We present you the most impressive in size Russian lakes. It remains to add that this is not the whole list of unique lakes in Russia. But, of course, these are the largest lakes in Russia.

White Lake

Opens our top of the largest lakes in Russia - White Lake. It is located in the Vologda region. The area of ​​a reservoir fluctuates because of low coast. And it is almost 1300 square kilometers. The average depth of the White Lake is 5-7 meters, in some places, the figure can reach up to 20 meters, this is because of the underwater holes.
Beloe is a big lake in RussiaBeloe is a big lake in Russia
There are about 29 species of fish in the pond, so the lake can be considered a paradise for fishermen.

Lake Chany

Salt Lake Chany is located in the Novosibirsk region. According to various sources, the area of ​​this reservoir is from 1.4 thousand to 2 thousand square meters. The greatest depth of the lake is 12 meters.
One of the largest lakes is Lake Chany.One of the largest lakes is Lake Chany.
About Chany has long been legendary. According to one of them, a huge snake lives in the lake, which eats people and livestock. True, no scientific data is not confirmed.It is likely that the legend was specially invented to attract tourists.

Ubsu noor

This is the largest lake by area in Mongolia, in Russia it is located in the Republic of Tuva, although our country owns only 12 square kilometers. Its total area is 3,350 square kilometers, and its depth is 15 meters. The lake is without drainage, not a single river flows out of it, so the water has a bitter-salty taste.
Mongolia's largest lake - Ubsu NurMongolia's largest lake - Ubsu Nur
Since 2003, the lake has been an integral part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ubsunur Basin.

Chudsko-Pskov Lake

This lake is slightly larger than Lake Ubsu-Nur and is located as the name suggests on the territory of the Pskov Region, it also borders on the Leningrad Region and Estonia. It is not even just a lake - but a complex of lakes consisting of Peipsi, Pskov and Teploe lakes. The area of ​​the complex is 3,555 square kilometers, the depth reaches 15 meters, and the average value fluctuates within 7 meters. Only one river Narva flows out of the lake, and about 30 rivers flow into it.
Chudsko-Pskov Lake - one of the list of the largest lakes of RussiaChudsko-Pskov Lake - one of the list of the largest lakes of Russia
Due to its geographical location, the shores of the lake are partially considered a border zone, and access to them is limited. In the coastal strip of the Pskov Lake there is a wetland ornithological reserve "Pskov-Peipsi Lowland Lowland"

Lake hanka

Lake Khanka is located in the Far East, where Russia borders with China. The area of ​​the reservoir is about 4.2 thousand square kilometers, and the maximum depth is about 11 meters.
Lake Khanka - one of the largest lakes in Russia
Khanka has a fairly good location, so a lot of tourists come to the pond. They can simultaneously get acquainted with the customs and cultures of both countries at once. About 75 species of different fish live in the waters of the reservoir, and some of them are even listed in the Red Book of Russia.

Lake Taimyr

Taimyr Lake is located on the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. It is the northernmost in the world. Most of the year Taimyr is covered with ice. And only one and a half months in the year Taimyr is free from ice. Almost all the lake freezes every winter to the bottom.
Taimyr - the largest northern lakeTaimyr - the largest northern lake
And due to fluctuations in the water level in the reservoir, its area can vary up to a maximum of 4.56 thousand square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake is about 26 meters.It is worth noting that the flora and fauna of the Taimyr Lake are filled with arctic species. Through Taimyr flows the river called Upper Taimyr, at the exit from the lake it continues to Lower.

Lake Onega

Lake Onega is located in Karelia, the Leningrad and Vologda regions. The area of ​​the reservoir is about 9.7 thousand square kilometers, and its maximum depth is 124 meters.
One of the largest lakes - Lake OnegaOne of the largest lakes - Lake Onega
The people of Lake Onega are called “Onego-father”. It is famous for its clean water and numerous historical monuments that are located on the shores.

Ladoga lake

Lake Ladoga is located on the territory of Karelia and the Leningrad region. The area of ​​the reservoir is more than 17.6 thousand square kilometers, but the greatest depth is 230 meters. Ladoga is one of the largest freshwater lakes in all of Europe.
In Lake Ladoga, exactly 35 rivers flow into the lake, and besides this, the Neva River originates. In the reservoir there are 60 species of fish, more than half of which are caught on an industrial scale.
Lake Ladoga - the third largest lake in Russia
Lake Onega and Ladoga are very similar.Both are located in the North-West of Russia and both belong to the Baltic Sea basin, and both have the same origin. There are a lot of rocky islands on the lakes, some of which are known for their historical, cultural and religious monuments. In particular, this is the Valaam archipelago, where for about a thousand years a monastery has operated. The island of Kizhi with its wooden churches and bell tower is also famous.


This is the deepest lake of our planet. Its depth is about 1640 meters. Baikal is located in eastern Siberia, between the Irkutsk Region and Buryatia. The area of ​​the lake is more than 31.7 thousand square kilometers. Moreover, it is the largest reservoir of fresh water in Russia, it concentrates up to 90 percent of the reserves. It is worth noting that the water in Baikal is unusually clean and transparent, therefore at all times it was considered healing. Tourists and naturalists constantly come to the lake, because Baikal is inhabited by a rich fauna, more than half of it is a local exclusive.
The largest freshwater lake - BaikalThe largest freshwater lake - Baikal
Exactly 336 rivers of different size flow into the lake, but only the Angara flows out of it. A number of the largest hydropower plants use its water resources.

The largest lake in Russia - the Caspian Sea

The list of the largest lakes in Russia is headed by a reservoir, behind which the name “sea” was fixed. This is the Caspian. It is located on the border of Asia and Europe and washes the shores of five states. These are Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Azerbaijan. According to the most recent data, the area of ​​the Caspian Sea is 376 thousand square kilometers, and this figure can vary greatly. The maximum depth of the salt lake is 1025 meters. It can be found in the Middle and Southern Caspian Sea, which are separated by the Absheron ridge, it is an underwater connection of the Kopetdag and Caucasus mountain systems. It is worth noting that the Caspian Sea is known to the whole world not only because of its size, but also because of its water problems. According to one theory, the Caspian got its name from the ancient Caspian tribes who lived in the southwest coast.
Russia's largest lake - the Caspian SeaRussia's largest lake - the Caspian Sea
Due to the imbalance between the amount of evaporation and the water entering the Caspian Sea, the area of ​​the lake may fluctuate. In the last century, it began to steadily decline. And about 30 years ago, the climate in the main supplier of water to the sea - the Volga basin - the arrival exceeded the flow, so coastal areas began to become flooded.In the Caspian Sea, by the way, since 1820 natural gas and oil have been extracted, according to expert estimates, reserves reach 20 billion tons.
By the way, the salinity of almost the entire reservoir is three times less than the oceanic one, but in the north of the Caspian Sea the water can be fresh.

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