The action of the drug “Postinor” is the following: the tablets contain hormones responsible for the release of the egg from the ovary. They block the passage of the egg, preventing it from "making an alliance" with the sperm cell, so that fertilization does not occur. If the egg has already got out of the ovary and is fertilized, then it will prevent it from getting into the walls of the uterus.But if the embryo has already reached the uterus and entrenched in it, then the medication will not help, because it can only prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but not interrupt it. Therefore, tablets should be taken immediately after unprotected sex no later than 72 hours from the time of sexual intercourse.


pills from pregnancy postinor

It is known that some drugs cause allergic reactions, and Postinor pills are not an exception. If you have had any cases of allergies to drugs, then consult with your doctor, as it is possible that the pills are absolutely contraindicated. You should also not take this drug in patients with liver or kidney problems. You should not use this method to persons under the age of 18: they are categorically contraindicated in adolescents, as they can cause serious and irreparable damage to an unformed child’s body. But even if you have no contraindications, you can take the “Postinor” pill only after consulting with your doctor.


Like most other drugs, Postinor can cause effects and side effects.After taking the drug, some women experience slight bleeding: this is due to an increase in the level of the hormone gestagen, which is responsible for thickening the endometrium. Such bleeding, as a rule, lasts no more than three days. After taking such a drug as birth control pills "Postinor", dizziness, fast fatigue, lethargy, back pain and lower abdomen may occur. They do not require urgent intervention of doctors, usually pass after a couple of days, but if there are other reactions or unpleasant symptoms last more than three days, then an urgent need to consult a doctor.

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Allocation and monthly

In most cases, no changes in the menstrual cycle occur, however, menstruation may begin a few days earlier or be a little late, which is quite normal, so you should not panic. It is possible that the bleeding will become more abundant, with the release of clots - this is also natural. Immediately after taking the drug for several days you may receive brownish or bloody spotting. If they last no more than four days, do not worry,but if the discharge becomes abundant and does not stop, then an urgent need to contact a gynecologist or call an ambulance. It is worth contacting a doctor even if after taking “Postinor” menstruation does not occur at all, perhaps this is due to an increase in the body of hormones contained in pills, and possibly with the onset of pregnancy.

No systematics!

The drug "Postinor" in any case can not be taken as a permanent means of contraception. Remember that its use is one-time and only after unprotected sex with ejaculation. Otherwise, the level of hormones contained in the pills will increase dramatically, which would entail dangerous and unpredictable consequences.

postinor pills


This drug is produced by a Hungarian company, which means that its price is much higher than its Russian counterparts. For one blister with two pills you have to pay from 230 to 300 rubles. Although the price of the drug is not so low, the Postinor pills will cost you much less than other types of abortions, including drug abortions.


Virtually every drug has analogues: some of them are more expensive, some are cheaper, some have identical composition, others have absolutely no resemblance.However, the purpose of all one thing - to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Tablets "Postinor" also have analogues, here are the most popular:

  • Eskapel (the most worthy and effective substitute of Postinor);
  • Mirena;
  • Norplant;
  • Levonorgestrel;
  • "Mikrolut."

pills from pregnancy postinor

Before using "Posinorom" or its analogues, consult with the gynecologist and find out if you have any contraindications and allergies to the component funds.

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