"The fire blazed blue." Analysis of S. Yesenin's poem

Sergei Esenin wonderfully described in hispoems nature and feelings. In his lines, as if the sound of wind in the fields, the sound of wheat spikes, the howl of a blizzard. And at the same time, the laughter of the free soul and the weeping of a broken heart.

Such pearls include "The blue fire was swept away". An analysis of the poem, the history of its creation, we will present below.

a fire exploded blue analysis of the poem

About the poet

Sergei Esenin was the brightest representative of thatperiod of Russian poetry, when many talented masters competed in their gift. His direction was called a complex word imagism, but in verse the amazing simplicity of words was intertwined in the lace of landscapes and feelings, everyday life and exalted dreams.

The poet lived only thirty years, but leftrich heritage. Sergei Yesenin was born in 1895 in the Ryazan province to a peasant family. At the age of 17 he left home and went to Moscow. There he had to change a lot of work, to live half-starving. A few years later wanderings around Moscow in the magazine "Mirok" were first published his poem.

In 1916 Yesenin was called to war, butthanks to friends was sent to the Tsarskoye Selo Sanitary Regiment. The poet traveled a lot, he was in Asia and the Urals, in Tashkent and in Samarkand. Together with his wife Isadora Duncan, the poet traveled a lot of countries in Europe.

After the divorce, the poet led a riotous life, othan he did not hide in his cycles, "Moskovskaya Kabatskaya" and "The Love of the Hooligan", who opened "The Blue Fire Flickered" - a verse dedicated to the poet's new love.

Shortly before his death, the poet was married to the granddaughter of LeoNikolayevich Tolstoy - Sophia Tolstoy. But even with her he did not find happiness. After the death of her husband, the woman dedicated her life to preserving and publishing poems of the great poet.

Sergei Esenin was killed in 1925, the official version of his death - suicide by hanging. But there were many reasons for his premature death, there is among them murder.

the fire blazed blue verse

"The blue fire was swept away": the history of creation

According to biographers, marriage and relations with IsadoraDuncan brought the poet a lot of suffering and emotions. He could not find a common language with his wife and, having met the actress Augusta Miklashevskaya, fell madly in love with her. This happened after his return to his homeland, to Moscow. They say that after the first meeting with this fragile girl with meek character and sad eyes, literally the following day, "The blue fire flashed" was created. The analysis of the poem will be incomplete without this prehistory.

The poem opened a new cycle "Love the Hooligan" and entered the anthology of Russian poetry as one of the best examples of love intimate lyrics.

"Fire broke out ..." - a direct appeal to a woman that fascinated the poet with one glance only. He expressed his feelings as best he could, in poetic lines.

the blue esenin fire blared with a

"Fire flashed blue": analysis of the poem

The theme of the poem is love. A feeling that covered the poet with his head. The first lines are about the look, the blue eyes of the hero, in which sudden feelings are reflected. The word "swept out" shows emotional throwing, surging emotions.

About the first love says a poet who broke many women's hearts and was married. And the fact that he considers this love first, speaks of the power of feeling, its freshness and purity.

He talks about the waste of his life before meeting with Augusta and that he is ready to change for the sake of his beloved, if only she wanted it.

rushed the fire blue story

The idea of ​​the poem

"Fire flashed blue" - verse-reference tothe lady who conquered the heart of the poet "the eye of gold-quagmire whirlpool". She tells him about what she feels. Here, he describes his past mistakes and rampant life, promising to leave all this for the sake of just looking and touching the hand of his beloved.

It would seem that the lyrical hero repents in the pasthis way of life, temptations and anxieties. He compares himself with the "neglected garden" and believes that he can become another only for the sake of being with his beloved. He is ready to change his life and worldview for his beloved eyes.

This is the main idea of ​​the poem "Zametalsyathe fire blue. "Yesenin SA puts all his faith in true sincere and radiant love in a line that will completely change him, give him the desire to live and create, although even from poetry the poet is ready to give up, just to be dominated by these happiness-giving feelings That is, for the sake of his beloved, he is ready to sacrifice the dear ones, that he has - with his gift and talent.


Sergei Esenin was able to create surprisingly thin lyrics, on the lines of which the strings of the reader's soul responded. The poet's simple, soaring syllable contained a range of feelings that did not burden the perception.

The work "The Blue Fire Flickered" (analysisthe poem we presented above) is not in vain recognized as one of the best examples of love lyrics. In short, concise lines, the poet described his whole life before meeting his beloved and the one she could become, if they were together. He is ready to renounce past mistakes and ways of life, completely change. And all this Yesenin describes in several lines, thereby showing us his greatest talent.

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