Always perfect weather, clean sandy beaches, palm trees and exotic plants, splashing water. To get to this paradise, you can not fly to the warm lands, but rather go to the nearest water park. But in order to feel in a water paradise like a real resort, you only need to look for a unique place. Where is it?

Visit to the water park - a celebration of waterVisit to the water park - a celebration of water
The largest water park in the world, the one recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, was built in Japan. It is located on a small island of Kyushu. And it is there that has the most popular vacation spot of literally all Japanese and numerous tourists - this is the resort of Sigaya. The resort occupies a giant territory of seven hundred hectares. And the whole territory is truly unique. The whole beach is covered with amazing artificial "sky". Under a kind of dome is an artificial ocean, in which the water temperature is constantly maintained at the same level - twenty-eight degrees Celsius. And the most important highlight of the resort is the aquapark-recreation center called “Ocean Dome” or “Ocean Dome”.And why is he considered the biggest and what is this water park famous for?
The Ocean Dome is actually a grandiose structure of this type. In the park at the same time can be up to ten thousand people.
On the brink
In 2001, the largest water park in the world almost had to close. The fact is that at that time the resort accumulated a huge debt of two and a half billion dollars. And this is despite the fact that the entrance to the grand building costs a lot. Buying on the indoor beach with perfect weather costs from fifty to one hundred dollars. In fact, at the beginning of the new century, the infrastructure of Japan was going through hard times, there was a big recession and interest in the water park, even if this unique one, died out sharply. Moreover, next to the indoor water park is another, very ordinary, and no less popular beach. For seven years, the company - the owner of the water park has tried to make ends meet. Still managed to overcome the crisis, so the beach and water park are now flourishing again.
Ocean under the domeOcean under the dome
“Ocean Dome” today is not just a beach, but a real paradise. It has everything to relax both body and soul.In the water park stretched beaches of pure white sand (it, by the way, is changed every week), splashing water in the ocean with artificial waves (this is especially for surfing fans), there are water cascades that look like real waterfalls in the jungle, slides at any age and taste, as well as small pools for children, a jacuzzi for those who want to relax, spa pools, and a whole sea of ​​various water attractions. Restaurants and bars, discos and cinemas have been erected for visitors on the territory of the Ocean Dome.
Well, the most fabulous time here comes late in the evening, when a beautiful enchanting show is arranged on the water surface of the water park. Therefore, it is impossible to leave indifferent from the water paradise, the “Ocean Dome” attracts like a magnet, so visitors return here again and again. By the way, the Japanese authorities are planning to attract even more tourists to their country with the help of water parks. They plan to build similar facilities on other islands.
Tropical Islands
Another largest water park, but already in Europe, is called “Tropical Islands” or “Tropical Islands”.This covered area contains a tropical forest with a fascinating name "Flower World". In the water park about 50 thousand exotic flowers and plants. But besides this, on the "Tropical Islands" there is a pool with two islands, waterfalls, a jacuzzi, a sandy beach, and also an oriental bazaar.
Tropics in the center of EuropeTropics in the center of Europe
It is noteworthy that you can come to this water paradise at any time. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And the prices here do not bite as much as in the previous water park. All zones for adults can be visited for 52 euros, but for children and even cheaper - 38 euros.
The third largest water park in the world was built in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. "Chimlong" is located on 8 hectares. In this area there are 8 water slides. And the largest stretched almost one kilometer. The worst slide in this water park has grown to 20 meters, and this is not so little for the slide. In the water park there is the longest artificial river in the world, it has a length of 5 kilometers. And traveling along this river you can take a look at the whole water park from the water surface. Along the way there will be various obstacles, for example, waterfalls, artificial waves, ice room and others.However, this place can only be reached in the warm season. The water park is open from April to October, and then, not around the clock, but without days off. For kids up to 120 centimeters in height, you can get into Chimlong for free, the rest of the children get $ 15, and adults are twice as expensive.
Disney miracle
Another very large and very beautiful water park is called Disney’s Blizzard Beach. It is located in the Florida city of Orlando and has fallen into a series of parks of the Disney Company (the company has a network of similar water parks around the world).
Disney Attraction
As in the cartoons in the water park, everything is done in fairy til. And having been here adults, not to mention the children, will receive a lot of emotions.
Water park in the old aviation hangar
A very original place for water park was chosen in Germany. In the unusual village of Ritznoyendorf-Shtakov, a water paradise was created on the territory of the old aircraft hangar. It was built before the time of the Second World War. Before slides and waters appeared here, huge dirigibles were kept in the hangar. Now this place is visited by a huge number of people who not only swim in the pools, but also attend attractions.
Golden Bay
Well, the largest water park in Russia was built in Gelendzhik. The water paradise is called “Golden Bay”. It was built in 2004. And here you can frolic on the water slides, built in accordance with all safety requirements, soak up the pool with warm water, bask in the southern sun, have a snack in restaurants.
The largest water park in Russia
It is worth noting that all the rides, as well as the design of the Golden Bay water park, are exclusive and considered only the best that can be used in buildings of this type.

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